Tylt Vu

Tylt Vu - a colorful wireless charging stand available for pre-order

Wireless charging is the future. We’ve been using it on our Lumia 920’s and Verizon branded HTC 8X for a few months now.

Once you start using it cables can’t help but seem antiquated. It’s only in a few smartphones right now, but will only become more and more mainstream as new devices and accessories support it. There’s that deal Nokia made with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to outfit coffee shops with tables that support Qi wireless charging (also Virgin Atlantic has a similar deal). We’ve got great accessories like the Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker and an upcoming one from iLuv to charge your devices sans wires. Now here is one more sweet looking accessory to help liberate you from cords.

The Vu is one sexy looking wireless charging Tylt. It comes in a variety of colors to match your phone or mood, like yellow, blue, red, and always classy black. It’s hard to imagine a desk or stand where these wouldn’t look stunning. The stands are angled at 45 degrees in the portrait position. All you need to do is place your phone there and let it charge away. The Tylt Vu is coated in a soft touch surface, so no need to worry about getting scratches from these.

Tylt Vu Blue

They are available for pre-order from Tylt for $69.99. They ship out the first of April (please don’t be an April Fools’ Day joke). We’ll have one for review shortly to let you know if it’s worth your dough. In the meantime, just wanted to highlight a sweet potential accessory for you. Going forward, it is really hard to imagine a flagship device not including wireless charging. Might as well stock up on some cool looking gear.

What do you think? Any color in particular you like over the others? Should this be a future prize? Talk to us below!

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Tylt Vu - a colorful wireless charging stand available for pre-order


Strangely match the HTC 8X's colours, on a side note want to get myself one of these, if they do UK shipping :)

Wasn't 8X's wireless charging supposed to be Verizon exclusive? Do I remember it wrong? Do all 8X's have builtin wireless charging?

All I was saying is they strangely are the same colours of the 8X not trying to imply they are for the 8X :P And it is only the Verizon 8Xs that have wireless charging :/

clearly you haven't tried wireless charging.  It aint to gimmick, I want to never see a cord again.

I, on the other, hand almost never connect my device to anything for "content transfers".  That's what I have the cloud for and it happens almost without my interaction.  You're so ancient.

Yeah went to BestBuy a week ago some dip shit working there said the same thing. I just ignore his ignorance decided it wasn't worth wasting my time telling him it's not the older crap that came out a few years back that rarely worked or took twice as long to charge... I just hate the idea these workers are spreading false information to people who then walk around creating more ignorance!

I rejoice, I love technology. More more. This charger will change the way we humans live our lives from day to day. I've been looking at phone chargers through blinders. You have shown me that my ignorance is unforgivable. I am so stupid. . .

There's not much to review in that kind of device except how much noise and rattle it makes when the phone vibrates.

There's a shop in Brisbane city selling them - Mobiles Made Simple. They're about $99. Haven't seen them anywhere else yet though.

Yes i emailed 2 days ago asking about shipping to australia and got this reply.

"Thank you for contacting Tylt customer support.  We are currently working to setup shipping to various countries including Australia so by the time the VU charger is available we should have this setup as well.  FYI, the VU won’t be available until April."
So all sounds pretty good, although i'm hoping shipping won't be too expensive like it usually is with this sized item 

Definitely need a review for that price. I laid down the $69.99 for Nokia's stand and love it, but knew it was over priced. I just prefer stands, and there are not alot out there. Just pads/plates. This is definitely my style. But b4 I drop another $70 on a charger made from a company in not familiar with, I need a review. On a side note, this definitely should be a prize, here at wpcentral, at some point.

Probably the same way as the 820 and 920 work on the DT-910 Charging Stand, which covers the speaker and makes the phone's sound a lot quiter. Which isn't a bad thing, when you have it on our desk and not in your pocket/purse and outdoors.
I just hate people who have their phone's ringtone set to high volume when they are at the office. One of those days I'll take that phone and shove it up his hole.

+1 million
so many times I get this feeling of hurling a hand grenade into the adjacent cubicle whenever my co-worker's phone blasts at full volume whenever he gets a call. It awfully irritating.
And the worst part is that he won't pick up without hearing the entire ring!!

I have to disagree that it makes it quieter. When I place my 920 on the stand, it actually creates a pocket at the bottom to make the sound fire forward. The speakers are not blocked at all. Sounds better that way to me.

I'm all for more choices in wireless charging. There needs to be some downward pressure on price. 70 is a bit steep.

I would be interested in this if I didn't have my free charging plate that came with my Lumia 920. There's just not a place I could use a second wireless charger, unless I got an office job (but I'm in school).

I have the one that came with the nokia 920 but I am waiting for them to get reasonably priced before I purchase more. At $70 I am going to take a pass on this one that's a hell of a lot of money for a charger when you think about it.

Anyone else think their site is a massive failure? Can't edit my address information and the contact button does nothing. Can't just be me.

As an outsider I see only one potential downside to wireless charging (at least at this stage): It's making good phone/tablet stands. If my device is not at a 75 degree angle when outside my pocket/bag, I consider it useless. So here's the challenge - make a stand that is elevated enough to match a notebook's screen angle and at the same time make it stable enough so I don't hurl my phone with an overexcited swipe.

Looks cool, but it is overpriced. And we will still pay their inflated price because it does look so cool. I could see one on my night stand easily.

That's exactly it - wireless charging is "the future" and not yet today's everybody-can-afford-to-use-it technology.
Like how phones were in the 90s.
Personally I like wireless charging (have that Nokia one which came free with my Lumia 820) but otherwise I don't see myself spending $60 just to look 'cool'.

Can we get a confirmation of NFC with this device? This would put it right in line with the Nokia Charging Stand, competitively.

Anyone know the amps on this thing? The Nokia wireless charger I have now is only 750 mA, so it charges fairly slow. It would be nice to see a 1000 mA or 1250 mA for a wireless charger