Lumia 920 spotted looking slick in House of Lies episode

Lumia 920 House of Lies

The Lumia 920, Nokia's flagship Windows Phone has been spotted in an episode of House of Lies, a US comedy / drama television programme. The red variant of the device can be seen clearly in the photo above, displaying the call screen in Windows Phone 8. It's a unique colour to use in product placement since the white, cyan and black Lumia Windows Phones are generally pushed by mobile operators and retailers.

Microsoft has been promoting hard with multiple product placement deals for the platform, while Nokia has been signing advertisement partnerships with television stations to get the Lumia brand into the living room of millions in the UK alone (and ended up getting into trouble with Ofcom). It appears to be working as we're seeing a slow, but steady, increase in momentum for Windows Phone.

Thanks, @BJForster, for the tip and image!


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Lumia 920 spotted looking slick in House of Lies episode


Olivia Pope's team in ABC's Scandal are all using WP8 devices, and a tertiary character has a Surface. Quite a few secondary characters on ABC's Revenge have WP8 devices as well. I'm loving all this promotion!

A couple of episodes back Victoria Grayson on Revenge was wielding a California Blue 8x for 2-3mins, it was unmissable.

Good promotion, but now it's time to bring out the rock stars and musicians. Those are the people kids follow. Where is Justin Beeber, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Not to quibble, but if you wouldn't list Beyonce, Bieber, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga, as rock star, then what rock do you live under? Beyonce, is the halftime act at the Super Bowl, for Christ's sake! Beiber sells enough records to make Elvis jealous, Jay Z is huge, and Gaga, is loved worldwide! They are great brand ambassadors, for Windows Phone. Perhaps YOUR favorite chamber orchestra could carry WP's, while playing the harp, or cello. Then you'd think that WP, has hit the Big Time?

Of course they are not rock stars, they are pop stars, very different. If you don't know the difference between rock and pop than I don't know what to say to you

I've been noticing Windows Phones popping up in music videos lately including Fun "We are Young" and a couple Flo Rida videos including "Whistle" .

I read the article but don't understand why Ofcom held Nokia accountable when all they did was buy airtime advertising. The manner the ads were delivered was completely under the control of Channel 5 and not of Nokia.

There were actually two 920's in House of Lies...the red one on the table and a white one that Gugenheim had on the street..

they had a white and black one in the first episode and a red and white 920 in this episode. But didn't have a pic of the others.

Marty con also had a black 920 and the fit one (forget her name) had a white 920, ibm laptops from series 1 seem to have been replaced with dell xps 13's as well, surprised the xps duo wasn't used tbh.

Good placment on 920's, shame Nokia cant place one in my hand due to their STUPID exclusivety they did in the uk with EE, now i cant have one and have to stick with an 820 until the end of my contract

How is the contact picture showing during that call in the picture? My contacts picture always disappears once I answer.

Yes....lots of Nokia placement in both the first and second episode. Lots of accessorie shots as well. Blue JBL Power up in Marty Khans office.....everyone using the phone is using a 920 and in this weeks episode the DJ at the clud had the mythical JBL Purity Pro HD in white. Great product placement.....but like an earlier post read.....who cares if everything is back ordered or no delivery dates at all like the Purity Pro's

Can anyone help me identify the app that Doug used in the hotel room with Clyde in the most recent episode?  It seemed like a panoramic version of Yelp.  He just turned in a circle and all of the locations that matched his search showed up on his screen.  I'd like to check that app out!