Gibbage Cases, 3D printed protection for your HTC 8X

Gibbage Cases

Gibbage Cases is an interesting home grown venture that takes advantage of 3D printing to produce a protective case for your HTC 8X Windows Phone. The cases are the creation of Kevin "Gibbage" Miller that have been designed with three principals in mind. Protection, Design and Function.

The Gibbage Case protects the soft outer coating and corners of the 8X by creating a small buffer between the Windows Phone and harsh surfaces. The design is minimal to complement the HTC 8X's native design and the case hopes to be functional by giving the 8X a little more grip, easier access to the buttons all the while not interfering with wireless charging (Verizon models) and other core phone functions.

Gibbage Case for the HTC 8X

The Gibbage Cases are a work in progress with limited color selections. Apparently the dyes in the 3D printing process will leach into the soft case of the 8X. While the cases are only available for the 8X, Miller is working on designs for the Nokia Lumia 920.

Depending on the design and color, the Gibbage Cases are running in the neighborhood of $25-30. The Gibbage Case does make a nice first impression as being a stylish case for your HTC 8X. We've got a review unit heading our way and we'll get a review up as soon as possible.

In the meantime you can find out more on the Gibbage Case here and offer your thoughts on the cases in this Windows Phone Central Forums discussion.


Reader comments

Gibbage Cases, 3D printed protection for your HTC 8X


The second one looks like the back of that frog that keeps its young in its' back skin until they mature.

Currently color is not possible. Shapeways uses a dye on the white plastic that will LEACH into the soft cover on the 8X. You can buy a white case and paint it yourself. I did that myself and it worked perfectly.

Creative, but I alreasy see functional problems such as dust and sewing thread collections on the open edges of the case. Shirt term nice, long term hygenic ugly? 

I have used two different cases for about 2 months on the phone.  There is no problem with dust/dirt collection due to the tight fit, and also the design allows you to take the case off regularly for inspection and cleaning.  The edges are beveled so I never had it "catch" on my pockets when I pulled the phone our or put it in. 
As for long term hygene, you have a point.  After I took my case off after a month of use, the area's under the case were clean, and area's exposed were dirty.  This is an issue with the soft touch coating the phone has.  Your only option is to put on a full body case, or let the ENTIRE phone get dirty, or just take the case off and clean it regularly. 

I would LOVE to do video game theme's and plan on doing so, but its a tight rope to walk.  I cant (or not willing to risk) use copywritten material or trademarks.  This is a garage project and I cant afford lawyers.  =)  On the otherhand, "fair use" can go pritty far...

I would buy a gears of war one and I'm waiting on the 920 ones to buy one and if all those skinit style sites that are stickers can make NBA NFL ect then I dnt see a problem I'd buy a Dallas mavericks one too

Sorry.  Verizon boned the 820 on that one.  Right now I can only support a few phones, so I need to make sure they are the most widely available phones.  Maybe is Nokia released the shell file like the 820, but it cost's me a lot of time and money for each phone I support.