Nokia Lumia 920 hits the slopes, image stabilization works like a charm

Windows Phone developer, Ronny Gydar, is normally busy working on his various Windows Phone apps that includes Trine's Hangman and People Search. But this past weekend he and a few friends spent some time on the slopes.

Skiing on Sled Dogs snow skates, Ronny captured the footage using his Nokia Lumia 920 and not only is it impressive watching these guys fly downhill on such small skates but the 920's performance isn't too shabby either.  Ronny said the biggest challenge may have been simply holding on to his Lumia 920 while skiing.  He's using a silicone skin case that required both hands to maintain a firm grip on the Windows Phone.  He's since vowed to find a more rugged case so he concentrate more on the skiing and get away with holding his Lumia 920 with one hand.

While the audio isn't the best (racing down hill does generate a little wind noise), you can barely notice any bounce with the Lumia 920's image stabilization. I'm guessing the flashes of light in the footage is snow reflecting off the Lumia 920's light as it impacts the lens.

All in all, the footage is yet more testimony to the benefit image stabilization gives the Lumia 920.

Thanks, Ronny, for sharing the video!


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Nokia Lumia 920 hits the slopes, image stabilization works like a charm


Thanks for sharing Ronny, you are right the original is amazing...

This camera is one of the reasons I switched from HTC and vz to buy a Lumia.

I also really appreciated that glove-friendly screen that day...did not have to remove my thick ski-gloves once.

In -20 degrees celsius, naked hands get reeeeally cold real fast :O

I tried using ski gloves when I went skiing and it didn't seem to work. Do the gloves need to be of a certain material? My gloves had a kind of leather material on the palm area.

I also thought for a while that the "glove thing" did not work so well. But it seems as if it is somrthing that activates itself when the phone "thinks its needed" or something. Since when I turn on the screen, it will often not seem to react to my gloves....in such case I press hard while trying to unlock...and suddenly it reacts...and after that it reacts at the lightest touch. Sometime I had to turn off and on the screen and it reacts correctly.
I use both woll, fleece and thick alpine gloves and they all work fine.

Can you share some pictures made with Lumia 920 the same way you did with this video? setings on default, no tripod...
My Lumia 900 sucks when it comes at taking pictures... I took over1000 pics in my vacation and 95% of them are shit quality... I was at one party and I couldn't get a single clear picture there...
I am really interested about what Lumia 920 can do where Lumia 900 failed miserably...

Sure, I can post some images, but it will have to be a bit later in the week.
I had a Lumia 900, and the images with the 920 is in general a lot better. Dark images are amazing (in my eyes), and video the same. Daylight images are not so impressive...a bit soft...but that is supposed to be fixed in "the update that is supposed to be here right about now".
But I will post some images...but be warned, I am no "camera-guy"...Daniel Rubino and George Ponder on this site know a lot more than me in that area.  I belive they both have had some thorugy articles around the Lumia 920 camera.  ...but I will post some "images taken by a regular user...i.e. me" :)

George Ponder is right about the "flashing effect" in the parts where I am skiing behind Rune, it's the lighy from the lumia illuminating the snow that is being "vortexed" by Rune.

The video is amazingly stable...since my VISION was a bit blurred due to the vibration...so my head was at least shaking...the video is not vibrating at all..just floating due to me not holding the phone calm....I had enough effort with staying on me feet :)

...and yes, I did fall...once...and all I focused on when falling was on not loosing my grip on my phone...it never even touched the ground :)

Amazing.  If WP8 doesn't get you to switch ... Nokia's OIS and Pureview tech will. 

Thanks for the video!  That looks pretty cool!  -Even though I have never seen snow before since I live in Texas.

Kvitfjell, nice place! Going there in a couple of weeks. I might film a bit with my 920 :P 

Great video!

When you go there, make sure you try out the "kveldskjøring" (on fridays), the slope will be almost empty, and the lighting is amazing for sking, since you can see every little hump in the slope.
"Flat light" (clouded days) is a pain when going on the Sled Dogs I am used to...but with the light in Kvitfjell when they have open in the "evenings" make it sooo much easier for us to go really fast with much less risk.  The tiny skis on the Sled Dogs makes it extra important to be able to spot humps before you hit them :)
This also holds true for people on skis, just not as critical.

They are called Sled Dogs...and they are just insanely fun to use...the gang from the video are hitting the slopes again tomorrow after work...this time in Tryvann, Oslo (still Norway)

Nice shots and nice job on shooting while snow skating. I guess it is not easy at all. Now you make me want this phone more! Ronny, it's your fault ;)

Am I the only one that is confused? Was some of what we saw shot with an iPhone 4, or was that part not included?

The part shot with an iPhone had the text "iPhone 4" in upper left corner...the part that shoved both Rune and me filming him with a light (which was the light on the Lumia)

I have seen on the web that there is a lot of misunderstanding about WHAT we actually had on our feet making this video.
So to make it clear, me and Rune had a pair of these
on our feets. That image is actually taken right now with my Nokia Lumia 920 of my own skate (we were in the slopes again last night, but that slope is nothing like Kvitfjell, so not much exiting filming last night).
And we have already talked about going back to Kvitfjell next year, and then try to film in the fastest and stepest parts of Kvitfjell...THEN we'll get some seriously fast and exiting shots. And by that time more of my friends will have the Lumia 920 (or its future versions with even better cameras).
This years filming was really a little "by accident", it was not planed...I just used my phone since I had it with me.  So I am sure we can do a lot better with a little planning and dedication.