Deal Alert: Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership for $35!

Xbox Live

Need to renew your Xbox Live membership? Looking to start an Xbox Live membership? Just want to save some bucks on an Xbox Live membership? Buy.com is offering a 12 month Gold Membership subscription to Xbox Live for $34.99.

The twelve month subscription normally runs about $60 and even if you still have months left on your existing membership, this deal will save you money down the road.

Just make sure you choose "budget shipping" when you check out. This will save you the $3.99 shipping cost for the card. We aren't sure how long this deal will last but you can find all the fine print on the Xbox Live Gold Membership deal here at Buy.com.


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Deal Alert: Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership for $35!


Technically, you can make it work. Remove someone from the family if full, apply to the removed account, add back to family*, now every member of the family pack will have an extra 6 months (it eats half). If you have the other three members pay $10 each for it, you just got six months for $5.
*Note: Each removed member has to wait 7 days before being re-added. You can always put the card on a spare gamertag, add to the family for that person to use, then remove and add the real one 7 days later - the subscription time stays on the family pack.

Source: Gold family pack for 2.5 years. Only personally paid $30 for all that time

I just picked one up for my wife...I already have a year and 3 months.  They price match amazon(no thrid party must be from amazon.com), newegg, tigerdirect, buy.com.  Thsi is a huge steal...and I thought buying sims 3 yesterday for 5 bucks was one...lol

I don't have access to Prime but I'm guessing they won't match between digital copies of videos and physical copies.

In other words, instead of spending the usual 60. Buy it now for $35 and save $25. Also "down the road..." is a saying. (I knew what it meant.)

Ebay has the same deal too (through TigerDirect), or at least they did yesterday when I picked it up.
Good deal.

I saw this earlier. For the person who has a family plan the way to use it is to kick someone off the plan and then apply the card on the one kicked off and a week later add them back on. You will get $60 toward the family extension.

i am new to Xbox Live, so bear with me, this might be a dumb question. if i purchase this can i use this to stream unlimited music on my Windows phone 8 from Xbox Music ? thanks in advance.

No, for that you will need an Xbox Music Pass which is separate.
I do wish Microsoft would create a consolidated option of Live Gold and Music Pass in some form.

Wow nice deal, I don't really play a lot online with my Xbox 360 but I use Internet Explorer and YouTube for Xbox 360 ALOT. Still it's crazy to me that I have to pay normally 60$ for these services but whatever, nothing is free in this world 

Ugh. They cancelled my order after closing the deal because they don't send to PO boxes. Thanks for telling me, Buy.com. :-\

Why I need to pay Microsoft to watch Netflix and YouTube videos is not clear to me. My gold membership will expire this February and I'm not going to extend my subscription.
Instead I've bought an Apple Tv. For watching Netflix, YouTube this is an excellent solution. It will sleep and after waking up will let u resume the movie (takes 5 seconds). However,in Xbox you be to start the console,run the app,select the movie and then resume, takes more than one and half minutes.

I've tried using Xbox glass to stream videos from my windows 8 ultrabook. The experience is horrible. Sometime it will connect but most of the time the device will not shoe up in the playto list. Whereas I can play and mirror my iPad very easily with the appletv,and the experience is excellent,it will work everytime.

Another thing I want to note,the Xbox controller is not a good remote. It will automatically disconnect and then I need to reconnect it to control the movie after every 15 minutes. No such pain with apple tv remote.

So from my last years experience i see no value in the gold membership. Think before you make the decision. Imo Netflix,YouTube watching should be free in Xbox.

By Xbox controller disconnection,I meant that it will turn off automatically. If I want to pays the movie or stop the movie as my son walks in, I would be scrambling to restart the remote; if u own an Xbox and watch Netflix in it, I'm sure u understand what I meant.

Sold out but, I am good till 9/2014...so I'll wait for the next deal. These pop up at this price a few times a year. I like to stack so I dont have to worry about it but, I will wait till summer time to grab the next one...