Nokia targets Middle East, launching Lumia 920 in Jordan

Lumia 920

Nokia is poised to launch the Lumia 920 in Jordan. It's the first Windows Phone to be released in the region due to lack of language support in the operating system. With the advent of Windows Phone 8's greater language support, including RTL abilities, Nokia (and other OEM partners) can now push hardware in the market. Nokia's reportedly a popular brand in Jordan, so how well is it expected to perform?

Nokia has some work to do to rejuvenate the brand with youngsters and re-establish itself in Arabic markets. Should the company continue marketing the Lumia line of Windows Phone hardware as it has already done so in Europe, the US and beyond, we should be looking at a strong reception in Jordan. The Asha series of phones are also presently available.

The Lumia 920 will be available for 480 JOD (approx. $680), and will include a wireless charger. It's expected to go on sale shortly.

Update: Due to our lack of cognizance, we were incorrect about the whole "first phone" thing as the HD7 was launched in Egypt sometime ago and places like UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon have all had recent Windows Phone 8 launches, with more to come. --Daniel, EiC

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Nokia targets Middle East, launching Lumia 920 in Jordan


Nokia had the Arabic support on Lumia 920 since more than a month ago in UAE. It has been also launched in Lebanon more than a week ago.
Just FYI. I like WP Central, and would like it to stay as reliable source.

Thank you! I just hope that WP Central don't just relay on random users for their news. A simple Google (Bing) search will show you that Windows Phone 8 devices were launched in the Middle East almost 2 months ago. I have the Lumia 920 for a month and a half and it is doing great in the UAE with being sold out a couple of weeks ago.

You're both correct. Apologies. The article has been updated with our previous coverage. File under "things that we lost track of".

the UAE market is extremely different from the other middle east markets !!
They get things launched even before US and Euro markets !!!! I can remember the Galaxy SIII was launched weeks before the other markets.

Are you sure that Nokia Lumia 920 has launched in Lebanon? Im not sure. I kept asking in Lebanon in Class stores about the phone and they told me it will take few monthnes, that was on Novmber! Also, if you check Nokia Lebanon on facebook, till now they didnt advertise it and from people post its seems till now it didnt launch in Lebanon! ANyways, ill ask my friends to double make sure 
Im now in KSA, i was told that Lumia 920 will be launched first in the middle east.. I got my Lumia 920 on the 10th of Decmeber 2012! Im not sure if it launced in UAE first! Can you let me know when Nokia L920 was launched in UAE? 

Class gets grey market, check Nokia distributor. Got 1 Lumia 820 & 1 Lumia 920 from them last week for some friend if mine there.

How can u say that the Lumia 920 was launched in Lebanon? It isn't yet available and Nokia officialy said that it's coming in Early 2013 and it's not yet available. Many companies sell it but it's not yet available Officially. Plus, you can't see any ads for it

Dude, take a chill pill...
I said I bought 2 Lumias last week there through and for friends of mine. The whole subject was UAE in the first place and Arabic language. Ads don't mean anything if there was limited availability and high demand.
Look at the bright side; now we know that the Lebanese community read WP Central.

hehehehe, I just don't want WP central to receive the wrong info :P Nokia is still quiet about WP8 launch in Lebanon. Plus, WP central is amazing ;)

Not released *YET* It's been up for preorder since early last week. With a free wireless charger if you put down a 100 JOD/ 140 USD deposit.

I had my "officially released" Lumia 920 for nearly 2 months here in Kuwait, all 3 carriers are currently stocking the Lumia's range and the HTC
Moreover, Dubai is not a country, it is part of the UAE :)

I've been a regular reader for WPcentral and its forums. By posting this article, I've been convinced to register and join the community in here. Thank you for including my hometown in your articles!

As for the news; the Lumia 920 isn't there just yet. You can only book one for 100 JOD / 140 USD and you'll receive a free Fatboy wireless charger; you'll pay the rest of the price when the offer ends in 31/1/2012 (380 JOD / 540 USD). Afterwards, you'll have to pay the whole 480 JOD for a lumia 920 without a wireless charger.

Actually I'm Canadian, but while I know plenty of countries around the world, I honestly had no clue about a country named Jordan

Actually Nokia Egypt officially launched the Lumia lineup (920, 820 and I guess one more device) in Cairo last Monday the 21st.

You can check their FB page, Twitter, and the #Switch hash tag from Monday for more details about the launch party

Rich, we are still waiting for Nokia to launch its WP8 Lumias in Lebanon. Only HTC WP8 is available and there's no marketing for it yet. I hope that Nokia start advertising for WP8 soon and launch it ASAP