Social Scout: Check-in, see what's nearby and find your friends

Social Scout

JDB Pocketware, developers of HandyScan, has a new Windows Phone app over in the Windows Phone Store. Social Scout is a Facebook Places app designed to help you explore what's nearby, find places, check-in and find out where your Facebook friends are.

While not developed or owned by Facebook, Social Scout taps into Facebook Places and lays out everything rather nicely across pages that show what places are nearby, where your friends have checked into, and a More Page that lists your most visited places, your check-ins, a "Feeling lucky" tile that will randomly select a restaurant for you to try, and a one touch check-in tile.

Social Scout

Other key features for Social Scout include:

  • Nearby places with distance and orientation using GPS and compass
  • Powerful searching
  • Check-in • Driving directions
  • Tag or attach photos to check-ins
  • Comment or like friend’s check-ins
  • Check-in history of your friends and yours
  • Suggestions of places to eat around you
  • View people profiles and check-ins
  • Most visited places by area (by friends or by all)
  • Facebook Touch integration
  • Three different themes

You can adjust the preferences from the three-dot menu to limit which friends appear by their distance to you and how far back you want to see their check-in history. All in all, Social Scout is a nice Windows Phone app for keeping up and checking in with your Facebook network of friend and seeing what's around you..

There are two versions of Social Scout available in the Windows Phone Store. You have Social Scout Free that does have some limitations and is ad supported. The paid version of Social Scout does have a trial version with the full version running $1.99.

You can find Social Scout Free here and Social Scout here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Social Scout Free                  QR: Social Scout (paid version)


Reader comments

Social Scout: Check-in, see what's nearby and find your friends


Maybe "4th & Mayor" but that one uses Foursquare places. This one uses Facebook places and is more "social". I personally prefer checking in on FB so this app fits nicely.

it is very, veeeeery slow for me, but at least it works. 
microsoft however is selling WP devices for 2.5 years now in my country and still doesn't offer local scount support (or bing vision, music, or anything else...)

Local scout isn't offered in my country as well..but there is a trick via which you could get it..
Goto settings, language and region..
Put country/region as your native country but put the regional,format as united states(English)
This worked on my WP7 and WP8 device..

Yes i know, but there is just no information for my country, it can't find anything. city lens, social scout, foursquare etc. all work fine so it is kinda disappointing from MS....

Nice looking app. I use FourSquare though. Wonder if it will show FourSquare checkins that are posted to FB.

I use the Me Tile to check in.  Easy and quick.  But this app gives you more information like seeing if any of your friends have checked in near by.