Grey does matter. Lumia 920 loses its color for Hong Kong. Looks awesome.

Gray Lumia 920

The grey variant of the Lumia 920 Windows Phone has been spotted on the Nokia Hong Kong Facebook account. Yes, it actually exists. The device has been expected to arrive in multiple markets since the Lumia 920 was announced last year, but we're yet to see the colour made available in numbers for consumers to get their paws on. Not only has it been published on Facebook, but to lower the mood even further, it's on sale in Hong Kong.

Should you reside in the country, you'll be able to pick the matte grey Windows Phone up for 5,598 HKD (approx. $720). The Lumia 920 is available in glossy and matte versions, with white, black and red proving to be fairly popular thus far - though this could well be down to limited availability. If you're into individuality and personalisation of gadgets, this will be the choice for you.

Source: Nokia Hong Kong (Facebook), via: WMPU


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Grey does matter. Lumia 920 loses its color for Hong Kong. Looks awesome.


Agreed completely as a fellow Lumia 920 Yellow owner. If it was released in the US at the same time as the yellow it would have been a really tough choice.


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)



Happy New Year!



I so wanted a grey 920, but it just wasn't worth the $777 that Expansys wanted for it.  Oh well, I am very happy with my Glossy White Lumia 900, but I'm looking for a grey case :)

Looks amazing! I really wanted this color but i couldnt find it! Does that mean Hong Kong is the first country to get the gray color?

Wanted the grey when the first pics of the 920 was shown. Unfortunately it never made it to the US. Stuck l with black.

Ugh...is it bad that I want multiple colors of this phone since everything syncs ... I have a red and yellow. The grey, dear me, the grey I want.

Well i was looking for it in the first place.. never got any info about it. got the black one now.. glossy is not my thing

I feel more tact in hand with the glossy because more surface area is touching the hand. Having matte last time and glossy this time, I prefer glossy. How about a grey glossy?!?!?!?!

I don't get it...is it really that hard to make different color phone? Why don't they just have it availbale for everyone?

Got a grey 920 right here in my hand (Australia, bought outright). I can confirm it looks sweet. Out of the box it had the accent colour set to Steel, and the lock screen image was a line of yellow vans parked on grey asphalt.

For me, it's the matte finish that really does it. I know I'm dreaming, but gimme a matte cyan L920 and I'll sign up for 2 years, no problem.

It does look pretty. But I prefer my classic matte black. Besides, I have grey tiles on my phone so it would end up being a bit of a grey overdose.

Rambo (first blood) is best movie of all time. Ps. I love that grey I need me some grey. Even better than the yellow. Sucks not available. Wa,wa,wa,

Wonder if magenta will make an appearance. Gf is waiting for it. I guess red too close to magenta.

I like the grey but I tried the "steel" theme on my L900 and I found that the home screen looks great, but things that are normally "highlighted" (like subjects of new emails) are difficult to see. I had to go back to Nokia Blue.

I don't know why Nokia would even bother. They can't even make the yellow or cyan 920's. Why would they even consider introducing another color. They'll just wind up pissing even more people off by adding a new color, but not actually supplying AT&T with any in that color.

I'm almost giving up yellow....too damn long and I don't even get an estimate on whether it'll come out in Feb or not...that's really ridiculous....common why is yellow harder to produce, did they spill the yellow paint somewhere?

Yeah, I think thats crazy how yellow is so hard to get hold of in the states. They were hard to get a hold of in thailand for the first month being sold out within hrs of delivery but now you can find them anywhere even though they are still in high demand. Maybe nokia is just limiting the colours to the states because internationally the price on these units are much more expensive and prefer to sell specific colours such as yellow and red to be able satisfy customers and make up for the low priced units being sold in the states. Just my thoughts and observation.

I'll tell everyone why they can't get yellow or cyan 920's in the USA. Its because that idiot Stephen Elop thinks that limiting the phone's availability is how to generate demand for the phone. So ok lets NOT sell phones and piss people off, so we can sell more phones. Such a great idea!!!

Grey has been out for awhile now (here in thailand) and I believe only for international user. And yeah it does look sick in person too (I got that sexy Ferrari RED). But yeah, don't understand why they would release one color in the states (Cyan) and the other (Grey) for international only. It seems they would just release all color for all user/carrier.  Can't be marketing. Its not like someone who lives out of the states is going to go to ATT just to buy the Cyan (it being Locked) At least people from the states can buy grey since its unlock. Why limit it.  My first choice in color was Cyan. Thats probably why i'm b*tching... 

Harvey Norman in Australia had grey in early Dec 2012, i had a few, but all returned, they all had rattling issue, now waiting for the next batch

I`ve just bought it in HongKong Nokia Store - I was super lucky because they had the last one in grey when I arrived. And it looks stunning! :D
A nice offer to it was mini portable speaker from Nokia for 8 HKD! :D

I did some unboxing, take some pics of it with my beloved HTC Titan - I will post them on my blog later if anyone would like to see more :) 

Grey is my favorite color (well, and its variants: silver, metallic, titanium, etc.)--so the fact that AT&T is not carrying it has indeed kept me from upgrading from the 900. Sadly, if it and when it ever does arrive, it will probably be too late and a new Nokia device would be around the corner.

Grey looks better in pics than real life. Grey makes the phone look really old.
I chose black over all other colors I've seen.

I really wanted cyan. Its so f'd up how its only available in the states when wp8 supposed to make a big impression to the public. Just stuck with crappy colors