Samsung releases new Beauty Lens apps. Forgets to make it do something.

Samsung has released a rare exclusive app for their scant Windows Phone 8 offerings today simply called “Beauty”. The app features Windows Phone 8 Lens support and promises to “…remove all the imperfections on your subject's face such as wrinkles, blemishes and moles”, presumably through some nifty photo manipulation algorithms.

The thing is, we can’t figure out how it even works and neither can our tipster. The app launches just fine, allowing you to switch cameras (front vs. back) and even snap photos. And that’s it. Tapping the image does nothing, there are no settings and outside of sharing the image, there’s nothing you can do to it or with it.

We’d like to think that our lack of coffee is the issue here and not Samsung forgetting something (or just bad UI design), so we’ll toss it off to you folks to explain in comments. In the meantime, you can grab Beauty here in the Samsung Collection. Thanks, Chris H., for the tip!

QR: Beauty


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Samsung releases new Beauty Lens apps. Forgets to make it do something.


Samsung is prolific and they make some eye cacthing hardware but they aren't big on quality.  My Samsung 58" television was defective and fixed once already.  The same issue seems to be reappearing now that it is off of warranty.  Even without the defective parts tyhe television is extremely glitchy.  It can't figure out what mode to set the scvreen to more than half of the time.  I have to manually use the remote to readjust the picture a lot.

Samsung is just a fail to me, either know I own a Samsung Windows Phone and I like it, it just can't compete with others that much when it comes to WP

I just hope a quick release of the WP7.8 update, that's all what I want from Samsung these days, or is it AT&T? O.o

Hmm...I think you are missing something Mr. Rubino! And I thought WPCentral would do good work... pff..

The reason you could not test the app is the following: maybe...juuust maybe...the WPCentral crew does not have any "imperfections" the app could remove? :)

I think its a statement that you are beautiful without modification. Well played Samsung, well played.

If that's actually what Samsung intended, then I'll be impressed. Would be nice for a big company to do something like that. But I'm pretty skeptical of big companies and my gut feeling says they just messed up the app.

Samsung continues to focus on hardware, underestimating software and Apps (even their smart tvs and android devices don't talk well together..).
I don't think this attitude will help Sammy to maintain their market share for long...

DANIEL, it's because you are already too beautiful so the app does not have to do any additional work hence making it look like it does not work.
I tried the app on my face but it crashed and deleted itself.

When you take a photo it looks like nothing happens...but somewhere on the internet a photo of your head shooped onto a porn stars body is uploaded.

Smh at homophobes above me...anyway I know this is probably a buggy app but come in HTC release a buggy app of your own. At least it be something lol

Will someone with a Sammy WP8 test. Just use a friend that's an iSheep as the test. All the iSheep I know are senior citizens. Problem solved ;)