Sleeper hit? Nokia Lumia 620 already a top selling phone on US retailer

We’re not sure if Nokia has any plans to sell the highly stylish, entry level Lumia 620 here in the States, but that hasn’t stopped Expansys from carrying it.

Selling for a reasonable $289 completely unlocked, the 3.8” 1GHz device with an 800x480 display is certainly a looker with Nokia’s bold new color schemes (black, white, magenta, cyan and yellow).

Not only is it available with Windows Phone 8 and a microSD card slot, but it’s already #7 on Expansys’s top-selling items of the week. That’s kind of a big deal seeing as Nokia is not even advertising their latest device here, meaning this is all word of mouth (combined with that super competitive price).

We haven’t heard of any US carrier or even MVNO grabbing the 620, but if they happen to track such things as “popularity” and “sleeper hit”, we think Nokia may have a winner here. Take heed, T-Mobile or Boost.

Oh and rumor has it our Lime-green Lumia 620 (which sadly is not available on Expansys) is showing up in the next 24 hours. So if you want some video worthy coverage and our first impression of the device, make sure you tune back to Windows Phone Central soon.

Update: Supported bands include  GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900; 3G Network: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

Source: Expansys, listing;  via Nokia PowerUser


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Sleeper hit? Nokia Lumia 620 already a top selling phone on US retailer


Right. If carriers won't bring it, importers can ^^a
The only downside (and upside at the same time. Depending on where we positioning ourselves in) of buying devices outside carriers is ... well ... you can only buy it off contract :)

Sorry, no 1700 band. It will probably over lap with some of their Edge/3G but you won't get the most ouf of TMos data. Blame it on TMo's odd 1700 band usage :-/

That leaves out the part about the lack of 3G/faux-G support due to no 1700 band,meaning this will work but your data will be "meh" for speeds.

but that's enough for that price, can't expect high end specs for low price~
this device has similar screen size like Lumia 800, but it's body frame is thinner which makes it quite small and easy to hold with one palm, im not from US but i had ady got hands on to it, good for ladies and youngsters

Says you. I don't consider proper 3G speeds to be "high end specs". LTE? Sure. HSPA+? Maybe. This will get better 3G support on AT&T than T-mobile.

Edge is so rough on a smartphone like this and people need to know that no, this won't be ideal for T-Mobile.

You're right about Edge being rough. I've had my phones (Samsung Focus and iPhone 5) drop to Edge a few times. Practically unusable.

Nice!  This will compliment my 920 just fine!  Zune HD 64GB is $399 and some change on Amazon!  WHOA!  This phone will replace my Zune 32GB.  I'm ditching this lovely device because they wont fix it so that we can use the Marketplace to buy songs anymore.  Since I got my 920 I rarely even turn my laptop on anymore to transfer music to it. :O   Also the Zune HD doesn't connect to corporate wifi.  :(  With the 620 I could stream music at my companies gym or wherever on campus.  I'll pick one of these up with my tax return. :)

I had not thought of useing it as a music player. I like haveing a dedicated music player and with a 64GB card you would have about 70GB available. And if you put it airplane mode and only turn WiFi on when you need it, the battery should hold out pretty good.

Add in the Dolby headphones too and its a nice package.
Everything points to this device looking like a winner, if they could ramp up production I'm sure they could get some serious market share with it.
And I'm sure people at Nokia know that too, so I'm wondering what their plans actually are...

This is really a great price for this phone. Should help getting more WP numbers from the bottom up.

this phone is selling better than iphone in china, india & malaysia. I travel among this 3 nation very frequently, and I see people using it everywhere, looks like iPhone era in those country is over

First of all, Lumia 620 is still not available here in India.
Secondly, there was no iphone era out here, it was more like a galaxy era which is still on....
Anyways, eagerly waiting to buy 620...

I want to see if there is a color blend casing in the white. I don't see any examples, and don't see how they could layer it.

If this thing supported AT&T's LTE I'd be all in. It may not be a high end device, but I'd be happier than I am with my 900, but alas, I tether a lot and can't go back down to faux-g no that I've had the real thing.

There's no 4G/LTE on the 620. It's supposed to be an entry level phone.
from http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/lumia620/specifications/

  • Data Network
    • Data bearer: HSPA+ (3G), EDGE/EGPRS (2G), HSUPA (3G), GSM (2G), HSDPA (3G), WCDMA (3G), Dual Transfer Mode (2G)
  • Operating Frequency
    • Operating band: GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, WCDMA Band V (850), WCDMA Band VIII (900), WCDMA Band II (1900), WCDMA Band I (2100)
    • Data speed - Upload: HSUPA Cat 6 - 5.76 Mbit/s KBit/s
    • Data speed - Download: HSDPA Cat 14 - 21000 kbit/s, EGPRS MSC 12 - 236.8 kbit/s

I paid the same price for my Lumia 920 on a 2-year contract. This phone really is a great offer.

The 620 especially the Lime Green is really popular in Asia. The online store I order from here has it at USD230 but when I tried to order the Lime Green the next day, it was out of stock. The Red also went out of stock as of now. Only the Yellow, White and Black is left but I like the Lime Green very much (I like Blue more but it has not been released yet) so I'm going to wait for the next batch.

Will this have some issues running certain apps since its only got 512mb memory? I thought I remember reading something like that happening with the htc 8s.

No it won't have issues. They sell some phones like the 500 series with only 256, so I'm sure 512 is just fine.

Some of the apps which require high memory(memory allocation on low mem  device is 150  , hi  mem device is 300 mb)will not be available.
MS has sent out notices to App developers to revisit their apps to get more memory allocation exception or tweek the app. If these requirements are not met by app, that particular app will not be available for low mem WP8 devices.

WP8 allocates only 150 mb per app on 512 mb device. If an app requires more than 150 mb memory then developer should tweek the app or it will not be available for 512mb wp8 devices.

It should be yes :)
The only one which I saw having trouble with memory is Skype and that was on handsets with 256Mb of RAM.

If this can be had for under £200 anywhere once it's released I will be buying it for sure.

Hotcakes...get your hotcakes...This device will accelerate market share gains. I want one and I have a 920!

Lol!  i'm interested as well, and I just bought a new Lumia 900.  I can think of a couple of family members who this phone would be perfect for.   Time for me to give them a call and discuss!

I'm waiting for the first person to say. "Small stock!!!" like can't we be happy that its selling? Damn.

I have been wanting to move to Windows 8 for several weeks.  This is priced right plus it is closer to the form factor I want.  So I ordered one from Expansys-USA earlier today.  Can't wait for it to arrive in a couple of weeks.

The Huawei W1 is a little cheaper andhas better specs, i would go for that if you want a smoother experience, yes the Lumina is a good phone for the price but the W1 surpasses it on everything apart from the memeory the lumina has 8 the W1 has 4 but they both have sd card capabilities

put huawei and nokia on the table in bar and look for reaction from ppl around.diference in the smoothe aspect is zero

This is a great phone for the money.  Once you have it in your hands can't seem to put it down. Good job Nokia!!