Go back in time. Newegg adds bug fixes and humor to v1.3 update

The official Newegg app gets a minor, but amusing update

Newegg.com has updated their official Windows Phone app to v1.3. The update fixes some minor bugs that were present in previous versions, as well as humorous component called TimeMachine, which is nothing close to the Mac OS program of the same name.

TimeMachine is a musical stroll down memory lane that literally illustrates the history of your relationship with Newegg.com. Once logged into the app, TimeMachine accesses your account info, including sign-up date and bits of your purchase history, and combines them into a sweet storybook slideshow. And what's a slideshow without some sappy music?

We won't spoil the whole thing for. Install the update or download the app and take the 60 seconds to reflect on your love affair with one of the greatest purveyors of geekdom.

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Reader comments

Go back in time. Newegg adds bug fixes and humor to v1.3 update


I've only got an Xbox off there on blackfriday so my story will be pretty short ... Have the app tho so im going to update now!

Mine just seems to spin there endlessly.  I don't get anything.  I saw the same thing for WIndows 8 in my Newegg app, but it does the same thing.  Perhaps my account breaks whatever this does... ?

Sadly my time machine just keeps spinning and spinning and never loads anything. Too bad because I've bought so much from newegg it would be cool to see it.

I had to back out if a long spin went back to it. First purchase 2/8/2003.. A p4 2.53 oh those were the days. 591 orders later.. Cute

For those who haven't gotten it working on their phones, try it in Win8 and see what that does. The phone app wouldn't work for me, but the Win8 app did. Regardless, it was pretty cheesy and didn't really say a whole heck of a lot. A for effort. I would've stopped it earlier but I wanted to listen to their rendition of Canon in D, so.
It tells you your first order, your most expensive, items in a wish list, how old you are (how many years you've been with NewEgg), and how many orders (not items), you've ordered from them. The lamest part was when they said they're based in CA even though I live in (state).
Pretty bad all around, but no reason to stop shopping from them!