New fan-made Lumia 920 commercial impresses; Nokia take heed

We’ve seen some fairly awesome ‘fan made’ Windows Phone commercials in the past. The most famous was Brandon Foy, whose college project ended up landing him a job at Microsoft.

Now we have another school assignment that has caught the attention of a few, including this site. Made by Phong Luong and friends for their school project (follow the progress on their site), the ad works for us due to the solid music, retro-artsy look and of course focusing on the main features of the phone (PureView camera, wireless charging, unibody design). Plus it just pops out at us.

As pointed out in comments at Reddit, it seems to borrow heavily (ironically) from HTC’s 8X and 8S web videos back a few months ago. Indeed, there is a quite a resemblance. The difference here is this is a school project and it was more about them making it then say, Nokia actually endorsing it.

Still, we’d like to see some more general commercials like this, similar to Nokia’s “retro art” ad, which had us in a tizzy when they took on Apple.

You can watch Phong’s project above or here on Vimeo if mobile (use the official app on Windows Phone 8 and use this link (or search for Phong Luong, Lumia 920).

Source: Vimeo; via Reddit


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New fan-made Lumia 920 commercial impresses; Nokia take heed


They should stop wasting money on getting celebrities and put ads like this out or the smoked-by-windows-phone ones.  Fantastic ad!  It makes the Apple ads seem so boring.

It is a common theme from MS and Nokia with flashy comercials. Of course, this fan followed the same foot step. Agree with you that a consumer cares more what it does. 

Honeslty, the ad looks nice and all, but for a new product that most don't know about. It's not optimal. Nokia did make ads like above all around Europe for Lumia 800. Also Nokia's own web videos are similar to above, just better.  
There was that The Amazing Everyday campaign for Lumia 800. 

I agreed, I'd like to see a follow on from that advert. With something like the tag line "The everday, just got even more amazing."

The celeb ads aren't bad and they definitely show "real world" use of the products.  Those aren't targeting anyone who is on this site. 
This ad is cool too. It's a diverse market out there and there's a need/place for both types of ads.


I like it. The only thing missing is text indicating wireless charging when the phone lands on the pad.

HTC shouldn't open their mouths if this comercial airs because the whole polycarbonate colorful design was introduced by Nokia and CEO Elop said that it was ok for Manufacturers to take this design to help benefit windows phone.

Phong Luong is a 3rd year student of FPT Arena Institution in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. May be I will try to contact him to ask more about this amazing commercial ad of Nokia :) 

It's cool but I don't get why people are all wet about it. How is the OS promoted in this video?? What will this OS give you that others won't? Sorry to be negative sally but I'm not blown away.

I'm guessing you have an HTC? I liked how it specifically spoke about the hardware advantages of having a Nokia Lumia.

Actually I have a Lumia 920. One thing that be noticed about Nokia is that they promote the "Lumia" brand but not the windows phone brand. Yes they need to focus in their hardware but it seems like they don't want to mention that it runs on windows phone OS. I know this is a fan made video but it's not as great as some people are making it out to be.

I agree with Blackhawk556.  It's not always about hardware.  IN fact, the biggest thing to seperate Nokia from competitors IS the OS.  Yes, hardware does help, and the key features should be shown.  I wasn't that impressed overall with the ad.  But, he's a student, not in the Nokia Marketing department.

That was really nice.
I was just looking trough a remake of a Nokia Commercial I did last night, witch I was sort of happy with, now I'm depressed :(

Might be in the minority here, but I really didn't like it at all. Sure, it looks nice, but it comes across as even more pretentious than the iPhone ads because it assumes that you should know what this product is. It also makes zero mention of the OS which is the biggest differentiator between this and Android/iPhones.  
The only truely unique thing about the 920 is the camera so for me that should be what is focused on in advertisements for it. Colours aren't unique since HTC jumped on the bandwagon. I believe there are also Android devices with wireless charging. Don't get me wrong, I truely believe that the 920 is the best Windows Phone 8 device available on the market today, but it's the camera that elevates it to that position. 

While I agree with you, you can't simply dismiss Qi wireless charging and the display. The ad does focus too much on the hardware, and shows nothing about the OS, until the very end. You need to weave between the OS and hardware to show why it's THE choice for consumers. A snazzy ad with funky music isn't enough.

Is anyone else unable to open this on their phone? I have vimeo installed but the links keep opening a mobile page "cannot play this on your device". I'm using a Lumia 920.

I think this type of commercial in general is fine when you are familair with a product as it keeps it current and for the owners reinforces their sense of identity with the brand. But when its new and you don't know anything about it and its advanteges over the competition you need a different approach.

i had a lumia 920.  pretty nice hardware, but i had a dud. either my software was buggy, or my hardware was buggy.  so i returned it and got an iphone 5.   really liked windows phone though.  it wasn't so buggy that i wouldn't ever try it again.   they probably have the bugs ironed out by now. but i needed something that worked right now. so i got something i knew would work. 

Could someone help me understand why the video will not play on a L920.  I too ran into this issue with my phone.  I pulledout my surface and had the same issue.  why???  I'm not trying to be a troll I just want to understand why the video plays fine on my wifes nexus 7 and galaxy nexus as well as my son's ipad.  (tested on all three.  The video in the article above plays fine...)
I ran into this earlier tonight.  I was looking nto going to a local event on found a video that was on the Lego Kids Fest website.  Again, all I saw this time on my Surface and L920 was an empty box but the video played fine on ipad.  I did get an error on the Galaxy Nexus saying the plugin was not supported....
Here's a link http://www.legokidsfest.com/index_rc.html

Different strokes for different folks.  I found both the music and the flashing, zipping, in your face effects QUITE annoying.

Great ad! But looks a lot like the HTC Windows Phone launch commercial...IMHO. No offence to the guy who made it...