Rogers finally offers the Lumia 920 in more than Black, gets Red and White options too

While Rogers still doesn’t have the coveted glossy Yellow Lumia 920 (probably for the best, since they probably couldn’t actually stock it), you can at least take solace in the fact that you can now order the Nokia Lumia 920 in Glossy White or fire engine Red—two very popular colors.

Priced at a reasonable $49 on “select three-year plans”, the Lumia 920 had a bumpy ride on Rogers since it first launched. Rogers evidently sought the title of “First!” for carriers with the 920 but then basically were unable to stock the phone. It took many weeks before you could just walk into a store and pick one up. Even then, your only choice (much to the consternation of many) was matte black.

Two months later and those who still haven’t picked one up can now order it in that shiny red and our favorite, glossy white options. Sure, it’s not the AT&T exclusive Cyan nor the aforementioned banana yellow, but those two color options should go a long way in bumping sales for our friends up North.

Update: And yellow is indeed coming "in a few weeks", so sit tight folks! (Thanks, gwydionjhr, for the link!)

Source: Rogers; Thanks, Rob R., for the tip! Image via Multek (WPCentral Forums)


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Rogers finally offers the Lumia 920 in more than Black, gets Red and White options too


How did you go about doing that? Did you buy the phone for the off-contract price and unlock it cause I'm a US T-Mobile customer and I'm looking to get a yellow or red Nokia Lumia 920 to use until my contract ends in 2014 and then I'll switch to ATT with the same phone. But if it works well on T-Mobile's network as does my unlocked HTC Titan which gets good 4g coverage in my area, then I'll just stay with T-Mobile.

I went to Canada last week to visit my Uncle and he got a black Lumia 920 for $49 w/ the 3 yr contract from Rogers. Buying a off-contract phone would work too. I then got my unlock code from http://www.quickphoneunlock.com/ for just $15, put in my t-mobile sim card, and it worked. I can't really say much about the 4g coverage cause I don't have a data plan, but the Rogers version will work with T-mobile's 1700mhz LTE band once they put that into use.

Thanks this sounds really promising. I'll be getting one really soon. I saw a black one on craigslist.org for only $300 but I just gotta have a red or yellow one. They look so good.

You can buy unnlocked Lumia 920s online with the 1700 band - mine works great on TMo USA and I have full H+ speeds and when TMo launches LTE the Lumia will work on TMo USA LTE too...so stay with TMo on the value plan and buy the Lumia off contract

As an existing Rogers customer, I ordered a red one over the phone on Wednesday. It came in the mail on Friday afternoon!

According to mobilesyrup, they have limited stock for their first week, 4000 white, 1000 red and yellow still upcoming. 

Damn, am I really going to have to swtich to Rogers. Oh well I'll decide after MWC. But I'm not pleased with Nokia's pathetic options in Canada and I'm sure many feel the same in the US.

I'm currently waiting on the yellow one. They are supposed to get it to me within 15 days since I have pre-ordered it. We'll see how that turns out...

I'm a huge WP fan, but it's a wonder Microsoft can sell any phones with partners like this. Back at the launch, Rogers said they are carrying only black as that is what their customers told them they want. Right! Now 2 months later, you "may" be able to get a colour model if you are lucky enough to find stock. I've been a WP Samsung Focus user for over 2 years and still when I log in to my Rogers account and check for my upgrade eligibility they offer to upgrade me to the BlackBerry 9600.

You know what's worse? Went over to a store nearby yesterday and the rep had no clue that they are getting the phones in other colors. She spent a good 10 minutes trying to convince me that she would know if they announced it in colors other than black. It's a wonder that they had any sales with this amazing pitch...

I know the bands are listed on the website, I'm hoping there is no error, but can someone confirm with the red/white if they have the 1700/2100 AWS bands to be used on Wind?  I am hoping to get the yellow one, if it works on Wind.

It does support those bands. Just remember though that you have to unlock the phone.. which requires you going into a Prepaid subscription and then loading it up with $60 before hand

You can always change the body rather than living with a colour you don't like. Around USD80.

I think the Lumias ARE selling although we may not notice it. Yesterday, I went to get a Ghost Armor for my phone and they were sold out. Not only that, the guy at the booth was working on another 920 when I was there.