Grab a reservation card for the Surface Pro to guarantee availability on February 9 (update)

Surface Pro

Lightning strikes twice, history repeats itself, and Microsoft will be giving out reservation cards for the Surface Pro like they did with the Surface RT. Back in October, if you visited a physical Microsoft Store or those pop-up holiday kiosks you could get a card guaranteeing you a Surface the day they went on sale. Microsoft is now doing the same with the Intel-based Surface for when it becomes available on February 9th.

Reservation Card

If you’re lucky enough to be around a Microsoft Store and want to get the Surface Pro on day one, you might want to swing by and grab a reservation card. The reservation card guarantees you a Surface Pro if you show up before noon on February 9.

The Surface Pro will start at $899 for 64GB of storage and go up from there depending on whether you get the Touch or Type Pad. The pressure sensitive pen will come with each device, making it ideal for students, creatives, and business folk wanting to be productive on the 1080p display.

P.S. I don’t care if the official Surface site is calling this Surface Windows 8 Pro, you and I will continue to just call it the Surface Pro.  

Update: Here are shots of the front and back of the reservation card for the Surface Pro. 

Front reservation card

Back reservation card

The fine print says: 

Bring this card to the Microsoft retail store listed on card to redeem. Only provides priority access. Must be in designated line outside of retail store to redeem priority access. Limit 1 per person, single use. Non-transferable, no monetary value, and no reproductions accepted. Offer not valid online. Employees of Microsoft and immediate family members of Microsoft employees are no eligible. 

Thanks to John20212 for the tip and pictures!


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Grab a reservation card for the Surface Pro to guarantee availability on February 9 (update)


Yeah.  Kind of like Apple calling their previous tab the "New iPad" when the rest of the world called it the iPad 3.  I think they actually refer to the iPad 4 as the "iPad with Retina Display".  Gag.

I think "Surface Windows 8 Pro" is just a stupid new and independent mistake someone made when updating the main Surface page.  The rest of the site continues to call it "Surface with Windows 8 Pro", which of course is also stupid, but nothing new.  The sane people of the world will continue to call it "Surface Pro", if they bother to refer to it at all.

I just hope that this time around microsoft does not take so fraking long to launch the surface on other markets...

"If you’re lucky enough to be around a Microsoft Store"
Well said, because my nearest Microsoft Store is the Mall of America...4 hours away.

Hopefully Costco will have these. Can't beat their extended warranties and return policy. Now to decide if I should wait for Haswell or not.

Costco's warranty on electronics is ninety days...  So that would give you 90 days with it, after that you would have to go to microsoft.

Costco's return policy is 90 days. They extend the manufacturers warranty an extra year for free. But it does not cover accidents which is enticing from Microsoft.

Actually you can beat their extended warranties. Microsoft will offer a 2-year plan that protects against factory defects, accidental damage, gives tech support, and one year of Office 365 for $169. Just ask for "Complete"

I just called and spoke to the manager of my local Microsoft store.  He stated that they have not (yet) received any such cards, and to try back in a couple days.  He didn't seem certain that there would be any, but did note that since they did this for the RT that they were likely doing the same thing.  Just thought I'd chime in and possibly save someone a trip - might want to call first.
Edit:  The store I called was Lone Tree (Park Meadows Mall), Colorado

Good advice. I got the same response when I called Yorkdale mall (Toronto). Looks like the details may still be trickling down to the stores.

So apparently the Yorkdale store uses a call center who provided false information.  They do not have reservation cards.  

When you call in, you're always transferred to the call center. Make sure to tell them you want to speak directly with the store. The call center people are idiots.

My nearest MS Store is probably New York, but given that I live in London, it's not really realistic for me to pop in! ;)

Can't afford it. Gona have to go with Acer iconia w700. Save myself $200-300. Comes with keyboard, case, and stand for less.

Forgot about Nokia tablet. Lets see what Nokia has to offer. Good price I will get. By the way, the Acer iconia w700 has very good ratings on newegg. 779$ for a complete package.

Price of Acer depends which spec-package you buy. $779-1071.

Depending on how your workplace wireless is configured, you may find that some models' wi-fi card/driver will not be compatible. While I like my Acer netbook, I cannot connect to my workplace wi-fi. I have no problems connecting with my HD7 or laptop.

Also it doesn't look like pen-input is an option, though not sure how important that is.

Second that, Acer is not worth the $300 saving, spend a bit more and get the best.
Can't wait for the 9th, I am just glad they put the launch on a weekend and not a weekday like with the RT, now I don't have to take a day off work.

Maybe I've looked to much into the reviews. Most gave 4-5 stars. But this w700 is a new product so maybe its different than that of old. Though seeing CEO Acer bitching about w8, I fear Acer dropping support. He's the Wong guy to be CEO I think.

Did the stores actually sell out of RTs on release day? Does anyone expect the Pros to sell out in hours? Or is this just a stunt to make it sound like they will? I do want to get a Pro on the 9th. I could hit up a store beforehand, but it's majorly out of my way to do so if it's not really anything to worry about.

They sold out of the 32GB models at the store near me but had 64GB left.
I wish they'd give more details on the release. If they're going to have some early incentive like the 1 year music pass excluisive to MS stores that would make it worth while to take the hike. I have a Best Buy and Staples 25 miles closer though and it would suck to make that trip for nothing.

Are they going to have online pre-orders?  I want one and I'm prepared to pay for it but I am not going to stand in line for something like an apple nerd in order to be cheered by store employees for buying a consumer product they sell me.  
There is no reason tech needs to be sold like tickets for a 1970s era blue oyster cult concert.  

Amen. I want to give Microsoft my money instead of Best Buy. I want to buy the 128GB, type cover, extra power supply, and Complete Warranty but I'm not sure the Best Buy near me will even get them, let alone the accessories and the warranty. I just don't have a single MS store in my state (Idaho).

I crossed the ThinkPad and Yoga off my list as soon as I saw the display resolution specs. If I wanted 1366x768, I'd just stick with my netbook.

I just called the one in Pentagon City. You have to talk to the manager in person to get one, but, they do have them.
I don't know how many of you live in this area, but, I'll be heading over there tomorrow... hope you don't rush out and grab them all :P.

I've got a reservation ticket. Well, sort of. They kept my ticket and gave me a receipt instead.

Mall of America. Thanks, boss, for sending me to MSP today! Don't really want to make the trip again on the 9th, but what the heck.

Hey, if I'm going to be a fanboy, after I snag my Surface Pro maybe I'll stroll across to the Apple store and show the aimless customers what a real tablet can do. ;)

While I was at the store, I played with the Surface running RT. Nice. If I had the cash I might have picked one up (in addition to the Pro I'm waiting for). I am very impressed with the handwriting recognizer. My handwriting isn't all that great, and writing with a finger is even worse, but the recognizer was close to 100% accurate. Given that, I expect writing with the Pro's pen to be nothing short of awesome.

I just called the Microsoft popup in Frisco, TX and while they said they indeed had the cards, they supposedly weren't going to be using them due to demand and instead going with first-come, first-serve.  Maybe someone else will have better luck, but they just recommended to get there early if you want one.

I went to the Mall of America store in Minneapolis and I got mine!!!! First guy I talked to didn't know anything. He asked the store manager and he gave me one. Said the store only had 50 cards total and they just got them in today. They were pretty hush about like it was a secret, like they were not supposed to give me one. So the card guarantees you one but they can't specifically promise a particular model and it has to be that day. They expect to run out of the 128's real fast. They expect to have lines the same or longer than when they launched RT. They keep claming they don't have them yet, not even a display model. The first 50 they sell that day the staff will sit down with customers and open right there and test them to make sure there are no problems.

That was much like my experience. After taking my email, name, and model preference the guy told me I am not guaranteed a 128GB. That was a little off-putting. Why bother with reservation tickets if it doesn't reserve the product you want? For now, I'm assuming each store will get at least 50 128GB models. If all they have for me is a 64GB model, then I'll leave, disappointed and empty-handed, and probably order online. I could head to Best Buy or Staples, but the Microsoft extended warranty is hard to beat.

Gah! Closest Microsoft store is over a 2 hour drive from here. :-/ I hope Best Buy has them day 1. I called and asked about preorders but they said they don't do them. I AM ready! I already have my red touch cover and a carrying case is en route. :D

I just went to my local MS store during lunch and they said there would be plenty of pro's available on launch day. I'm guessing he doesn't know much and will just have to try again before the launch.

The Dallas pop-up store in Stonebriar Centre, Frisco, got only 25 cards, but now, you can guess why, they have a max of 24. Be there by 10 AM, you're advised.