Brando Power Jacket for the Nokia Lumia 920, double your power, double your pleasure

Brando Power Jacket

One of the biggest struggles the past few years if you were a part of the Windows Phone community was the lack of accessories compared to iOS and Android devices. While we still may not have the number and variety they have, we are slowly gaining extra accessories for devices like the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. Today we’ve got one more for the Lumia crowd, a cover from Brando for your 920 that packs a 2200 mAh battery in the back.

The Power Jacket for the Lumia 920 from Brando is an ergonomic portable battery pack for your device. It protects the back and side, while supplying the phone with an extra 2200 mAh battery, effectively doubling the power supply for you to a transcontinental-flight busting 4200 mAh!

Brando Power Jacket for Lumia 920

Another nifty feature of the Power Jacket is the LED lights on the back that can correspond to the amount of juice you have left in it. It also comes with a built-in stand, which will allow you to put the device in landscape mode and propped up at a nice viewing angle. The Power Jacket is supposedly light and designed with the Lumia 920 in mind. For example the device snaps onto the back of your phone and still leaves easy access to the hardware buttons on the side. Obligatory bulletin list with facts and numbers:

  • Recharge Nokia Lumia 920 on the go
  • 2200 mAh High Power Capacity
  • Lightweight and Protective
  • With Battery Power Indicator
  • Input voltage - 5V
  • Input Current - 700mAh
  • Output -  5V
  • Output Current - 1000mAh
  • Charging time - 5 Hours
  • Weight - 81.5 grams
  • Size: 142mm(L) x 74mm(W) x 20mm(T)

Power Jacket Stand

We’ve gone ahead and ordered one already, since they’re going for a reasonable $37.00 and will have a hands-on/review up once the Power Jacket comes. It comes in black and white, which color are you going with?

Source: Brando Via: WMPU


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Brando Power Jacket for the Nokia Lumia 920, double your power, double your pleasure


Although I don't think I would ever need it I like the look of it. Great idea. Although I had assumed that it had wireless charging built in to the back.

You'd only use it for flights & travel... Not for general use. It's like those extra fat batteries you can get for most phones that require custom backplates. A mate had one for his HD7 but I thought it looked ridiculous :P

Might as well be. According to the Android and Apple Fanboys its too heavy for the plane to be able to lift off the ground.

Depends on how thick the space will be between the wireless charging plate inside the Lumia 920 and the charger. If the case makes the distance greater than 'X' it won't work. Now somebody remind us what that 'X' value is. 

If if the distance is close enough, I would feel nervous sending an electric charge through the battery in a manner that it is meant to be. Would love to know also though.

Will that just charge the phone or the case and the phone? charging port points to camera on that pic. Also if I do use a wire will that charge the case or the case and the phone. Seems too cheap to have integrated wire throughput or Qi charging, but I've been surprised before. Pics and article don't really address this.

On it's website it specifically states to charge phone and case separately. So I'm guessing it would be a bad idea to put this on your phone, then set your phone on your wireless charger.

Perfect for my flights for work! Very happy with his option, and if you review is on the plus side, I will definitely get one!

Daniel already ordered one. Knowing him, you can expect a video of the device and his thoughts once it shows up on his desk.

Did you even bother clicking the link in the article (or View Links from the app)? It's an online website - I'm sure they can post it to you.

More like "double your size, double your weight" ;-) Pretty poor "band-aid" fix for WP8 and its app's power-sapping bugs

WP8 has no battery issues. This isn't even from Nokia/Microsoft, so its not a "band-aid fix". Its an OPTIONAL accessory that many phones have, like androids and iphones. Go troll somewhere else.

U must be drinking the cool aid because wp8 has massive battery issues. Just read the forums. It affects 8x phones nokias and the new Sammy.

Every phone has major battery issues. My wifes iPhone battery dies now within a couple hours. My 4 and 3GS had battery problems. My friend with a nexus complains. My 920 actually lasts 24hrs with occasional use or hardcore use a full workday. But really, look up any phone and "battery usage" and you'll be sure to find people complaining about terrible battery performance because batteries in general suck.

Oh you silly people. My 920 battery life blows the battery life of my EvoShift and old iPhone 3GS out of the water. The battery issues were due to background tasks and settings which were on by default that should have been off.
If you want to reference the forums you should refer to all posts, not just all the old ones. The same types of posts have lttered the Iphone and Android forums as well.

The only power problems I had were related to an App I installed. Deleted it and I'm back to going all day with heavy use and not needing to charge u til the evening. Unlike my wife's iPhone 4s and its obligatory Morphie JuicePac, or my Daughter's iPhone 5 which has the endurance of a hummingbird, or the numerous Roids at work, which seem to forever be plugged in somewhere.
If your WinPhone has a short battery life, start uninstalling stuff till you find the culprit. It isn't WP8 itself

If I get one, probably go with the black. I can't tell, but I assume this charges the Lumia through the Micro USB at the bottom?  
Also, oddly enough, the Brando site says not to charge the phone and case at the same time(take the phone out of the case when charging the case). You know that's going to happen a lot with people. 
This seems like the perfect road companion for the phone if you know you will be away from the charger for long periods of time. I hope it lives up to the potential and there aren't deal breaking bugs/issues.
Edit: 1. Duh. The pictures on Brando's site show that the phone is charged through the Micro USB port.
2. Fixed Micro USB spelling. 3. Fixed spelling again.

This looks very nice, and very cheap too!
But the thickness keeps me a bit away from it, it doubles the thickness of the device, which is pretty much!

What pisses me of is these case makers who don't embrace the 920 camera bezel, and cover it up... Well maybe in this case, no pun intended,, it was necessary, but, in the case of other cases it's ridiculous...

I don't want a stupid Incipio case! And, don't call me Holmes ever again or I'm going to getcha!!! Also, change your name from cashcar to spankinbacon1979.. Will you move to Moscow with me?? What color are your nose hairs?? Hey spankingbacon.. You smell like kangaroo meat!! I'm going to take a Lumia 920 chew it up, spit it out into a blender, then add a Samsung Focus and make you a i920 milk shake.. Would you like that? I will mail my dog to you Fed-EX two day.. He will arrive with red slippers on, and a green hat. He has no hair.... For real!! I put waffles on my charging plate for bad luck. What's 1$&a plus 456d:-o❓Are you good at math? I'm good at walking to the left, not so good at walking to the right.... Pokia, Gramsung, FTC, Krotorola, just to name a few. I can't wait till we get higher definition screens on these phones! The next Lumia will have a 4k resolution screen if you eat a telephone pole,, I promise! Steven Elop told me to tell you that you should change your name from spankinbacon1979 to Elopsbarber1492... Two ghost go into a bar, one ghost said "look at my feet"" the other says,,, "Its not supposed to happen that way"" get it? Those ghost are archeologists .......Lol!!
So, you say get a Incipio case? Ok I will check that out. Right now I got a pretty cool case that I found on Ebay. Its a red two piece case that's working fine for now, but I will check out that Incipio case.. Thanks for the tip dude❗❗

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I would definitely get this..... If i was rich enough to go on plane flights all the time lol. Looks perfect for travel use.

Looks pretty sweet! I got a good case on amazon for like ten bucks there's lots of reasonably priced accessories for the 920 there

Hey Sam, wondering if you've received the Brando Power Jacket yet? I'd really like to see your review on this accessory and note whether it's worth buying. I'm very interested in this product.

I wish this phone was small enough where using this would be practical. As much as the battery life sucks already, I'm not making my phone any bigger than what it already is.

juss bought one... totally forgot to change my paypal address from my hawaii address to my california address when i made the purchese... didn't even look at the address when i hit confirm!!! the the customer service is quick and responsive!!! was able to change my address within 10 minutes of the transaction... thank god!!!

Holy freaking crap that's amazing! Who cares if it's thick! You can put it on when your about to run out of battery! Its good to see the positive effect the Lumia brand is having positive effect on wp8

That was my idea... Even if it's not completely up to exact specs a little more battery life for certain situations was mainly why I needed it... Besides my Boss was always bragging about the one he had for his iPhone! Now I can put his ass to rest!:p

The site for Brando doesn't seem to mention how light this weighs... And I personally feel its gonna ruin the stellar looks of the 920

It weighs 81.5 grams, which is about 2.8748279 ounches, which is about 0.000089838371875 tons. Does that help? :)

Wow.  If I put this on and used my 920 as normal, I would be seeing approximately 60-65 hours of life between recharges!  That's almost stupid  WANT!!!!

I'm a consultant and constantly travelling. This is perfect solution and awesome price. Will wait for review before pulling trigger though.

Its a killer backup battery option, clever too. The Qi charging gives designers room to stretch on shape, very cool. I'll be looking to this as a backup option.

The good thing is that the QI Will work thru this, lobbamobba on youtube tested alot of different materials between qi charger and the phone. So i Think it Will wofk just great.
BUT! It Will charge slower :-p

you know my wireless charging plate actually stacks up well against a conventional USB charger it isn't very noticeable in charging speed difference

Oh, I want. Does it come with instructions to avoid injury, say from dropping it on (and subsequently breaking) your foot? :)

Ordered the White One. The shipping fee is quite reasonable to Indonesia ($3)
Now My Yellow Lumia 920 can look Black (wearing CC0-1043) or White (using this case/charger). Yay!!

Can anyone confirm: Shipping is 3USD worldwide? Seems to be as I checkout with paypal. I live in Finland

Well i just ordered the black one , will check and review it , for travelling i think its an great option and for emergency backup..very cheap as well..will check the size how much big it makes the phone.

No front photos of the white one. So maybe black on white looks better than white on white? Then again... why then did they even make a white one. Hmm. What to choose...

  • Input Current - 700mAh
  • Output Current - 1000mAh

It's always interesting how confusing units seem to be. Does it output 1000 mAh per hour? Per day? ;)

yeah mAh, is a measure of energy or something like that, used to measure the capacity og a battery
I think they mixed stuff up, as it should give max current output 1000 mA

Looks good. I would like this for my 920 for holidays so camera and video usage would be longer.

Don't like the idea of charging through the camera like the picture shows though lol.

I'd just ordered the black one. Can't wait to have it delivered! I've been looking for this for a long time.

@Daniel or anyone who buy s one - would like yourself r thoughts on whether its compatible with a ZAGG skin on the phone. Looks great for travel, but not if it won't fit with a protective skin on the phone, or if it chews up the film. Thanks.

Will be interesting to see reviews. I like the kickstand idea, not too concerned about heft, but doubling my 920 thickness may be a bit much.

We need more 3rd party parts manufacturers as well. Replacement screens for the Lumia series cost 3-5 times as much as the iPhone or Galaxy series.

That's it? All of these people ordered one but no one got it in yet? :( Doesn't the world know our attention spans are shrinking? We want intel now!! :)

I just figured out how to check my order after never receiving any info from them after a week waiting for something as I forgot I ordered this case…  If you ordered from Brando and have no idea about your order go to the home page of shop.brando.com go to the navigation bar click on click on order tracking and input your PayPal transaction ID or whatever you used transaction ID…
For those that ordered it from the USA it looks like 7-20 days and so far mine has not even been touched after waiting a week… I sent them a message and I am thinking maybe my order somehow got lost or they didn’t have enough in stock but either way I never dealt with anything like this that only uses your PayPal purchase ID without having a user account tied to the website…

I ordered mine on the 31st. It shipped on feb 5th. Still waiting for its arrival. I've also spotted these on ebay, I should have ordered one from there. I'm hoping its not sitting in customs in China because Chinese New Year is delaying the hell out of everything as it seems it stretches for 10/11 days.

I can't stand it when that happens. "We apologize but we aren't going to mail this to you for over a week....then you have to wait 1-2 more weeks on top of that for it to slow ship to you in a small packet with nothing more than a string and a piece of tape protecting it from being opened (half the time...I admit the other half of the time they fully tape the packages shut). 

are there any outlets/sites/anything that people in the UK can order from?? $39 for shipping to the UK is a bit much... more than the case itself!