Nokia announces press conference for Mobile World Congress, February 25th

It’s official. Nokia will be on hand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on opening day. Invites were just sent out and come February 25th at 9am, the company revealed it is holding a major press event where they will presumably reveal some new hardware and services for 2013.

Last year, Nokia shocked the crowd (and the world) by revealing the PureView 808 with a jaw-dropping 41MP camera. We were there for that event and remember the gasps from the audience. Will Nokia do this same this year but with Windows Phone? We’re confident they won’t disappoint.

Rumors have circulated that Nokia will reveal at least one new ‘flagship’ Windows Phone but possible up to a few (we still haven’t heard if there will be a Lumia 720 yet).  That flagship phone could be destined for Verizon with another large camera sensor on board. That one reportedly has the codename 'Laser'.

Likewise, AT&T may be getting one of the first phones with a new aluminum body aka 'EOS'. Another device, codenamed ‘Catwalk’, may be one of many new Lumia phones for 2013 with a new, updated design.

In addition, some more information and even a demonstration of Nokia Music+ is expected to be on hand, giving music fans something to cheer about.

Finally, let’s not forget that Nokia is also rumored to be revealing a new Windows 8 tablet of some sort. Featuring a keyboard cover with built in extended battery, not much else is known about the device—or even if it exists.

Needless to say, it should be an exciting morning.

Of course Windows Phone Central will be there to cover the event live, so make sure you bookmark us for the event.


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Nokia announces press conference for Mobile World Congress, February 25th


If they announce an even sexier budget phone than the 620, I will literally bite a piece of the desk here.
But all jokes aside, I'm more curious to the Microsoft press event. With new features for WP8. I feel a little that with WP8 phones, the main goal of new phones is more tended towards design and less to hardware, as we can see with the android monsters.

Microsoft hasn't announced anything yet for a press event though...hopefully they will soon, but nothing is official.

HTC has a pre-MWC press conference but it appears to be Android only (shock), specifically the 'M7'.

That's too bad to hear. Let's hope MS will make an appearance! When I look at that site where you can do 10 votes on features people want in their phone, MS has a long way to go!

I hope that Nokia has learned from experience. If they announce new phones, they should be ready to ship them out the following week. Maybe Nokia and Verizon will do just that...

I doubt they'll announce anything as major as the 920 that ships right away. If they do announce one, it would seem that they would launch in April. But then again....(it would be nice to see 920 for verizon and then ship it three days later!)
I'm happy with my 8X now, I'll consider a true pureview phone, that is, if it does arrive at verizon.

If they can release a phone that makes me want to replace my 920, then I am all up for that! I love my 920, so it would have to be amazing!

I am sure the actual product will not be available in stores until fall. They usually have a big gap between announcement and launch. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Not nearly that long.  If I recall correctly the 900 was announced at either CES or MWC and was released in April.  The 920 was announced in September and released in November-in part because WP8 wasn't ready.

They are allowed. Theoretically WP8 is scalable to all resolutions and available with up to 100 cores. It just isn't officially supported yet.

I guess the one "benefit" to the terribad 3 year contracts of the frozen north is that by the time whatever they announce is released, i should be able to upgrade to it from my Focus...
Hopefully we'll see other 1700 compatible phones too, I'd drop Rogers if I could get a WP8 device on wind without the hassle of going through TMobile.

I cringe when I read about those 3-year contracts by Canadian carriers. That sh*t should be illegal. I know, I know: "If you don't like it don't sign a contract...blah, blah, blah" but still...

Problem is not 3 years contract, problem is their 3 years is like 2 years prices in other countries, 2 years is like 1 years prices in other countries. 1 year means nothing. I never sign any contract, I use pay as you go. I only use data on wifi.

Give me a 4.7 screen and a business like design (like my Titan II or the ATIV S) and I'll think about switching to Nokia, but most likely I'm just going to hold on for the Surface phone.

Btw Daniel, what is that blue phone on the image you used for this article? The blue looks awesome

Verzion Nokia Flagship Device Please! Holding out on my upgrade. Browsed daughters 822 & love all the exclusives, plus manufacturer support. Was going 8x but had a taste of the extras.

Ian lookin for 720 aswell and please do it with gorilla glass I would buy 820 or 620 even but they don't have the gorilla glass onboard. But all Nokia windows phones 7 have this protection that's why iam still using my 710. So please announce 720 with gorilla glass it would be a blast for me

This is just making me think, do I want to hold off on picking up my Surface Pro and see what Nokia has up thier sleeve?
They've been knocking Windows Phone out of the park and if they do the same with Windows 8 Microsoft should just pump more money into them and let Nokia build everyting except the core OS!

True, even I need a windows tablet...if Nokia has plans to release one, it should be worth waiting for..

I also hope MS announces more about Apollo+ update...and releases soon after the congress...

I cannot wait to see what is announced! I hope whatever it is, at least one will be coming to AT&T in the fall. I'm due to upgrade from my 900 in November.

Guess 1: W8 Tablet
Guess 2: Lumia 920 Slim
Guess 3: Lumia Graphene body
Guess 4: Some Pulse related update

Simple, Graphene can be used with a multitude of other materials to make a composite material that's incredibly strong. However, Nokia have been working with grapheme in camera lens, because it allows way more light in that regular cameras photo cells, so you can get more light in, in a smaller package.

I understand its electronic and optical benefits, but if it's bound in a polymer matrix that will get scratched and is strong enough on its own in the first place, why use graphene?  You could use carbon fiber and derive the same benefit.  But I'm no researcher in the field, so perhaps I'm missing something.

All phones are always outdated every year.. That's why you just have to wait and see or just sell then buy there's nothing wrong with that..be happy

Or just give away the old phone to friend or family when you get new one... I gave away my Iphone 4S when I bought the white Lumia 920.
So happy with my purchase. Lumia 920 is so beautiful... A work of art!

Even though my boss is giving me a Surface RT, I'm definitely hot for a Nokia tablet to match my red 920.

Windows RT Tablet... I would love to have an all Nokia setup. For some reason I trust them more than MS for Apps and Support.

While I'm excited to see what Nokia has up their sleeves next month I'm more concerned about what Microsoft is doing with the OS.  We're seeing great hardware now but MS has to get WP on a competitive level with IOS and Android.

I hope that if there is a new flagship phone that it isn't called a 720. Model name/number should be the cue to quality. Higher numbers should indicate a higher-end device. Having a mish-mash of 9xx, 8xx, 6xx already how is one supposed to know what is a flagship or not if there is no logic to the model naming convention?

Why would they call their flagship, a 720? Nokia always reserved higher numbers for their flagship models. Mostly 8's and 9's.

I hope this means their upcoming "hero" device the EOS comes to all major US carriers because it would be nice for once to allow T-Mobile to get a high end Nokia device for once

I wish for a Smartphone that is smart enough to make and serve coffee LOL
On a more serious note, I would guess for a 41mp WP variant and maybe a Verizon Lumia 920 variant which could be Aluminium and called "Laser" because it's laser-thin. Not sure how the Lumia 920 camera module would fit in but that's Nokias Problem, not mine ;-)  Not sure about a tablet (would like it, though). I'm trying not to let my imagination running wild when thinking about the possibilities of Graphene, but I guess it will take more time until this material will appear on any Nokia device. If I'm wrong, my jaw would drop all the way to the floor.  

If its "laser thin" then it'll definitely will never have a huge camera that is 41 MP. Nokia is great at innovation but be real. A 8.7 MP preview camera on the Lumia 920 is big enough...

Maybe not ideal for the lumia line considering the emphasis on color, but I would really like to see a flat grey hard anodize finish on these phones.  Maybe for the mysterious surface phone?

It depends...you can always play the waiting game, are your needs met with the current 920 and you have the means/contract to buy the phone => yes, otherwise wait

Yes my needs are met and i can upgrade but im intrigued by an aluminium body and do you think they will announce 920 successor?

Well it is all speculation...considering they are still rolling out 920 to new countries and new carriers plus ramping up 920 supply, the only way a successor rolls out is 1) exclusivity to a certain carrier 2) there is a good bit of wait, if you can hold off for a month I would do it, but be prepared to wait for a phone, even aluminum ;)

I don't think we'll be seeing a Lumia 920 competitor to be honest. They'd be crazy to 'osborne' the 920. It will likely be a carrier exclusive device and maybe a niche device (high mp pureview).
If Nokia does well, it will be something I totallly wasn't thinking of or prediciting.

Question and somebody correct me if I am wrong: Doesn't Apple and Samsung already do this?  If WP8 is to survive in this Apple/Android market, shouldn't a flagship be released every 6+ months? 

And anyway, I am somewhat positive that a phone like this wouldn't be seen for purchase until the fall  -Which would make it ideally to release...

Wait! What's another month of waiting? If the new Lumia is made of aluminum, you'll thank yourself each day for holding out.

Worst case: They're announcing the cyan Lumia 920 (for Europeans), which I will be buying. 
Best case: They're announcing some kind of Lumia 920 upgrade, which I will be buying.
What ever they're doing, I'm probably getting it...

Most likely a new smartphone with better version of Pureview. I highly doubt it will be a tablet.

I'm hopping for the announcement of a Nokia Tablet. I really need a tablet and the Surface is completely out of the question.

I don't think Nokia will be announcing a new flagship. Perhaps a special Lumia with the 808 camera, or the Aluminium Lumia, but I don't expect neither of them to be a Flagship since they're pretty specific devices. 

Nokia back on Symbian! Looks like I'll be selling my awful Nokia 820, I'm not joking. I'll have great Ovi Nokia maps that works, an OS that isn't needing me to down load apps all the time for basic functions and it won't crash all the time.

Nokia back on Symbian! Looks like I'll be selling my awful Nokia 820, I'm not joking. I'll have great Ovi Nokia maps that works, an OS that isn't needing me to down load apps for basic functions and it won't crash all the time.

Hey Daniel, just want to know your opinion, do you think a new flagship will be released so soon after the release of the 920? Im a happy 920 user, but now feeling a little sad that my phone will get outdated so soon..

AT Home, At home, athome --> Atom 
Windows 8 tablet with Atom processor?
The girl on the picture seems to talk (Skype?) to a white upstanding device...

So what are the chances one of these Lumias come to Sprint?
0% or -483174012987634085470129348793458761093481956179043871%?