HTC abandoning HD7? No plans to release Windows Phone 7.8 update


HTC has revealed on Twitter that no plans are in the pipeline for Windows Phone 7.8 to be released for the HD7. While this is no confirmation that the company will never update the HD7, it's a shame there's nothing for consumers who still wield the handset. Sporting Windows Phone 7, the user experience is still butter smooth and rich, but everyone wants the latest and greatest, right?

So is HTC wrong to leave out consumers? It depends. While we can moan and complain that the manufacturer should continue to support its released hardware, but the HD7 is many generations ago. Those who purchased the handset have either upgraded to newer smartphones, or are nearing the end of the contract.

We'd of course like to see each and every owner with the 7.8 update, but if this holds out it shouldn't come as such a surprise. That said, if you're into hacking your way through the thorns to reach your goal, there are available ROMs out there which would bump the HD7 up to Windows Phone 7.8.

We'll be sure to update you should any details arise.

Source: Twitter; thanks, Er. Akshat, for the tip!


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HTC abandoning HD7? No plans to release Windows Phone 7.8 update



No... US release was Oct/Nov 2010. It didn't go to other countries until Dec/Jan 2011. It came to Australia 29/03/11... So 07/2011 isn't too far off

Had the HD7, was a great phone, never had a problem with it, on my 4th L920 and while I love this phone I have had problems with it. Lets hope the 4th time is a charm

I've a HTC Mozart so may or may not get the update but I honestly can't see what all the fuss is over this 7.8 update, the Bing lock screen you will see for all of about 3 seconds as you lock and unlock your phones, the accent colours are just meh and the resizeable tiles give us next to nothing, the biggest shafting we have had was from MS when they changed the engine and diverged the dev paths for apps going forward.
And as for dropping HTC moving forward, whether or not we get this update, surely everyone can see that going Nokia for WP is the better idea, you would have to be a massive audiofile and need that Beats audio to go with HTC anyway.
My Mozart is getting on for 2 years old now, looks virtually as good as new, is as smooth as butter and I wont be updating to WP8 anytime soon, I would like 7.8 but I just don't see it as that much to shout about, I'm sim free so will hopefully get it reasonable quickly, if we are having it that is, but when I do change mobiles and if I do stay with WP, I'll definitely be getting a Nokia, regardless of how HTC perform with this update...
My tuppence worth,

I`ll never buy a HTC Phone again.
The trrend goes to having two Phones.
(i would have used it for having it on my boar and for my mobiele in Germany and My Nokia Lumia 920 for here in the US) The german LTE network is almost not existent so there would not have been a need for that.)

actually the HD7S turns 2 years old this Summer which isn't early 2013, which is the release period for windows phone 7.8, anyways the HD7S is entitled to recieve its part of the 2 year support and the HD7 is the same phone with a different screen resolution thus both phones deserve the update

What’s with all these "I'm switching to Nokia because they support their phones" comments? Have any of you though before posting that?

The HD7 got its last update last summer; this is the 1st update it misses. All Nokia phones were left behind a year or less after their release (because of Microsoft, not Nokia, but still).

Microsoft says that WP8 devices will get updates for at least 18 months. Does anyone thing that in November 2015, the 920 will be getting WP9? I doubt it.

But Nokia is bringing 7.8 to all their phones, so unlike HTC they haven't yet missed any updates. And remember Microsoft announced WP7.8 would be comming to all Windows Phones. LG has decides to drop support, Dell is rumored to have dropped support and now HTC is joining in as well. So fact is there is an update for WP7 but it is not comming to all HTC Windows Phones but it is comming to all Nokia Windows Phones.
Nokia has also been supporting Windows Phone with apps, features and updates that arent comming to the other OEMs. Its clear that Nokia is all in, HTC claims they are but facts speak otherwise. So for many (including me) this news pushed us over the edge and made us choose for Nokia. Perhaps they will not bring WP9 to the L920 even though it is technically possible but so far they havent missed an opportunity to update and HTC has.
So who are you going to choose? Someone who has screwed you over or someone who might screw you over but so far has been top notch?

Nokia actually pushed 7.8 to all devices in india to get feedback and to any lumia owner through navifirm aside from that Nokia is a better option because they develope software applications to support a device even years later, when the exclusive HTC apps haven't even been touched by HTC for while now. Aside from that Nokia cares about all previous devices and they arn't gonna let Microsoft end windows phone 7 with 7.8 Nokia also plans on releaseing future updates as leaked on previous smart phones. 
I turned on my Nokia N97 Mini, a symbian phone that was released in 2009 and I found some new updates that had been released, they even bumped up the nokia maps interface and it runs completely smooth. If you ask me all these people are correct about htc's lack of support for Windows Phone.

One word for HTC: What about internationally unlocked phones? We are sorry for WP7.8 being poor featured, but are you going to deprive us from this cosmetic update too? It's a shame if it's true!

Ehm it has been announced from the beginning that 7.8 will only be released for 7.5 devices. The HD7 is a 7.0 device.

No, they announced from the beginning that 7.8 will be available for all their 7.5 customers. Owners of firstgen devices that have been upgraded are also 7.5 customers. And why shouldn't they be? Devices like the Lumia 610 will receive the 7.8 upgrade and in terms of specs it is inferior to the HD7 and other launch models. Also some of the firstgen phones are already confirmed to receive the 7.8 upgrade.
So the HD7 innitially being a 7.0 device is not an excuse. I seriously doubt even HTC would be foolish enough to try make such a case. It would annoy their customers with a matter of semantics while competing firstgen phones are receiving 7.8. No way that consumers would find that an agreeable excuse.

Well, I was just looking for a new phone. Deciding between HTC and Nokia... Never touching HTC again.... HTC, you have just lost a loyal customer.... Hope you collapse and die......

Two things came out of this for me. 1) I sent a tweet to HTC that I will be abandoning them and my HD7S when I get out of my AT&T contract. 2) I bought a pile of Nokia stock because right now it is priced as if the company is going bankrupt but seeing the products they are coming out with and the quality of their customer service... this company is going to be doing really well for itself in a couple years.

D'oh...I must be really lucky...had an LG Optimus 7 first, and then changed to the HD7 like a year ago...and now seeing both phones won't get updated suck bigtime...
Contracts in Switzerland work different than the US ones...new phones usually cost waaaay too much for a student like me. new HTC 8x costs 398 CHF (431 $!!!) with a contract...plus I am saving for a new win8 ultrabook which I need for uni, so I don't have money to get myself the newest phone...guess I'll have to flash my phone! :-/

I'm so surprised! /s You know a lot of people with the HD7 and HD7S have upgrades coming very shortly, HTC. Your obvious indifference for users who already purchased your phones is not doing a good job of convincing those people to get another HTC phone.

Nice, the only one reason I didnt flush wp was the ides of having at least the 7.8 upgrade on my HTC... Apple and Google will be happy with HTC décision :S

That really made me kinda fear for if the update would come to my HTC Arrive. But honestly how much would it hurt if they released the update, they should just do it.

This just completely turned me off from buying an HTC 8X. After almost 2 years with my HD7, I had decided that I would upgrade to the 8x, but I don't even want to deal with HTC after this. Bad move HTC

This sucks. That's why I have stopped buying HTC products. I upgraded to the 920, but want to keep the HD7 as a backup device. I was hoping they'll update it to 7.8 soon so that I can get a similar setup on it as well. But guess it's not coming anytime soon.

Having just read the post I am now going to throw my HD7 in the bin and go with Nokia the only company that seems to be supporting the OS. Totally disapointed with HTC  and like most posting here will not now ever buy from this company again.
GOBSMACKED that Microsoft would allow this to happen also.

I bought HD7 for 540 Euros and no 7.8 update for me ? HD7 is my last product from "amazing" HTC company. Time to turn into better phones with better support -> NOKIA is my next choice.
GOODBYE my "dear" HTC company.
kaitenus from Slovakia

Having read that I'm done waiting for WP7.8 update in my Mozart. Just did a reflash to a nicely brewed custom ROM of 7.8. Works beautiful. I recommend all of you HTC gen 1 owners to do the same if you still have 18 months or so till the end of the contract (like I do). After that it's bye bye WP! I'm switching to the 'droid!

Just now updated my HTC HD7 to 7.8 using zune, guy the tiles become huge after update wtf.
I can resize it to windows 8 smaller tiles, but why old tiles have grown in size.

Screw you a$$*&Ds... I've been due for an upgrade since the beginning of winter... Now I have to wait even longer for something fresh. I was hoping for 7.8, and that would keep me temp happy until Mobile World Congress... I don't want the 8X, and there aren't any other unlocked phones I'm interested in at their price point.

This really sux. I had HTC TyTN, HTC Diamond, HTC Hero now HTC HD7 and i was looking forward to buy HTC 8X. Not anymore, this made me really angry!

If HTC plans no 7.8 for the HTC Arrive (HD7s Sprint Brother) I have no plans of buying HTC again or from Sprint again.  I guess Nokia is the phone to buy and the early adopters can go jump off a cliff:)  Thanks HTC for making my decision easier.

I don't think this is the case.  Zune told me there were updates for my HD7 a couple of day's ago.
The phone is unlocked with ATT service.  The updates installed w/o problems and the phone is now running
Windows 7.10.8862.144