Windows Phone 7.8 coming to all older devices in a matter of hours?

Another fine day for rumors, and today we have a fairly big one. Chinese tech site WPDang just announced that according to their resources, the Windows Phone 7.8 OS update will be pushed to all older generation devices (Windows Phone 7.5 and older) in every corner of this world at about 18:00 GMT, January 30, 2013. 

Considering you guys could be located anywhere, we'll not convert that into some other time zone. Instead let's just say that if this rumour is indeed true, your old Windows Phone will receive a welcomed update in 5 hours. Not every phone will get the push exactly on time though. Like each update before, Windows Phone 7.8 will roll out in 4 waves, with the whole process concluding in 3 weeks.

Rum: 6

This sounds a bit crazy, since the update is supposed to be covering all older devices, regardless of manufacturer, region or carrier. Microsoft has never done this before. OEM and Carrier delays have been always a pain upon every Windows Phone OS update. Earlier HTC said they may abandon the HD7. But if WPDang gets it right, Microsoft will take up where HTC left and finish the job.

Are you eagerly waiting for this update? Or have you already upgraded the whole thing into a shiny new phone loaded with Windows Phone 8?

Source: WPDang


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Windows Phone 7.8 coming to all older devices in a matter of hours?



Oh come on, don't bore us with your bragging. I'm tired of WP8 users spamming WP 7.8 threads with their "got wp8" shit!

Just read the article again and I have to say im a little sorry, because it asks at the end if you upgraded to wp8 instead, and you just replied to that. Forgive me that im pissed, I just read so many WP 7.8 only threads with such comments that im upset

No WP8 device from Sprint until Summer. I'm just want the update to get released so someone can get the cab files & I'll update it myself.

Are you eagerly waiting for this update? Or have you already upgraded the whole thing into a shiny new phone loaded with Windows Phone 8? Pretty sure it ended like that, so relax he's not in the wrong

I've updated to a Lumia 920. But my wife took over my 900 so I've been patiently waiting for the 7.8 update so it can feel a little newer to her.

I too had the Lumia 900 and passed onto my sister, who already had the Lumia 610 who passed that onto our you youngest sister, both of them waiting 7.8 to give it that "new feel" which you speak of.

If anything, I bet it is just an announcment at 11 am PST, right after Blackberry is done, and then 900 rollout today and the next phones over the next 3 weeks...if there is any truth to this.

This seems the most plausible to me. And I could totally see it happening. On another note, I'll bet the people over at Crackberry are super exited to finally have new hardware/software after waiting so long.

Very cool indeed. Just checked and no update yet on my Lumia 900, will check again later today. Older device support would be awesome for our 2 Sammy Focii.

Lol gl with that, I never even received the most recent update on my ATT Focus before this one. Not holding out much hope on this either

Really? The ATT Focus is the easiest phone by far to update. Just change it to Rogers-CA with a little work and update through Zune and then switch back, though if this is released clearly you don't need to do that.

Already upgraded to the 8x but it would be nice to have the update on my Trophy, will make it a great back up.

Not getting my hopes up just yet for my hd7 because it says "if" wpdang is right. Would be nice if me did deliver the good though

I'm waiting for someone to release the cabs to update my old Arrive like I did for all the other updates since it didn't get them....

At Sprint, the Arrive came with an AARP card. Check the bottom of your box.  hehe  JK but it would be a nice move for it to get an update. I still have an Arrive from my days at Sprint and if the updates come, I want to see it.


Two considerations about the tweet from HTC:

They do not speak directly that there is an update specifically for the HD7. May be they are speaking that no phone of them will receive the update. Or, it may be something else: the Twitter profile of them understood what the person asked about a firmware update, and WP not 7.8 itself.

I remember, at the time of update 8105, I have asked whether the HTC HD7 would receive this update. HTC's twitter answered me in exactly the same way, saying that was not provided for this update for the HD7. A week after the update began to be released.


I emailed the HTC support and they replied that

[...] at this time, HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.

We will see if the update does indeed come for HTC devices, regardless of HTCs decision on the topic. I really hope so, because otherwise I'd have to flash my device (Mozart) with some XDA dev ROM and I really want to avoid that.

Still with my HD7, MS has until tonight to release the update or else, I will flash it on....anyone remember PALLLLLMMMM!!

This is BS. I'll believe an HTC device older than the 8X is getting an update, when fire starts falling from the sky. Nokia, yes, Samsung, maybe, HTC, hell no.

  • i am using... HTC Radar... didn't received any update for WINDOWS PHONE 7.8... I dont think HTC will deal with it... Crap... Never buy HTC...




I also have the radar and I yet have nothing and I've heard nothing

If you get it or hear anything will you Kik me: littlewis96

ill be glad if you do message me

I kept my Dell VP for the heck of it, maybe one day I might need it as a backup or something to my 920... but I never quite understood why Microsoft cannot push updates to any or all devices via Zune?  They have the delivery system, one that doesn't rely on wireless networks.  Why is this kind of thing left up to the carriers and manufacturers?  Is it because of compatibility... like HTC have to be the ones to make sure the new updates aren't buggy on their phones?
I hold no expectations or hope for my Dell VP becausue Dell abandoned it a long time ago.

Don't get this part of the industry either. Windows goes out to millions of different PC configurations, as long as drover support doesn't change then no warning for updates, just released. Needs to be the same for phones.

Because carriers want to "test it on their networks" - which really means holding it back and increasing the likelihood of an upgrade.

Gave my samsung focus to my mother, while I got the new Lumina 920...
Almost wish I would have waited.... Samsung Focus with Zune is a million times better than Lumina 920 with Xbox music....

I switched to iOS but kept my Focus as a media player for the reasons you stated above. It would be sweet if my Focus gets updated to 7.8. I'll return to WP as my primary phone in a couple of years (or sooner).

I will believe this when my HTC Titan confirms it. Until then I will continue believing I'm stuck on 7.5 with the most of us and wait until I can upgrade the hardware.

We'll they didn't say "we promise" but they sure said 7.8 will come to all WP7 devices. Microsoft still could've changed their mind but it looks like they will deliver, which is sweet.

Shiny new Yellow Lumia 920 that has been at the repair shop for almost 1 month... I have had it less! But my wife does have a Samsung Omnia W so its all good.

Hi, french Samsung Omnia W here. Samsung has confirmed that this phone will receive the 7.8 upgrade AND a rom update providing the Internet sharing (tethering).

I moved to the 920 (along with my wife), but I would really like to have 7.8 on my old Samsung Focus for dev testing purposes. For some reason, I don't necessarily trust this news. It would be pretty sweet if it's true though.

If I recall correctly, Mango went out to most devices pretty quickly. Tango was a completely different story, though.

I would love to have 7.8 on my Titan, but what I would really like and be excited about is to be able to get the fix for the call quality issue!! (not going to hold my breathe on either one though)

A sign of relief. Some few hours ago, I almost went crazy when I read HTC will not push an update for HD7. Hope this rumor turns out to be real

does anyone know if the zune trick to force the update will work?
i never got an update message, i've always used zune trick

oh boy I bet many here will be whining tonight why MS is not delivering what they promised. Doesn't matter it's some bogus rumor from a chinese website. I'm frankly shocked Daniel Rubino approved this article.

And where's the Rumor Meter ... this should rate a 0.
Let's follow it on Tracour :)
Edit: They just added the Meter - they gave it a 6 ... let's see if WPCentral edits that too

AT&T here would love to get the 7.8 update but I am tired of the windows phone platform. I think the if I could sell this 900 I would get something else. Windows 7.8 will still not let you back the phone up will it?

WP8 backs your phone up. Why would an older phone not performing a task that its replacement clearly does, mean you'll abandon the whole platform? Sounds like you just want something else, but you shouldn't use the excuse that "my old phone won't..." it didn't when you bought it. I had phones that *gasp*, only made phone calls. Should I say I'll never buy from the oem again, because i couldn't surf the web, even though they now make smartphones? That's you choice, but the logic is lacking, and frankly its a straw man argument.

But it doesn't, games saves are lost as are all the apps and saved settings and passwords of those apps. Not even the Start screen gets saved. WP has a ways to go on the back up front.

If the HTC Titan II doesn't get the 7.8 update, I guarantee I will not buy another HTC device (I have only ever purchased HTC smartphones for my family and me).  I'll probably wait until MWC then see if Nokia is going to be giving WP some love with a 41MP shooter with OIS, if not then it'll be the 920 (most-likely).

Ditto but I'm 99% we will get the update. The Titan II was released the same days as the 900 so it would be stupid not to.

Isn't Microsoft suppose to make an official announcement? When are they planning to do it.?? Come on MS we are waiting, waiting and still waiting for the 7.8 official release. Can't wait any longer!!

I hope so, the new blackberry is being introduced today...on my l900 I don't even get alerted when I receive a new fb message or request. This is one of the things that's making think about checking out that new bb.

Do you have the FB app set to notify you of those things? It will pop a number on the tile for you when you get alerts. I actually turned FB notifications off and just open the app and I see any notifications right there.

Both toast and tile count work fine for me and you can choose what you want to be notified about including messages and requests.  Are you sure you have it set up properly?

I have a Lumia 920 but it's about 8 months old so it came with 7.5. Are we getting the update to 7.8?

Well this would bitchslap everybody that is saying "Microsoft is also into the fragmentation business". Let the update come I would say

Just got an email back from Samsung who said "We are unable to speculate when or if a software revision with this feature might be available".
If ?! 

Email from HTC:Keep in mind that while our goal is to bring the latest software updates to as many of our recent devices as possible,we are commited to maintaining every phones performance and usabillity first.Because of this,windows device willnot be updated to 7.8 i would like to apologize once more for this inconvenience and remember that we are here to make sure your phone is working perfectly and to the fullest (Recieved at 9am today)

I bet BB10 gets big name apps and games before we (WP) do. It'd be nice to get official Pandora, instagram, and popular games. Not that we don't gave great games but jeeze.

Meh, most names being announced are already available for Windows Phone. The select few you mentioned are being cut out due to BlackBerry's huge userbase (on OS 7).

The real test is going to be whether or not they can regularly bring big names onto the platform. I will admit that they have a better chance than Microsoft does though.

Its only a matter of time before we get a nice slap in the face. The only hope is NOKIA. Somehow they convince developers.

anyone know if I will get the update on my titan if I installed 7.5 on it using the cab?

I punted and bought an 8x. But I'm looking to add resale value to my titan. and my dvp, the uncle fester of windows phones.

My son who got my HD7 will be very excited to hear that his phone will in fact receive this update. Its hard to give up any device, especially when the device is the HD7. HTC in my opinion did a great job on that phone.

I'm excited to see the update. I'll be upgrading to the Nokia 810, but not until May. So this will give me a good test run.

Don't let that bolster your hopes - it's an OLD PAGE for Tango:
Verizon Wireless and HTC encourage you to download this update.

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update,
ROM: 2305.13.30202.605, for your HTC Trophy. This updates the phone
OS to Windows Phone 7.5 MCR3. 

Device Features
+ The device is now Wi-Fi Hotspot capable. This function can be turned on with
the “Internet Sharing” feature under Settings. With this feature, you will have the
ability to share your mobile data connection with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Data charges will apply.

+ Enhanced multimedia messaging capabilities:
• Multi-picture attachments
• Video attachments
• Send/receive ringtones

For step-by-step instructions on how to perform the download, please visit verizonwireless.com/trophysupport HTC Trophy

White! All tile color choices look good, if you get any case you can get any style or color without it clashing, but, it looks sexy without one too! Just my opinion.

I got me a Lumia 920 day one but gonna upgrade my focus flash, which I dislike but att had no more original focus when I did my insurance claim, I was pissed they wouldn't give me my original phone especially since flash only has 8g and no expansion

Currently using the 920 with my 900 as a backup phone. Still use 900 at home on WiFi for games and apps not yet converted to wp8. Will be updating the 900 as soon as its ready and maybe even swapping sim cards for old times sake. Love the Lumia family of phones.

I would have been loving this for my Radar. But I spiderwebbed the screen and got "shiny" new 8X instead of going through the insurance. Yay TMo!! I AM gong to pull the update down for it though. Its my back-up and I LOVE a few of its apps and games that aren't out for WP8 yet. My roomie has been waiting for this too..

By "grow" I mean publicity, sales, app development. Walk into any carrier store and they'll attempt to persuade buyers AWAY from WP.

So far the only ones excited by BB10's launch are Blackberry fanboys, of which there are less every day. My prediction is that BB10 will be a huge disappointment in sales.

Same thoughts here. If BB10 was release 3-4 years ago when it was discussed it might of made a impact. Everything that made blackberry good is gone. I have looked over the videos for it, and it's nothing that other phones (even Windows Phone) have already done and done better. Anyone who used a blackberry who likes tech has moved on years ago, to a Android, iOS or Windows Phone. They are a day late and a dime short.
Blackberry is counting on their name to move them forward, I think they have a long road to even get 1% of their market share back.
I guess the next year will tell, I am sure they will sell with the fanboys but, their corporate market share was gone years ago.

And yet MS wasn't able to pass BB for market share in the past two years. BB is making a return with double the market share of WP already and their new device hasn't even launched.

The people who make up BB's current market share are those people who are clinging to their Bolds & Curves at all cost. Their market share has steadily declined and I believe with the blitz with Nokia, HTC (giving them the WP flagship name) & Samsung (this new push into business) that MS can eventually over take them.

Waiting waiting waiting. My Titan will be great for a nother few months with 7.8 to sprice it up! Let's hope this is the bottom line!

Did you guys know if you open the camera then press the physical shutter button 4times consecutively the led flash will stay on. FLASHLIGHT. Not sure if it's a bug or what. Lumia 900

Whether your joking or not, I did try it but nothing comes up other than a few out of focus pictures...
I wish mine can do what yours did, then I don't need a flashlight app :)

I live in India but the Windows Live id set up on my phone is a US account because you get more features and stuff(music+videos live tile for example)...anyway i have an unlocked Samsung Omnia W..so will my Windows Live id location affect  when my phone will get the update??

Nah carrier cock-blocking is in effect and will stop any global rollout happening. Be nice if it did happen, but it won't!