Windows Phone 7.8 coming to all older devices in a matter of hours?

Another fine day for rumors, and today we have a fairly big one. Chinese tech site WPDang just announced that according to their resources, the Windows Phone 7.8 OS update will be pushed to all older generation devices (Windows Phone 7.5 and older) in every corner of this world at about 18:00 GMT, January 30, 2013. 

Considering you guys could be located anywhere, we'll not convert that into some other time zone. Instead let's just say that if this rumour is indeed true, your old Windows Phone will receive a welcomed update in 5 hours. Not every phone will get the push exactly on time though. Like each update before, Windows Phone 7.8 will roll out in 4 waves, with the whole process concluding in 3 weeks.

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This sounds a bit crazy, since the update is supposed to be covering all older devices, regardless of manufacturer, region or carrier. Microsoft has never done this before. OEM and Carrier delays have been always a pain upon every Windows Phone OS update. Earlier HTC said they may abandon the HD7. But if WPDang gets it right, Microsoft will take up where HTC left and finish the job.

Are you eagerly waiting for this update? Or have you already upgraded the whole thing into a shiny new phone loaded with Windows Phone 8?

Source: WPDang


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Windows Phone 7.8 coming to all older devices in a matter of hours?



idk how 7.8 will roll out to at&t phones that don't even have the mango refresh and tango updates.

this is what im wondering as well...90% of the phones on ATT did not receive Tango. So I am wondering if ATT has another date on which it would provide 7.8 (im talking about non-Nokia phones btw)...

Didn't work for me, maybe I'm doing something right, but I keep getting the message that it can't check for updates due to no internet connection,

Got the Nokia update coming down now for the Lumia 800 on Orange in the UK. Had to do the Zune trick, basically whilst its updating disconnect from the internet, took a few attempts but got it in the end.

Downloading update here in Greece. Got Lumia 800. I had to do the trick with ethernet though. Downloading Nokia Update as I type. Hopefully there more after that.

Got an update using the cable-trick, but only version 7.1 (8779), so no 7.8 and new tiles for me :-(
I'm in Denmark and I have a HTC Titan.

Nothing has worked for me L900 on att...but I guess it wont since 2 weeks ago I updated via nokia care suite.  ftw...lol.  Good to hear my wife may get it for her quantum.

Did the cable trick on my Focus 1.3 in airlplane mode and got an update notification for 7.10.8779.8 unlocked phone from Rogers. Will see if it moves onto 7.10.8858.136.

w00t! same here with my unlocked T-Mobile HD7, currently doing the 7.10.8779.8 update. If all goes well it could be a couple more updates for 7.8, *fingers crossed*

For those that have had the update, anyone else now have only a "Games" live tile vs. XBox live? Didn't recall hearing this being part of the update. I used to like seeing my Avatar on the live tile.  No more it seems?

yeah, thanks. Actually, I just had to let it wait for a bit. Aftter a few minutes the avatar showed back up. Even w/ the Xbox across the tile.  Yet it still is the "Games" tile. 
Having fun trying all of th enew themes and overanalyzing how best to resize/move tiles. It's almost like having a new phone. Making waiting for the snuffulupagas phone (yellow 920) to arrive.

Im a second update now (Windows Phone OS).
I got an advice for everyone using cable trick: You gotta wait longer right now till you pull the cable because servers are busy right now. I waited about 7 seconds and it worked.

Samsung Omnia 7, update available, Croatia, T-Mobile. This update comes straight from Microsoft. Just forece, upate is available.

my HTC Trophy (Spain, but connecting from Czech Republic) notifies me of the update, and so does Zune, but when I start the process, Zune just hangs in there forever "searching for updates"!

anybody else experiencing this? is the search for updates (in the black screen already) supposed to take this long? i'm talking more than 30 minutes...

Yay! Worked with the cable trick with the  LG Optimus 7 (E900) debranded (via MFG) on the mexican carrier Telcel. Currently doing the first pre-update.
THX Microsoft!
Suck it LG!

you can download Ringtone Maker and Cinemagraph from nokia collection ?
I have Lumia 900 windows 7.8 ,OS 7.10.8858.136 and i dont see in nokia clleaction this programs.

I can now confirm that there are 3 updates, for which you got to do the cable trick 3 times, and that the third update actually IS Windows Phone 7.8

it seems a lot of unbranded/Nokia (US) users are getting the update....

that just leaves all non-Nokia users on US carriers that aren't...hrmmm

Airplane + cable trick in my LG E900 from Personal Argentina do the trick...now downloading 8779.8 as first update. Now downloading 8783.12 :)

Airplane + cable trick in my LG E900 from Personal Argentina do the trick...now downloading 8779.8 as first update. Now downloading 8783.12 :)

Updating my LG Optimus 7 right now (CLARO Argentina, no cable trick required)... Well done MS!!! :D
Just search for "LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone 7.8 update" in google and have some of fun...

Check for update once till you get your phone is up to date. Count the seconds, In my case 8 secs. (Say it takes x seconds)
Now check for update again and disable internet after 6-7 seconds! Voila! ( x-2 seconds )

hold in there and keep trying, ive just got the 1st update, about 8 secs then disconnect. i even fecked up and forgot to reconnect internet but ive done it again, im unlocked unbranded Lumia 800 in England btw.

run two or three trials? are you ment to disconnect just before it would usually say 'your phone is up to date'?

+1 I've been trying for the last hour with no sucess.... :-(  I guess Big Red is going to make us wait.......again

I tried well over a dozen times to no avail. Hopefully it's just delayed and will be out later today. If Verizon delays us further then that (which is to be expected), I will strike down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger.

Used the cable trick to get the first 2 updates (Nokia and 1st OS update) but can't seem to get it to work with the 3rd one

The cable trick finaly worked but after the auto-restart of my phone through zune my pc recognises my HTC Radar as a device called Omega.Is it something serious to worry about?

no...HTC's codename for the Radar is the Omega...just like the Titan's codename was Eternity....

it's all gravy, update away!

I want to thank Microsoft for pushing this update to (what seems to be) everybody. Perhaps a few carriers here and there are behind but so far Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Dell phones are receiving the update. Microsoft is indeed picking up where HTC left us behind!

Got first update. Then keeps getting 80080148 error. Anyone knows any solutions for this ? using samsung omnia 7

Lucky you, i'm on a HD7 and i've not got the update yet. Even tried the wire and flight mode trick but they don't work.

Installing third update to nokia lumia 800. Claims to be the 7.8 update. All attempts made possible using the ethernet trick. Nokia lumia 800 here in Greece.  

Very weired,
After updating on HTC Trophy, Zune reported success update. However, the firmware is still the same 7.10.8773.98 or 7.5 and the update disaapears????
Happened to anyone elese?

Just finished and installed Windows Phone 7.8 on my LG Optimus 7 (Greece, Carrier free).
I had to do the cable trick for all 3 updates, but the UI feels now so much new! I think I'm gonna stick with my phone for at least one more year! Thanks Microsoft! :D

I am, and havent succeeded in forcing it by using the trick. I get "up to date" or "unable to to check  right now"...or whatever the wording is

What phone do you have on T-Mobile. I have Dell Venue Pro, still no update yet even after doing the cable trick multiple times.

My Zune says Cant check for updates right now. Please try again later. An update is in progress. Wait until it's complete. C101007B

nope i have not had any luck with the update and i also tryed my hd7 i use to use it just for my kids to play angry birds on and nothing as well.  would be nice of these people who say they have it to post a pick of them having it.  i have tryed the "air plane" trick on both phones nothing.  still says up to date

Just updated my LG Optimus 7 (No carrier-branded, Greece) to 7.8 ! I had to do the cable trick for all the 3 updates.

Just updated my sons HTC Desire to 7.8
It had 2 updates to do prior to that but the 3rd it said was 7.8 and listed a whole load of features.
So much for HTC's tweet about no planned roll out of 7.8

This is so freaking unbelievable!!! I'm updating my... hold your breath... my LG E900 via Zune! I never expected that to become reality :D

Someone can download Ringtone Maker and Cinemagraph from nokia collection ?
I have Lumia 900 windows 7.8 ,OS 7.10.8858.136 and i dont see in nokia cllection this programs.

I'm holding out hope that the Samsung Focus gets some love from AT&T, otherwise I'm all set to flash this thing with a ROM from XDA.

all three now updated using  the 'trick' just timed how long it took to tell me there is no update (was 5 secs) then turned wifi off just before that time, down loaded all three pretty much in a row. Lumia 800, UK, unbranded

I tried several times the tricks and restarting computer, and phone, and still saying your phone is up to date, or not able to check right now

nothing at all.  tryed my 900 and my hd7 just to see and still says uptodate on things so who knows whats going on.  in a way this is kind of a joke why say the update is comming out and some people can get it and some people can't.  anyone on the westcoast have this update yet?

No update for: Focus S, at&t, Pa USA. Im not wasting my time on the cable trick. Did that for Tango, my keyboard was fixed, but all at&t apps/ store were gone. I use the "My at&t" app. So i set the device back. Besides, a little time after "Tango" was released thru at&t. Am I angry or disappointed, no. Will I upgrade or change OSes, no. There isn't a device released yet running any OS that has me running to store/sites to purchase one. They're nice, but I'll wait using 7.5.

I can't even get the cable trick to get tango on my ATT HD7S 
Phone on airplane mode and pull the eithernet quickly before it says your phone is up to date right?

Yes. Confirmed for HTC HD7 in Australia (Telstra Network) via Zune. No cable trick required.

I would just stop checking ... for everyone who is on a US carrier that is not using a L900. 

It was obvious that 1.5 pages ago, that all nonbranded WP7's/unlocked WP7's/ATT L900's were getting this update today. 

Just got the third and final update started on my LG Quantum.  Had a bear of a time getting the disconnect trick to work, but managed to do it.  For those who are having trouble, just keep trying, you'll get it.  This was such a surprise today. 

Hmmmm, That is odd.
I am currently getting a 7.10.8779.8 update and after that a 7.10.8783.12
Anyone?! As this is not reported on the MSFT WP
After those two updates I am getting 7.10.8858.136 NOWwwwwww
I updated from 7.10.8773.98 on my Omnia 7 here in the Netherlands...

Yeah that happened me as well. Apparantly the first two updates were initially for the Lumia 900 last year and are only making its way over to Omnia's now? Not complaining anyway, I am just delighted to see the third update being the 7.8!!

there are already some updated venue pros here in Germany. So I am pretty sure yours will get the update as well ;)

I just updated my LG C900B to version 7.10.8858.136. It didn't even take that long for all three updates.
Oh, and I'm with Bell Canada.
Keep trying folks.

I bet microsoft will make an offical announcement once they notice and unusal amount of update checks 

Would LURRRVE MS if it took the whole update process out of carrier's hands and pushed them out to devices. If carriers are standards-compliant, the devices WILL WORK. That's the point of standards. The "testing" that goes on is utter bollocks, unless the networks are not standards-compliant. In which case, they should not be operating their network that way!

In any case, Apple has shown that this is a desirable and very practical way of doing things for about 5 years now. Big <3 to MS (and anybody else, for that matter) who takes this page out of the Apple book.

I just cannot get my HTC Titan to get these updates here in Durango, Colorado and I've tried everyones suggestions - almost ready to factory the device - it has 7.10.8773.98 - any other suggestions???
Thanks all!

Got it for the Omnia W (unlocked)!   Took three updates (8779, 8783, 8858!)
Didn't have to do the pull the cord trick.

I just got it for my unlcocked Omnia W.   I received three updates (8779, 8783, 8858)
I didn't have to do the pull the cord trick.

I have NOKIA lumia 900 (AT&T) at NY. I connected to zune but haven't got 7.8 update yet. How can i get that?

No updates found. Cable trick has failed after 20+ times of trying. And the manual way is just too complicated. Me and my HTC Radar are very jealous of everyone with success lol. Anyone with HTC Radar have any luck with WP7.8??

I got the update for my lumia 900 at&t, but when I go to marketplace, is not showing Nokia Collection, and when I try to open App Highlights it shows something like like I can not update that app 'cause my phone is not a nokia. Help please!

After two damn hours i got the trick,you need to count normally updating it,i for example i was arriving at 15-16,then try again and at 13-14 disconnect the wifi,in less than 5 minutes i got the last 2 updates (now installing 7.8)

can some correct me if I'm wrong with Cable Trick steps:
1. make sure phone wifi and data connection is off.
2. while my computer is still connected to the internet, check updates...nothing will be there.
3. go to a different tab. disconnect phone then reconnect.
4. go back to update tab, within a few seconds disconnect comuputer for internet connection
....after this step it keeps saying Can't check for updates right now.

Just means you disconnect too soon. Do like someone said: when you ask to check for update count the number of seconds till he answers that are no updates available. Take those seconds -2 seconds and thats when you need to disconnect when you ask to search. You disconnected too soon

At 5:30pm PST my LG Optimus 7(Gen. 1 phone) on TELUS prompted me to update to 7.8! I've just spent the past hour or so re-organzing my home screen. Loving the new home screen!
I was really concerned when I was reading all the rumours going around that first generation phones may not get the update, and when one support person even directly said the LG Optimus 7 would not get it. So happy to get the update on day 1 of the global rollout :D I gave up on the 7.5 update after waiting 3-4 weeks and still not receiving it, so forced it.  Happy I don't have to do the same for this one :)
This is going to make the wait of the final months of my 3 year contract so much easier! 9 months left! Hopefully I can freely upgrade in 3 months, and hopefully there's a worthwhile WP8 device on the market for me to upgrade to!(Thats also on TELUS) I have no interest in any of the launch WP8 devices. Give me the Luimia 920, in the HTC 8X body, with the ATIV S's physical home button, and the colours(specifically the green) of the Lumia 620, and I'll be one happy customer :D lol


I have a HTC Mozart and today I managed to update it.

I used the cable trick like this:

  • check for Update;
  • click on other setting;
  • disconnect from internet;
  • click on Update and wait for the error message to appear;
  • wait for 15 seconds;
  • reconnect internet;
  • wait for 10 seconds;
  • click on other setting and then click on Update.

This is how I managed to update my Mozart. Of course, I had to repeat the trick for all 3 updates.

P.S. I also received on error on Related apps in Marketplace and a few minutes ago I managed to solve it.
Here is the solution: http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-7/214558-%5Bwp7-8%5D-market-place-crashing-error-80070057-a.html#post1875319

I got an update with my HTC HD7... still on progress though... It says version is 7.10.8779.8... This is a factory unlock model though...