Blackberry Z10's camera, smoked by a Windows Phone

Blackberry Z10

We've already taken a look at how the new Blackberry Z10 measures up against the Nokia Lumia 920 and now we'll take a gander at the camera. It's been well proven that the Lumia 920 performs rather well in low light situations. The optically stabilized, back-lit sensor pairs up nicely with the f2.0 lens to light up some of the dimmest situations.

The Blackberry Z10 is fitted with an 8MP, back-lit sensor and a f2.2 lens. While it lacks optical stabilization, on paper, the Z10's camera reads as if it can handle low light situations fairly well. Gizmodo had the opportunity to test things out and it appears the Z10 was not only smoked by a Windows Phone but also an iPhone and Android device as well.

Low Light Test

The test was simple, take a photo of an Assassin's Creed statue in a dimly lit room. No flash was used in the test. Even though the pictures appear to be taken at different angles, the results weren't impressive with the statue barely visible in the Z10's photo. The Lumia 920 performed the best with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII also out performing the Z10.

We're sure that our colleagues over at Crackberry.com will be putting the Z10 through the ropes and we'll be sure to see how well the camera compares to not only the Lumia 920 but other smartphones. But for now, the Z10's camera doesn't appear to be a head turner.

Source: Gizmodo


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Blackberry Z10's camera, smoked by a Windows Phone



The best camera doesn't mean anything if you can't upload to Instagram... what does that mean for the worst camera that can't upload to Intstagram either?
Also... Instragram = overrated.  Except, I do appreciate that I've been seeing less pictures of people's shitty meals on my facebook feed lately.  For that, I will thank Instagram.
And... I can't help but think of a friend of mine who 'discovered' Instagram.  Last time I hung out with him, he was running around taking pictures of the stupidest shit so he could post to Instagram.  He looked like he had a mental problem where people were wondering why he was snapping a picture of a sewer grate.

to BlackBerry fans: guys, relax, it seems that camera has an issue now, but it's fixable on a software part quite easily. Don't trust all that marketing buzz Nokia is speading to convince you that their low light camera is a rocket science. It's not, it's a series  of rather simple image processing algorithms to give you that image quality. Of course the optical stabilization helps to improve picture quality, especially in low light, but again, there are tons of simple image processing algorithms exists that can almost replace that stabilization. The question is, why BlackBerry left camera app at such a low level?

It's was absolutely expected that Z10 will be compared to all other high-end smartphones, don't complain. WP devices were compared as well and they have their long list of problems :)

I think your exaggerating how simple it is to fix... The software can only fix post rendering of the image, not improve the sensor to the point that it can have night vision with a mere algorithm. Yes they can make the colors more balanced and smooth out edges, but they aren't going to turn that sensor into a competitor of any sorts, otherwise Apple and Samsung would have done it already too...

So then your saying apple disenfranchised they legacy owners by not pushing an update to improve their camera when they could have with a single software/firmware update? That's ludicrous and wishful thinking. I'll ask the guy who engineers these sensors (who I personally know) but I don't expect anything different than what I already said. I do believe you can marginally improve the sensor with firmware, but what we are seeing in the Z10 is far from a marginal need of improvement. Most camera updates that improve its image quality beyond marginally is in the post processing of the sensors capture capability and that's not gonna help Z10 much either.

Also note that it said "virtually identical" but then look at the ISO capacity 800 vs 3200, there is a different sensor in there to be sure. Similar but upgraded. Like the difference between video cards in a PC, the 7750 is weak sauce compared to the 7790, major difference is in clock speed and wattage, same architecture, same chipset, different outcome entirely when you tinker with the hardware.

sorry, but according to all sources I read there are no hardware camera improvements. The reason they could not push the same improvements to 4S could be due to post-processing they use to improve the photos (it maybe to heavy for 4S). But I would really like to know info from the source (your friend). 
as a side note: testing that was done by Gizmodo is not valid, have a look at all photos more closely. The Z10 photo is the most different (statue head is in the center of the picture). The uploaded images also do not have EXIF info which makes comparison impossible. I wish I could have more time and real device to prove you that post-processing is not the least importans part of the mobile camera, but in many cases is actually the most important (as long as sensors of comparable size).
Hoping for your answer from your friend

People, people, people...you are on a Windows Phone website for good sakes!! If you want your own biased opinion to make yourself feel better about a sub-par company bringing out a sub-par phone that has out-dated technology, go to their web-site and hold hands singing Kumbayah with the few of you that remain. 

Great, I would love to see other WP8 devices compared. How about the 8X ?
As for the comments here, Sure it's a WP site and yes they compare new devices against a WP device, So what ? All I can say is, Dont feed the Trolls...

Who knows, RIM (ahem, Blackberry) may release a camera update in the future. The Lumia 900's camera was pretty meh at first...

I don't believe this post for one min... Lol, missleading and not true. I can find 10 other posts saying how much better the pictures are with the BB Z10 then these other smart phone... I'm starting to think it all about who the writers are connected with... than fact.

Sad thing is... I have use most of the so called "top" smart phones and just picked up a BB Z 10 two weeks ago... One of the best phone going... and the picture are very good and not like the ones on this post at all. Hello? It's easy to see what's going on here... buyer beware!