Unknown Lumia Windows Phone shows up on Nokia’s servers, destined for the US

Although “all will be revealed” at Mobile World Congress in just a few short weeks, it doesn’t mean the speculation cannot begin. A new device, RM-860, has shown up in two places to validate its existence.

The first spot is on Elbert Perez’s Occasional Gamer site. Perez makes numerous high quality Windows Phone games and he happens to record which devices use his wares. That info is then shared publicly on his website.

A view on Nokia's servers validates RM-860

In of itself that just tells us there is a new Windows Phone but that info can and has been faked in the past. However, the data can be cross-referenced on Nokia’s own servers via Navifirm under ‘Quality Assurance’ and sure enough RM-860 is visible there as well, confirming its legitimacy.

Not much else can be gleaned from the information. The RM-860 designation does not indicate that this is an “800 series” device as the Lumia 920 is a RM-820 in Nokia’s system and the Lumia 505 is RM-923, so nothing should be inferred from that evidence.

As seen on Occasional Gamer

All we can say at this point is this device is aimed at the US market (“nam_usa” is for North America), it runs Windows Phone and it’s not listed in Nokia’s normal Nokia Care Suite for firmware, making this a in-testing device.

Nokia is rumored to be announcing numerous new Lumias in Barcelona next month, including the 'EOS', 'Catwalk' and 'Laser', which may include a high-end PureView camera and aluminum body.

Source: Nokia Power User; Occasional Gamer


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Unknown Lumia Windows Phone shows up on Nokia’s servers, destined for the US


What happened to Nokia shutting off public access to that server? I'm going to miss leaks like this when that happens.

Maybe it will be a Sprint phone...
I know, I know... but I called Sprint last week about closing my contract and they hinted strongly that a Nokia phone would be available from them near March.

I work at a Sprint indirect and our IAE (Indirect Agent Executive) confirmed HTC and Samsung. No Nokia.

Is that "Confirmed Yes for HTC and Samsung" and "Confirmed No for Nokia?" Or is it "Confirmed Yes for HTC and Samsung" and "No word on Nokia?"

In my experience, all CS Reps (no matter the carrier) 99%of the time do not know jack about when new phones are going to hit the market, as they are not privy to such info. 
Best to take what that rep said with a grain or two of salt 

Sprint rep told me the same thing back in December that they were is dicussions with Nokia and a phone may be coming early 2013.

Reps are just bs-Ing you guys. Reps are not told who the company is in talks with. That info is known only in the higher up.

The numbering system there doesn't make much sense.  Wouldn't it have been easier to keep the 8xx and 9xx designations for respective model numbers?

Not true.  Nothing in the article suggests his idea is off.  All the article says is that the numbers don't necessarily associate with the line, that is, a higher number can be a lower line.  But 820 and 860 do seem likely to be members of the same family.
The fact that the Lumia 920 is an RM-820 is perfectly consistent with the idea that a newer Lumia 9XX would have an 8XX code name.  Perhaps we are looking at the Lumia 960.

Nah. I didn't want to go through all the Lumia line to demonstrate that the RM numbers have no association with model number, hoping you'd just take my word for it, but since you're skeptical...here are a few more.

  • Lumia 610 = RM-835
  • Lumia 620 = RM-846
  • Lumia 820 = RM-824
  • Lumia-822 = RM-808


Numbers are all over the place.


It might seem to some that the numbering scheme is random, but upon close analysis I have concluded that the new device will be waterproof and bulletproof and feature a 100Mpx pureview camera, 18 cores, 1TB RAM, 1PB onboard storage, OIS, a bottle opener and... A keyboard!

Ya that's a great marketing strategy they should take. Looks like Verizon is getting a high end Nokia....that's my guess.

Well...being selfish...I hope if it is an "upgraded" 920 it isn't too "upgraded". I don't want to have too big of a failed smile face while looking at my 920.

My guess this is a Nokia Lumia 920 variant for Verizon. How ever I wish upon a star that it is a new AT&T Lumia with camera like the 808.

same here but honestly, I don't think we will see that till later this year....and my upgrade does not go in effect till July.  -unless I extend the contract...

But Im hoping that whenever the 808 doppleganger releases, it'l be time to upgrade.  

I'm never against a cool new model on AT&T since I'm on AT&T but for WPs sake I really hope this is a 920 or slightly better on VZW. If nothing else it would show that WP is doing well enough for VZW to carry more than just the 8X as a top of the line device. We all know AT&T will carry every damn phone they can get their hands on which is the biggest reason I love being on AT&T but if VZW and the others start picking up more devices it's a good sign.

yes this is true...I hope not too many VRZ users aren't pissed that they missed out on a flagship Nokia.  I know my friend was whenever he heard about the exclusivity of the 920...so he upgraded to the Note 2 instead. 

He now states to me: "...MS always makes us play the waiting game"

But yes, I love ATT - and all the phones they bring to us....and all the service they provide for its customers here in Texas. :)

I would think that Nokia currently feels safe enough in spreading some high end WP8 love around. The reception that the L920 has received and the fact that it is selling very well answered any questions that they may of had. I would expect to hear that both Verizon and T-Mobile would be receiving High end WP8 devices.

Your guess is in fact true. Weber confirmed in an interview a couple of weeks ago that Nokia was bringing high end, middle range and low end WP8 to Verizon, ATT AND T-Mobile. He also said that they were NOT in discussions with any other US carrier at this time and were concentrated on the above 3 carriers.

I have also seen this model from my analytics. The full list of lumia models i've seen are:
These are all Windows phone 8 device's as the app is WP8 only :)