New tool helps make installing the Windows Phone 7.8 update slightly easier

Update: Files have been updated to make the app more stable and reliable and indeed it does work better now. (5PM ET)

Windows Phone Hacker has released a new “wrapper” tool called 'Seven-Eighter' that reportedly makes manually installing the 7.8 update less cumbersome than downloading all the files yourself. The app comes in x86 and x64 and is a simple executable that you run on your PC (you’ll need to give it permission in Windows 8).

In theory, it’s the same method we detailed in our CAB file post yesterday---you specify the languages on your device and then it fetches the files for you, all through a progress-bar UI.

Since Windows Phone OS updates are cumulative but iterative in the process, you’ll have to go up through Tango before proceeding to 7.8 meaning there will be a few cycles of updates.

Testing it out

We gave the app a spin on our Windows 8 machine and ran into a few problems. We tried to do the update on our T-Mobile HTC Radar and had the app throw an “exception” during the process. In addition, it did not appear to have all of the language packs that were installed on our device, which would also cause a problem (having to manually check each language as opposed to ‘select all’ was also tedious).

We next tried on our Sprint HTC Arrive and had the same exception thrown. Granted, the app stayed “working” with the installing Tango screen in a permanent progression but for all intents and purposes, it had crashed.

Click click click click click

Interestingly, not selecting any languages does seem to get the process started but we don't recommend that. At least on HTC Arrive, we're unable to even access our About screen anymore, telling us something went awry with the update (spoiler alert: incorrect language packs).

Looking over on comments on Windows Phone Hacker, we can see mixed results from users—some are having success after a few attempts, some required that the right languages were supported while some are reporting failure. In other words, your mileage may vary.

Language, Languages, Languages

The key to doing these manual upgrades is choosing the right language packs. Doing that is easy but it’s very crucial to the process.

  1. Settings –> Keyboard
  2. Make note of all of the languages installed
  3. Download the 7.8 language packs that are on your device

Some phones only come with a handful of languages installed, while others (including those in the US) come with every single language pack on board. If the latter, you must download all the CABs with those languages for the update.

If you don’t do this, it’s not the end of the world. You may have some Live Tiles that look odd (People Hub) and you won’t be able to get further updates, including device specific firmware should it become available later on. You can always reinstall the OS with the proper language packs to correct the mistake, so long as you are even aware of it.

Our advice

You should first try the Wi-Fi force update method. That will give you the official OS and firmware update for your phone, assuming that there is one. For some of you, your device will never get this update making this method null and void. For the rest, this is the ideal method.

Next you can try 'Seven-Eighter' by Windows Phone Hacker as detailed here. It’s a little bit easier than doing it yourself, though as we discussed your success rate seems to be about 50/50.

Finally, you can always just do the manual CAB update for the OS. Assuming you pick the right language packs, this instance will always work.

Read more on 'Seven-Eighter', including download link, at Windows Phone Hacker.


Reader comments

New tool helps make installing the Windows Phone 7.8 update slightly easier



It works! I used it to update my HTC HD7 this afternoon. I did have to run the tool 5 times, but it did ultimately work. HTC is not supporing updating anything but the Mozart. They claim that 7.5 will not work on the HD7's processor.
EPIC fail on the part of HTC for lying and for ignoring this long-term customer. I will be switching to Nokia from now on because of the attitude of the HTC folks.

Do you have a source for where HTC said that it won't work on hd7's processor? I read something different so im wondering where you saw that.

Htc Hd7 T-Mobile unlocked.  Closed zune, started application, selected languages, watched the back half of the fifth element, came back, done.

For some, like a few first-gen WP devices and Nokia Lumia 710 users on T-Mobile US, seveneighter is the only method to receive 7.8.

HTC Titan   -  ATT  -    Locked Phone   -  US
From 7.5 to 7.8 in about 30 minutes.   Flawless 1st attempt.
Had tried the force method too many times to count. 
Yes I know that this is a 6 month old post, but writing it for anyone else that has an HTC Titan 1.

On my HD7, display language is on English but dimmed so I cannot get to a drop down menu when clicking; does that mean only English is installed? The region formats are selectable, however

Yes just choose the display languages not the region. I had 6 languages to tick. The update went great without any problems!

I can't see how the manual CAB method would fail. That method always has and always will work with any Windows Phone. We've said that all along.

I am really disappointed that Microsoft could not bypass the carriers like they wanted to. Apart from messing with CABs, I will never get 7.8 for my Arrive. It sounds like this tool does not work for the Arrive.

Do the cab method, as Sprint no longer supports that phone...
I know there is a rom full unlock for the sprint arrive...maybe going that root would open a little more fun out of your phone (lots of 3rd party hacks that are fun)..

I have Spring and the HTC Arrive and just did the update it took about an hour and a dozen phone reboots I didnt count.  I had to select US for the language type twice early on then it never asked me again.  Im running Windows 8 64bit and the app never crashed like others say so I assume the app has been updated since.  It kept applying update reboot and update and reboot etc etc etc just let it do its thing.  The tiles are larger it didnt make the combination of smaller tiles but so far it runs very smooth and no issues.  Im still exploring but like you stated Sprint will never update the phone.  As soon as my contract is up Im done with Sprint.  Im going to send this guy some beer money now.

Trying this with the Arrive. Seven-Eighter says preparing to install and my phone reboots, but at this point it starts an endless cycle of reboots. Seven-Eighter then gives me an error message: timeout, wating for phone to reboot. What do I do?

I can say for a fact that this does work for the Sprint HTC Arrive. (At least it worked for mine, YMMV.) I did have the app crash after every version update, but that's really not a problem. Remember, you have to install a LOT of updates from when Sprint abandoned the Arrive. I watched the version numbers go up after each reboot. I think I had about 6 updates that I had to do to get all the way up to 7.8.

I can confirm that it works for the HTC Arrive. Just did mine without any crashes. Took about an hour. happy birthday to me!

Updated my dell venue pro using this. Selected all language packs and took three times to get updated to 7.8

I want to know if this will work with an ATT HTC Titan on 7720? Seems to have all the language packs possible. If not, what's the order updates I need to follow to get updated properly to 7.8. The XDA instructions are somewhat easy to follow but you can get lost when trying to find out what order to go.

For what it's worth, this worked great for me on my first gen Samsung Focus (ATT). I was way back on 8107, so I had to run it about 5 or six times to get all the way to 7.8, but I got there, and so far, everything seems to be working just fine. I've retired this phone from daily use in favor of my 920, but it's still a good gaming/music device for the kids - and now with three tiles sizes!! Yippee!

Looks to be a really useful tool, even for people already knowing how to do that the old way.
I'm wondering if it is possible to re-update an already updated and customized device (Omnia 7 with WP7.8 Dynamics 2.0). It's not really that stable (reboots randomly and loses my most recent SMS when doing so), so I'd like to update it properly without losing anything...
Anyone tried that (with 7.8 or any older version)?
Thanks :-)

Worked great for me (Vodafone Optimus 7). Crash seems to occur when the phone is locked. Had to run it three times, once for each update.

Used the tool and got the update after the 3rd attempt. Everything is ok, however the lock+wallpaper option is not working, bummer, really wanted to use the Bing images as a wallpaper. LG Optimus 7

You are also calling the update cumulative. Why is this? A cumulative update is one that contains all prior updates which may be a prerequisite for the current update. But this is exactly what any given Windows Phone 7 update is not. If there is an update that needs to be installed first, you have to install it first on your own.
So the proper term would be that WP 7 updates are iterative.

False, I actually say "Windows Phone OS updates are cumulative but iterative in the process". At least quote me properly.

I say this because people often ask "If I update to version 7.8, will I get the keyboard fix from the previous updates?" The answer is yes because these updates are made up of accumulated parts. In fact, if you do the update the proper way (via Zune), the 7.8 update will include previous updates. The user doesn't need to do anything "on their own" outside of plugging their phone in to the PC/Zune.

The process itself is iterative as it will need to go through previous OS updates to get there. But for users who are jumping from just Mango to 7.8 they will get the all the other updates in between as well without having to do anything extra.

just tried this on my Arrive with no success. It could be my company network blocking something so I'll be trying again this weekend at home.

worked fine for Htc HD7 - had to go through it 3 times to get each update
But no problems so far phone seems fine
Many thanks

On the other page about updates....
TITAN II Owners Be warned:       
@djdoubt03 Hi Toby - Thanks for the question. HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.
03:10 PM - 31 Jan 13

I am using unlocked version of ATT Titan II. Updated without any issues to 8858 with this tool here in Singapore

Worked with my Verizon HTC Trophy.  Took three times as stated above.  Have to see if Verizon keeps the ability to send texts to multiple people when they push the update themselves, it currently still works. 
OS Version: 7.10.8858.136
Firmware revision number: 2305.13.30202.605
Hardware revision number: 0003
Radio software version:
Radio Hardware Version: 3.2.3.D4
Bootloader Version: 3.2.230513.2
Chip SOC version:

Yes work for me as well. Verizon HTC Trophy. Three times and everything same as yours. This was very simple if you just follow the directions. I'm not waiting on verizon. Just make sure to chose both english and spanish for languages.

I do all kind update and nothing helps to make my Omnia7 get 7.8 update. Always at the end of update I receive some error code.

For the moment working fine in HTC HD7:
- Update phone via Zune to 8773 (Last official Mango for HD7).
- Taked out SIMM (call me maniac).
- Enable flight mode.
- Run the "seven-eighter" 3 times. It do 2 minor updates previous the 7.8 last one . Select same languages that appear in phone configuration (English, Italian, French, German and Spanish in my case).
All working fine.

I can confirm this worked flawlessly updating my unlocked HTC Radar.

It first updated to 7.10.8783.12, then up to 7.10.8858.136 (7.8).
Looks a treat, loving the new smaller/larger tiles!

This is confirmed working on T-Mobile USA HTC HD7. It took 5 updates. When I first tried it, it was throwing me exception errors. So what I did was only selected english for the first 4 updates, and on the 5th update (when it was installing 7.8) I selected all languages and got no errors. It installed without a hitch. I started out with 7.10.8107.79.

Thanks for posting this.  I just ran the update with my T-Mobile HTC HD7 and it worked flawlessly.  I put it in airplane mode and selected English as the only update language.  The update tool (Windows 7) or phone did not crash; all my data and home screen were preserved.  It did take about 1hr and it went through about 5 update cycles, so I would suggest starting the update then taking a shower and nap.
Make sure to buy this guy a beer for making something so easy to use... as easy as updating through the zune software itself.

Hmmm... may have a Wifi issue.  It can't seem to locate any networks... Is anyone else having the same problem?
FIXED!  I ended up turning airplane mode back on, then with airplane mode on, flipped on Wifi and it started to work normally.

Was able to update my Focus Flash all the way. I had the app crash after each update was successful. But 7.8 is fully installed for me. Try it again, make sure zune is not running in background..

Can confim this works with LG Quantum! It was a bit tricky configuration wise but after 3 updates I've got 7.8 on there. Here's how I did it:
First update: Select English only (US & UK) for language.
Second update: Select all languages.
Third update: Select English only (US & UK) for language.
Hope this helps out everyone with a Quantum.

I would presonally recommend doing the Zune trick over this for the Lumia. If you are unfamiliar with it here's how it goes:
1. Put phone in airplane mode
2. pulg phone into computer
3. launch Zune
4. click on phone tab
5. click setting tab
6. go to phone setting and update tab
7. after clicking update tab wait 5 seconds then disconnect internet on your computer
It may take quite a few tries (it's all about timing) but if done right it should tell you that you have an update available. Be sure to re-connect your interent on your PC before you click the update button. Also you will need to do this operation twice to get to the 7.8 update. I hope this has helped.

THANK YOU! i already tried to do this option but it didnt work i was still on 7.5 but i tried this and its updating as we speak thanks alot!

Brilliant! Updated flawlessly. Went from 8107 to 8112, 8773, 8779, 8783 then finally 8858 (7.8) on an HTC HD7 unlocked from T-Mobile USA. Good stuff WP Hacker.

Im updating my current HTC HD7 t-mobile locked and so far so good, its been working fine and im onto the last update, i only chose english as my main language :) props to the creator of this program, i salute you sir!

running it now on my tmo hd7. Crashed after every successful update, but restarted it and went on to the next one.
update: on the last one now. WPH, thank you for creating this tool. This will show HTC what happens when you deny customers the latest updates.

Updated my HTC Titan II on AT&T through this tool (got tired of waiting haha) worked flawlessly although had to run 4x, started on mango I believe. Excellent tool for someone tech savvy but not an expert in hacking or anything like that. Over all awesome, loving 7.8! :-D

How did you do that? I can´t update my HTC Titan on AT&T with this tool, it seems like if works but when my device restart this tool just crash and I get an error!! and nothig happen later!! HELP!!

The application crashing is very common and doesn't mean that nothing happens. Depending on your device and WP version, it may take up to 3-6 updates to reach 7.8.

Couldn't update my HTC Titan (generic), error message: timeout  failed to reboot smartphone (though it did reboot and showed transfer screen).

I had the same issue with my 610 and 900.  Select everything that's offered (from what you already have installed) and go.  78er was missing several languages that were installed on my phones but the updates "took" and I'm running 7.8 on both without any problems.

the application only crashes After it installs the update.  I updated my phone 3 times to get it to 7.8 and it crashed 3 times but only AFTER the phone updates so as far as i can tell, it works just fine.  I can confirm that my att samsung focus s updated just fine and runs great.  I love the new homescreen!

Seveneighter uses the same method that Zune uses to install OS updates via .cab files from Microsoft servers containing the required files. As far as it's concerned, the tool simplifies the entire process.

I prefer using the program instead of the manual method, since finding out which .cab file contained which language packs was a time waster.

Noob question. I have a T-Mo 710. If I update via 78er, what will I be missing fimware-wise? And will I be able to get the firmware updates later via Zune?

Hi there! No worries. I am on stock T-Mobile radar, and I've gone through numerous custom roms on Titans and HD2/7...this tool only works as a wrapper for the UpdateWP file which is official request from the server based on your current device's version. It will literally not force anything to your phone via modified bootloader/HSPL. Best of Luck!

The phone will still be updatable via Zune, but using seveneighter ONLY updates the OS version, not the firmware. As far as I'm concerned, Bluetooth Share and Ringtone Maker is a no-go as well as switching search providers.
At least it's better than being stuck with 7.5 (Mango or Tango) due to T-Mobile's ignorant decision.

This method is fantastic. Updated Samsung Focus Flash (AT&T US). Went from 8773 to 8779 to 8783 and eventually 8858!!! I chose all language packs each time.

All files, apps, and SMS messages were preserved. This is so sweet!

Also I am using Windows 8 x64. The application does "crash" after each incremental update. But you just reopen and run again until you're at 7.8

hey you said you are running Windows 8. The link had xp, vista and 7. What did you download? I want this bad on my Tmo HD7 but since i have Windows 8 i thought i was outta luck.

Check your version. It does not go straight to 8858 but rather gives you each update one by one until you reach 8858 (7.8). You have to run it multiple times and the crash is normal after your phone restarts. Just run the program again.

Seven-eighter errored out, so I used the cab files to update through Tango to 7.8 on my AT&T Quantum. LG's still good for something.

Go for it! Just updated my Radar and could not be happier... The download site mentions XAP deployment tool but none are required nor is anything being deployed to your phone except the update :D. Good Luck!

I just tried this on my Verizon HTC Trophy and I'm now successfully running 7.8! Only select English and Spanish for your languages. The article says to use your keyboard settings, but I think you're supposed to use your region+language settings.
Anyway, it took three updates total but it seems to be working just fine! I'm loving the new tiles (:

worked flawlessly on my samsung focus ATT unlocked, mixed feelings about the normal size tiles though :S

Worked flawlessly with my HTC Radar 4G on T-Mobile. First of all, you do not need to deploy any XAP to your device. Just download the SevenEighter update tool, unzip and follow the prompts. The tool prompt me to download and install WP7 update tool in addition. All u need to do is confirm and unzip...now, it took six updates to get to WP 7.8 :D. I put my phone airplane mode and chose to install languages that were currently present on my phone as suggested by the author of the update tool. Updates proceeded flawlessly despite of the tool crashing after each update.NOT A BIG DEAL...JUST CLICK CLOSE PROGRAM AND THEN START THE TOOL AGAIN FOR NEXT UPDATE! If u r on the fence, I urge u not to delay, and hope for T-Mo or else to deliver the update. It is quite a difference! :D Good Luck!

Which languages did you need to load?  I assumed I only needed to choose english, wrong.  Now I am stuck because I don't know the correct language packs to load for my Tmobile Radar.  Hoping mine are the same as yours.

I tried loading that language combo this morning with no joy...I've tried English only, all of them, and the same combo as yours with no luck.  Guess I'll try to not select a language next.  Does this phone hack only work on unlocked phones?  Mine was still locked to t-mobile before I started down this path.  Currently I cannot pull up the keyboard settings because the screen abruptly blinks when I select keyboard settings then goes back to the settings menu.  Also cannot text or edit text in contacts as the keyboard is a no go.  I do get a keyboard that pops up in the browser though.

No, mate, mine was never unlocked ;(...Srry to hear about your troubles. Hope you'll solve it quick!

I can verify that this worked for me.  I have a HTC HD7 with o2 in the UK.  I had to run it 3 times to do three updates and the last was 7.8.  It did crach after each update after the phone rebooted and said update success but it didn't affect the phone.  It even made a backup which was then available in Zune (haven't checked to see if backup actually works).  Very easy to do you don't have to be a computer whizz to use it, as wpcentral says you have to check your language packs, I actually had more than seven eighter listed so I chose everything they had and it worked fine.  Finally have 7.8 and I've been pining for this home screen since they first annouced it.

Is anyone elses lock screen setting not working? Everytime I click on it, it crashes. Also my software version is still reading as Windows Phone 7.5, have I missed something?

One thing I'm noticing is that when looking at the related option for a app in the marketplace I keep getting a error anyone else running into this ?

it's saying restarting phone, completed in 28.37 seconds.  it's been several minutes.    should i reboot the phone?
Update: glad i didn't reboot, it finally rebooted after about 10-12min and said update successful and is proceeding through the update process.
Final Update:   Not 1 single error except for when it was rebooting for the final time, it said it errored because it was waiting for the phone to reboot.   but it rebooted and it's now at 7.8.
2.5 hours to update the phone.

Hey Lesd777, I am having an issue with the Completed in 12seconds and I get a small square box with it just saying Error and to click OK. Is this the issue you were getting and you just waited for the phone to reboot itself?

Hi, no and the only thing was the time stated was not accurate. I didn't have any errors until 7.8 was already loaded. On the last reboot my phone took a few min to reboot and thats why I received the error. But it completed successfully.
I selected all the languages and Filipino was the only language not listed in the tool, but it worked. Also, I had my phone in airplane mode.

Updateds my wifes quantum last night.  It was on 7720.  Ran like 8 updates(lost count).  Running Win7x64 it crashes after every updated but does work..Does not delete any data like I did when I flashed my L900.  Now she is rocking 7.8(8858) on a first gen device.  WTG WindowsPhoneHacker, microsoft or att wouldnt let me update but just like with webos....hacking gets you everywhere.

successfully installed 7.8 on my focus i917 v1.4, this tool helped a lot!!!!! just one click no crash/errors on windows 8

All my non-microsoft apps stopped working after the update. I can't install new apps either. I have the original Samsung Focus with the sdcard. Any ideas?

I also did this with the original focus. Not sure why your having those issues. You might try to power down, maybe remove the battery, then reboot and see if that helps. Also, did you select all the languages from the list at the very beginning? If not you may need to run the seven eighter again with all languages selected

successfully installed 7.8 on my Verizon HTC Trophy! Clicked the program once and selected all of the languages. Thank you for the post!

Well, if it wasn't for T-Mobile closing the door on 7.8, I wouldn't have used this program in the first place. Now that I've used it, it worked like a champ on 2 710's and an HD7. Glad if T-Mobile won't give us the update, WPCentral surely will. :P
Woot :D

Yeah. T-Mobile kind of let us Nokia L710 owners down. Good thing this updater from WPH worked. I'm so happy to have 7.8 now. S/O to Daniel and everybody at WPCentral for finding this handy tool. ^ ^

Did you guys need to use any tricks? My TMobile 710 gets to 8793 or whatever and then gives me the error. What language packs did you guys install?

Oh man, this was great!! soo much easier than using Zune. Worked perfectly on my HTC TITAN. I'm dissapointed I didn't get all the accent colors that 8 has... I still have the original colors. Only took 20 mins or so. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you select EVERY Display Languange listed under Settings for your device. Some devices only have English. Others can have as many as 23 other languages to display.

Is there a way to re-install if you got the languages wrong on the first try? The program just quicks because of the version number? How do you reset the version number? Can this be done without loosing apps and settings?

Worked for ATT Titan II.  My Titan II is just a normal, on contract, locked phone.  Everything seems to work fine, updated without any errors.  Just downloaded the program, unzipped it, plugged in the phone and ran the program from the pc.  It did prompt me to download an addition WP7 update tool, which I also found on the website.  After I downloaded that, I re-ran the program and it went through all the updates on its own until it got to 7.8.

And the Mrs Vodaphone Nokia 800 upgraded via the tool to 7.8. No issues. For this I needed all language packs. 3 updates no issues seen all seems to be working well..

I just updated my T-Mobile HTC HD7 (Was on Tango7.5) with this tool, and I had no issues. The whole process took about 20 mins. Looks great! Hats off to WP Central & WP Hacker! :-)

ok fine... I, hacker will tell you how to do it. Download the Windows Phone hacker. Extract and launch the hacker. Click "Install WP 7.8" It'll prompt you to download an update tool, once it downloads, extract and launch the Setup-UpdateWP (64x or 86x). It'll silently install. Once that is done click on "Instal WP 7.8" and choose the language packs your phone originally came with and you wait.

I have an unlocked 710 from t-mobile.It won't update pass #8783. I tried numerous times. Any tips? Thank you.

Out of curiosity, could you update your unlocked 710 via Zune?  I would assume that being unlocked from the carrier means you should be able to get the update from Microsoft, similar to the GSM Galaxy Nexus getting it's updates without any carrier interference. 

Anyone know if manually updating  will breach T-Mobile's 2-year contract?  I don't think it would, but just suddenly wondered if there's anything on the contract that would cause a problem. 

Hi, upated T-mobile HTC Radar 4G using this tool. Updated fine but I can report that I am experiencing the issue of the "about" page erroring out. Also, search is completely screwed. When you press the search button, an internet explorer page opens up with the desktop version of Bing. Local scout and visual search are gone. Maps don't offer driving options. Is any ody else experiencing thes issues? If so, any suggestions? Thanks.

I had that problem when Seven-Eighter updated my phone to 8773.  My problem was missing language files.  I re-applied my language files from 8107 up to 8773 and then I could get back into all of my Settings.

how do you re applied the missing languages files?. I have the same problem. seveneighter doesnt have the indonesian language file that my phone have. I think that why i cant update to 7., im stuckt in 8773.

Seven-Eighter didn't work for me on my 2 HD7's.  In fact, the language files were out of sync when it updated my phone to 8773 and I had to push the language files from 8107 to 8773 to get into all of my Settings again (like Theme and About).
Here's what I did ...
The instructions seemed rather involved at first.  However, they are very well layed out and I didn't have any problems.  It took about an hour or less per phone.  I believe the language files provided in those instructions are for Tmob US only HD7's (English) ... if you need other language files, the links to them are in this page:
Download the appropriate language files into the version folders created using the previoius link's instructions.  Here's a link I used to cross-reference languages to their numeric IDs:

Hello, i tried the seveneighter app and update my phone from 7720 to 8773, but for the next update show me an error code. I noted the program doesnt have the indonesian language, language that my phone have. How do i insert this language in the app?.
Sorry for my english.

To get my langauges in sync with the 8773 update (which is where Seven-Eighter failed me), I followed the instructions in this link:
...EXCEPT for the files I copied into the "sender" folder.  I copied over to the "sender" folder only the language files I needed (if you read that thread, that should make sense).  Once I verified 8773 was fine, I continued the update process using this method.
I'm not 100% sure, no gaurantee, but I think you should consider...
If you look at:
... it looks like Indonesian is 0421, so I think you need to send to your phone all the language files -- one at a time by copying them into the "sender" folder (again, this will make sense if you read the thread in the top link) -- that have 0421 in their name.  I got my files by following the the links contained in this thread:
Wish I knew for sure ... this is my best guess. 

Worked PERFECTLY for me! Love the new update! Due a phone upgrade very soon...now very tempted to head towards a windows phone 8!!

Just updated my locked ATT Titan 1 with no problems at all. I downloaded the seven-eighter program along with the windows phone support tool and installed them both on a windows 8 32 bit computer. I ran the seven-eighter program by right clicking and selecting run as administrator. I selected US English Only as my language. The update took several reboots without any errors. All I did was set back and watch, no interaction required. After about 20 minutes my phone restarted for the last time with a blue screen and I was up and going on 7.8. It also backed up my phone during the reboot process into Zune. Excellent Program!!! 

I just updated my Nokia Lumia 710 (T-Mobile USA). Seems to work fine although its only been 10 minutes since updating.

If you used seveneighter (mentioned in the article), be aware that the method only updates the OS, not the firmware, so don't be suprised if WP7.8 apps like Bluetooth Share and Ringtone Maker don't work.

HEY! How did you do that Tmobie does not allow their Nokia Lumia 710's to get the update at all! Please Help Me Out! Thanks so much if you do. 

just forced an HTC Surround using a link I found in an article here on WPcentral.

Want Windows Phone 7.8 now? Try this easy tool (Update: Now supports 7720) - Windows Phone Hacker

- I started the tool.
- it complained that I didnt have "Developer tools" loaded. BUT it offered to Dload them for me! (I said yes then closed the tool)
- I installed the developer tools that were just dloaded and then restarted the main tool
- a window asking what language packs to install came up -- I confirmed by going to "SETTING -> KEYBOARD" (on the phone) that here in canada, ALL packs are needed --
- I selected all of the checkboxes in the tool.
- I hit the "install WP7.8" button and away it went!

The install takes about 20mins, no errors and it was completely automated.

*NOTE: at one point it kinda looked like it was done.. but it wasnt, make sure you get the alert that "YOUR UPGRADE WAS SUCCESSFUL" before disconnecting your phone like I ALMOST did!

Shout out to Windows Phone Hacker for creating such a great app. Its absolutely flawless!

Wow, the Hacker tool worked flawless for my Nomia Lumia 710 (T-Mobile). Now running 7.8. Process took about 15 minutes. No problems.
Although I only had 3 language packs (English, Spanish and Chinese), I was confused at first about what Chinese pack to select (Traditional or Simplified). When going to the Region settings on the WP, all it showed me was the chinese characters, but it didn't give any indication if it was Traditional or Simplied. I chanced it and guessed "Simplied". Apparently that was it.
The only other thing that wasn't really an issue is that the green progress bar kept moving as if it was doing something, but the phone was already updated to 7.8, so I just disconnected it.
So far so good. Thanks!

It worked for Omnia W bought in India. It worked like charme. 
*NOTE: at one point it kinda looked like it was done.. but it wasnt, make sure you get the alert that "YOUR UPGRADE WAS SUCCESSFUL" before disconnecting your phone like I ALMOST did!

Seems to me that the only HTC Titan phones that are being updated through Zune are the unlocked and/or foreign ones. I would certainly have thought that the stateside people with perfectly street legal phones would be first. Then go out to the world and everyone else. After all, Microsoft is stateside. I just don't get it. Then on top of that- either AT&T or HTC are telling us that we can forget the update as far as they are concerned- at least that's the word.
One thing that occured to me early on in this upgrade din is this. Microsoft knows who bought which Windows phone, and when. So the ones who got their phones early on when they were new, would get it first. Then folks like me who bought their Titan after the Titan II had come out would get the upgrade later. Sort of like- for lack of a better way- we'll follow the pecking order. But hey, that's just me.

I am trying this with my HTC Arrive and Windows 8 PC.
The app seems to be running fine. I select English as the language pack and Seven-Eighter goes through a progression of steps. It says preparing to install (2.19 seconds) and the phone reboots. At this point, the phone starts an endless cycle of rebooting. Seven-Eighter gives me an error message. Any tips? Anyone else have this problem?

After Zune didn't work for me I decided to let my girlfriend try the Seven-eighter and my 710 is running 7.8. Somebody got beer coming their way :)


Flawless, seamless update of 1st Gen. Samsung Focus v 1.3 (7.10.8107.79) to WP7.8 on Win8 ... Thanks!

HTC HD7 on T-Mobile USA updated!!! Works like a charm! No issues with instal or process at all. No pauses, hiccups, crashes, long download times...super super fast! Already downloaded new apps and have taken complete advantage of two of the updates features. The new screen layout: whish is great!!! I like being able to go through my whole home screen in one gentle flick and not have the insanely long one from 7.5....and the theme colors: love that they added "Emerald"...my favorite color is green...which i was using before but the "emerald" green is almost my exact favorite shade of green! Ran a speed test and it is actually just a tad bit faster than before and the battery even lasts a tad bit longer as well...which is amazing...I thought it would be slower and use battery quicker!
Love the update...Thank you again for making this available!!!

Updated my TMo-USA HTC HD7 on Saturday night.  No crashes, took a little over half an hour.
Initially, I thought it was running faster, but now I'm noticing a definite start-lag when clicking on the home screen tiles.  My wife and I have the same phone, and running them side-by-side makes it very noticeable.  I don't notice this lag anywhere else, in fact some things seem faster on 7.8, but the home screen is definitely negatively affected.
Has anyone else seen this?  When clicking on a home screen tile, the phone seems to have a delayed reaction... weird!

Updated my att titan with the tool. Worked great. I have all the new colors too. I had to update the driver (boot loader) using HTC website instructions before I could apply this tool.
Bigger tiles are truly amazing on a 4.7" screen! So much is going on my screen now lol.

I have Htc Titan att, after the update i can´t open phone hub, messaging, email setup, about, can´t see or type messenge. I tryed restoring with zune and hard reset and the problem continue. apologize for my english but can someone help me. The only thing wrong i did was select spanish in language package.