Windows Phone 7.8 Update

Forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update: Camera button not required but patience is

If you've checked your Windows Phone 7.5 device for the 7.8 update with no success, you may want to try to force the process, just as we did with other Windows Phone updates like Mango.

This is a little different than downloading and installing Windows Phone 7.8 manually, which we reported on earlier. With this method you're basically tricking the Microsoft servers to recognize your Windows Phone and initiating the update early. Think of it as cutting in line (and Microsoft is okay with this, no worries).

The other benefit with this method (versus the CAB one) is it means you are getting the official carrier/OEM update that usually includes the firmware too. If using just CABs you are updating the OS but not any device specific software. That's not a bad thing but it's really not ideal. 


How to

Forcing requires patience and the ability to disconnect your computer from the internet. Make sure you have the Wifi and your data connection turned off on your Windows Phone and connect to Zune.  Go to settings and check for an update and as soon as you click the "Update" link in the settings you'll need to disconnect from the internet.

Let Zune come back and tell you that it can't check for an update right now, reconnect to the internet and you should see that an update is now available. Timing seems to be key and it may take you a few tries to get things just right (took me six tries).  From there you follow along with the update wizard and your Windows Phone is updated.

Windows Phone Updates

If this trick doesn't work, it likely means that the update files for your device aren't out there on the servers yet to be installed.  We were successful in forcing the update on the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 but couldn't get the HTC HD7S to update.  When all was said and done, the Windows Phone version ended up being 7.10.8858.136.

Interesting note on the 7.8 update is that it provides support for devices without a camera button. More than likely this is for future low-end devices like the Alcatel One Touch where the lack of a camera button will keep production costs down.  You may see this in a smaller update that installs before the 7.8 update goes through.


Step by step instructions to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update

  1. Connect your Windows Phone to a PC and launch the Zune software
  2. Click on Phone > Settings > Update. Allow the software to tell you whether an update is available. If so, skip this guide. If not continue to the next step.
  3. Time to force the update. Click another button (any of the options above or below the word Update). Then click the Update button again, and this time disconnect your computer from the internet after 1-2 seconds. Do this by pulling out the Ethernet cable, disabling Wi-Fi, etc. If it says your phone is already up to date, you didn't disconnect quickly enough and need to try this step again.
  4. Wait 30 seconds or so and Zune should display a notification that an update is available.
  5. Now reconnect to the internet and continue with the update process through the Zune software.
  6. Depending on what OS build you are starting with, you may be prompted for several OS updates
  7. Let the phone update and wait. The final OS build is 8858. If you are getting just 8779, you'll want to repeat 1-4 above
  8. You may also be prompted to install a firmware update at the very end, follow through with this
  9. Celebrate! The whole process, including backup could take up to 60 minutes. Check that you are on build 8858 to see if you are done.


What if this method just doesn't work?

This won't work for every Windows Phone out there, only those that are officially designated for the 7.8 update, so your experience will vary.

If you don't get the update, it can mean one of two things.

  1. Your software update is literally not on Microsoft's servers for your phone/carrier. Try again in a few days.
  2. Your update may never come.

On the second point, we're not too confident generation one devices or Sprint's Arrive will ever "officially" get this update, which is why try as they might this method will never work. For you folks, you'll have to do the more tricky manual CAB method.That will do the job but obviously it won't include any firmware. C'est la vie.

Let us know in the comments if you've had success with the forcing trick to get the update.


Reader comments

Forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update: Camera button not required but patience is



how long does the downloading files take? (the one STEP 2 OF 10: Downloading Updates...0%) >>>> On that step for 45 min with 0%, like WTH???

that's what i thought too, so now I don't know what to do with it, let on or try restarting phone and zune and force update again?

I think you have nothing to lose. The update itself has not started yet, so you can`t break your phone ( I hope ).  The last step is to unplug the USB cable, and try the update again

ok, i restarted Zun and Phone and unplugged it and got the forced update, but still hanging at 0%, seriously why :(

RobinPaul, I'm on a fast connection (70mb) and it took a a few seconds, but it should not take that long even on a slowish connection.... Did you reconnect your PC to the internet?, if not you might be downloading the update over your mobile connection. I could be wrong though as you shoudl really turn mobile data and wifi off (onthe phone) before you start.

yes, i plugged the ethernet cable back in and phone is in Airplane mode. So i seriously don't know what the hell is taking it so long :/

If I have my TMoUs HD7 unlocked, will I get the update? From reading the last 600+ posts, hard to tell if the HD7 owners getting the update are outside the US or if they are on TMoUS with an unlocked phone.

I have tmobus hd7 unlocked, running it in Canada on Wind, but cannot get the updates....  I was under the impression that MS was bypassing all the carriers, but it appears that this isn't the case, if it was, then TmobUS HD7 would get the updates like other HD7s.  Bell, O2 and others have their updates...

I am thinking the exact same thing, that Microsoft is not bypassing all carriers. They might have done a behind the scenes coordination of most carriers, but clearly not everyone is getting the update.

All I get out of TMoUS on Twitter is "No news on the update," "We have no official news to share," and "Our newest information is at This link will update when a new version is available."

Updated my HTC HD7 just like described in tutorial.
Wait for about 10 seconds and disable the network adapter. Succeded after 5'th attempt.
Unbranded HTC HD7 on Telenor provider / Serbia

It works on unlocked HTC Arrive like a charm. I like the new interface and since it is such a beautiful phone, wp8 can wait as I'm holding on to this one.

How?!?! I've been trying for days. You follow the steps Verbatim? Maybe it's a regional thing. I'm from South Texas.

I bought mine some time ago, was never locked or attached to any plan. Don't know why yours does not work. Did you manage to get the update? I just followed the usual steps.

I sat in front of my computer & zune for about 2 hours/3 days straight unplugging & replugging, restarting zune, & variations of the trick based on other's comments, but still nothing.  Very frustrating.

Sorry to hear that. I guess you have to wait until you get it by the carrier. What happens exactly?

After disabling WIFI/airplane mode on phone, I plug it in & open zune on my desktop. I select update & receive "phone is up-to-date" message, which is 7.10 (7720). I select another option, then back to 'update,' then I immediately disable ethernet port or physically unplug the ethernet cable from MOBO. It doesn't matter whether I wait 1, 2, & 3 seconds or immediately unplug/disable ethernet, the result is the same: "Can't check for updates right now, try again later." Waiting beyond 3 seconds to disable/unplug internet results in "phone is up-to-date message." I've timed the wait before I unplug/disable internet & it never goes beyond 3 seconds, even after I restart Zune. My phone isn't unlocked, so maybe the problem is Sprint's got a vice grip on non-unlocked phones getting the update. I'm gonna keep trying, but I won't try the CAB/seven-eighter thing until my contract expires in mid-April. At that point I'll decied to either wait until August or switch. Thanks for the help though.

Well ,you can also try toggling the enable/disable ethernet port until you get an answer.. That's how my first update kicked in. Hope it helps.

Appreciate the tip! Worked on my Lumia 900 which I bought unlocked. It appears the update did not wanted to come easy, so I used the "forced" method described above and after the 4-th try the update was prompted :D really timing is important, also note that I have removed the SIM card from the phone and removed the screenlock.

The Zune trick worked (after a couple of tries) on my Lumia 800 and a Lumia 900 in Luxembourg. To get it to 8858 it took 3 updates on the L800 and 2 on the L900.

I have been trying to talk to AT&T about timing on when phone other than Lumia will get the update and all I freakin get is "sorry for the inconvenience"

Works fine on my unbrandend HTC Titan in Poland:) I took me about 10-15 attempts to unplug the network at the right moment, and then the phone went updated 3 times, finally to 7.10.8858.136 :)

TITAN II Owners Be warned:       
@djdoubt03 Hi Toby - Thanks for the question. HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.
03:10 PM - 31 Jan 13
From my twitter

We are all go in NZ. Lumia 800 on Vodafone. Update trick worked a charm (took 5 goes - 6 seconds after clicking update, turn off wifi)..
So glad MS have finally got the updates working properly.

Wow-over 700 comments and lots of stress and anxiety over an update that brings practically nothing!

well im giving up on 3th update, im stuck on Step 2 of 10: downloading Updates ... 0%, it's won't get passed 0% for some reason and don't know why -_-

Wow-700 comments and lots of stress and anxiety over an update that brings.....practically nothing!

it's a useful upgrade that maximises the use of space in my start screen.
you just sound like a bitter person. struggling to make and keep friends?

Definately not bitter and have lots of friends. What are you getting at?
Read my lips-this update brings nothing but new colors and tile sizing. Major fail on MS's part when there are so many things they could have brought but pretty much gave all of us early adopters the middle finger.

TITAN II Owners Be warned:

@djdoubt03 Hi Toby - Thanks for the question. HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.
03:10 PM - 31 Jan 13

From my twitter

Hi i have lumia 710 and i did every thing like in text,and now i have 8853 build,but it said its 7.5 not 7.8,and when i go to update on zune it just say to restore back to 8779,and my phone is same as before 7,5 .... please help me ????

Yeah I used the Zune trick to get the Mango on my Arrive but man this time around I had not luck I either get the device has the latest update or there not internet connection. Will try later.

It seems to get Ringtone maker and Bt to work you need: Fireware: 1750.0823.8858.12460
But it doesnt seem as if yo can force thus update as once Zune see you're on 7.10.8858.136 it doesnt look for more updates.
What can be done about this?  :(


Just did it this morning, and redid my start screen twice :)
So, consider that a confirmation for Hawai'i on AT&T, Lumia 900.

Error 8007EFF or Phone already updated they could make this easier if they would just push the update out like a normal one.

A couple of dudes have, yesterday & day before, apparently.  Don't know where they're from though.  I've been trying since day one, but I haven't been able to get it to work no matter what I try.  South Texas.

After failing to make the cable trick work yesterday, i tried again today and to my surprise, the cable trick worked! Either the update only started to make its way to the servers today, or i was doing something wrong yesterday!
But anyway.... looking forward to 7.8 on my HTC 7 Mozart!!!

Finally got the update after 3 updates:
Lumia 800, unbranded here in the UK on Zune in Windows 8.
I believe the trick is to know how fast the server responds to an update query. I get a response in about 6 seconds. Therefore I pull the LAN cable at about 4 seconds after clicking UPDATE. If i get no response after about 7 seconds, I push the LAN cable back to restore the internet connect and pull it out again in about 5 seconds. I keep repeating until the update shows up. Hope this method help others who hasn't been lucky.

Works in Australia. I have a Lumia 800 on Optus and it worked. Had to turn off the wireless on the phone after 5 seconds not the laptop though.

i, gonna go on a limb and guess it hasent hit the servers for focus in the US. im unlocked but only have an att sim, ive been trying all day and no luck.

Worked for me ! Nokia 800 , Telus , Canada. 3 updates required. After each update, unplug phone, restart zune,plug phone in again, do the dance again as instructed in the article. Worked like a charm

Hi all! Just signed inst this comment. Lumia 710 for Movistar Argentina, I was able to force the update just like WPCentral advices!!! I'm already running WP7.8! Is just a matter of timing, which I "mastered" reading advice from lots of other members. Thing works like this, airplane mode in the phone, plug tu computer, Zune starts. Go to settings, click update, and the count to 3 or 4 and cut the wifi. If it worked, instead of the "can't check right now", you'll get "Update available for your device" (if not, you get the can't check... stuff. Keep trying, is a matter of timing). Reconnect to the wifi, and click on update. It can give you just one update (three in total), if so, you'll have to repeat this two more times. During the whole process time (I mean, while you try to nail the wifi-off "game"), don't let your screen lock, I mean, keep your tiles always visible, don't let the phone lock.
Worked great for me! Hope the same for you all. Thanks to WPCentral and it's members for the help! Time to enjoy my "new" phone!

I solved this by creating a script in EventGhost. The script is pasted below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<EventGhost Version="1610" Guid="{41074DC0-C41D-4F73-91FE-EE4F5237AF57}" Time="1359678003.07">

    <Autostart Name="Autostart" Expanded="True">

        <Plugin Identifier="Keyboard" Guid="{59CBD10F-C1D8-4ADB-999B-9B76BA360F1F}" File="Keyboard">




    <Macro Name="Emulate Keystrokes: {down}" Expanded="True">

        <Event Name="Keyboard.LCtrl+R" />


            Window.SendKeys(u'{down}', False)



            Window.SendKeys(u'{enter}', False)






            System.Execute(u'stopp.bat', u'', 0, False, 2, u'', False)






            System.Execute(u'start.bat', u'', 0, False, 2, u'', False)





Save as something.xml on your desktop and load in Event Ghost.


Use: Open Zune and connect your phone as all the other posts here have mentioned. Replace all the Start Application actions with the start.bat and stop.bat files on your own system. In Zune, click on the entry above the ''Update" in settings (mine is in Norwegian, so I don't know what yours will be called). Then, while EventGhost is in the background, launch the batch process with LCtrl+R. The batch will now press arrow down and select "update", wait 5.5 seconds and then disable the network adapter before waiting 5 seconds to enable it again.


You might need to adjust the initial pause action depending on your system.


This script is dependent on two files on the desktop: A start.bat script that contains


netsh interface set interface "Wi-Fi" ENABLED


and a stop.bat that contains


netsh interface set interface "Wi-Fi" DISABLED


Note that the quoted text (Wi-Fi) is the name of your network adapter. Also, these lines of code needs to be executed with administrator priveliges on your computer. This is dependent on your environment and I will leave it up to you to figure it out (hints: group policy -> Run all administrators in administrator mode somethingsomething: Disabled. Remember to enable after!)

i have a htc titan 2 and i have no luck yet. i will keep trying.. :(, how do i get th pop up? after i disconnect?

I was able to get the force update through zune by the way I'm from Austin (TX). Just as everyone had mention it about doing the force update is that (it takes some time and patience). I use this link from youtube to help me out on how to push the update. Hope this helps out!

Windows Phone 7.8 on AT&T Lumia 900. Steps to get the update is in the video. Comment any questions im here to help!! Here are the steps to update-
1. Connect your lumia to zune, and put the phone on airplane mode
2. go into the "View sync options" on zune
3. have your internet connection window on your laptop open- youll need it for the next step
6. keep repeating step 4 until you get it to work. you will have to keep turning on the internet after each failed attempt. but trust me, it WILL work!

Need some advice. I tried to force the update on my Nokia Lumia 900 last night. It worked or so I thought. It did not update to 7.8 so  I am assuming there was an update I previously missed. I decided to restore my phone to the previous saved backup and try again on1/31. Again no update available. I hooked my wife's phone up and it updated no problem whatsoever. I tried mine again and no luck. I even tried the force method again and I can't get it to work now. I have done nothing to my phone, but am stymied why my wife's phone would pick this update up and mine won't. Any suggestions?

I succesfuly updated my devices to WP 7.8:
- Nokia Lumia 900 (Rogers)
- LG Optimus 7 (Telus) e900
- LG Optimus Quantum (Bell) c900

It wont work for me. I have a Lumia 900, and it just keeps telling me it cant check for updates at this time when I try this trick

Completed all 3 updates just now. Nokia Lumia 900 Philippines here. Im so happy to finally got the update after almost 2 hours. I used a different trick posted here.
1. Connect your device and open zune
2. Open command prompt and type in: ipconfig/release (Do not press enter yet)
3. Press in Zune "Update"
4. wait about 2-5 depending on your connection (5 seconds for me) and press in Cmd Prompt "enter"
5. Zune will have either have up-todate, cannot connect to internet... or update available. It all depends on right timeing.
6. Type in Cmd Prompt ipconfig/renew if no update is available
7. Follow the steps in zune "enter"
I personally find this much easier and faster to do than unpugging the internet. Goodluck to those who are still trying..

No luck updating my T-Mobile Lumia 710. I've been trying since yesterday with no luck. Guess the update isn't available for my 710 yet:/

Are you on T-Mo USA? if so I think T-Mo USA hasn't sent the Update. I have a HTC HD7 and been trying the Unplug Trick with no Luck.

I can now confirm that changing Samsung Focus to Rogers (canada) the disconnect trick works.
I am still at 8773, but have already made the two previous updates.
The timing to disconnect is crucial and totally depends on your internet speed.

The trick worked for me on my Lumia 900 on AT&T in San Francisco Bay area. It took me longer than is should have because when I plugged the ethernet cable back in I was not waiting for the system tray network icon to say I had re-established connectivity before I tried the sequence again. Took two updates to get to 7.8. About 2 seconds was my wait time when pulling the plug.

HTC HD7 Unlocked/Unbranded Singapore.
Confirm. Downloading 3rd update now (7.10.8858) using the Zune trick (as was nodo and mango too)
Had problem with syncing though. I have lots of videos and zune kept giving me error C00D124D "Phone is not responding) while syncing some video files. so The upgrade process keeps failing.
Finally got it to work by reinstalling zune and clean up registry using WiseRC. Don't know actually what's wrong, because I never had this problem before. Anyway installing updates itself doesn't take long, but syncing and backing up take 1 hour. at least.
One of the update description says:
*Provides other Windows Quality improvement*
Does anybody knows what they are?
Hm... really happy now with the new look. Kind of having a breath of fresh air.

Upgraded my omnia w to wp7.8 using the trick to force it ..
But i dont see two options which were supposed to b there

1. Google as default search engine.
2.ability to share apps directly from list of apps simply by tap nd holding it to show options like pin to start uninstall and share also !!!

Upgraded my omnia w to wp7.8 using the trick to force it ..
But i dont see two options which were supposed to b there

1. Google as default search engine.
2.ability to share apps directly from list of apps simply by tap nd holding it to show options like pin to start uninstall and share also !!!

anybody updated their lg c900 from att?
please reply to post......going crazy here, i keep getting that my phone is up to date 7.10(7720).....

Using Flight mode works. Need to wait for 6-7 seconds before disconnecting internet, lesser time didn't work for me.
NO MORE ENDLESS PANNING on my windows phone, very HAPPY!
Omnia 7, Unlocked, Australia

Anyone with AT&T Titan 2 got the update?
I can see people with different OEMs and carriers have received the update including other HTC and AT&T phones but not Titan 2.

I can 100% confirm that the Australian Vodafone HTC Trophy works with the trick! I have just finished updating to 7.8. Before which I was fully updated but note I had to download a total of FIVE updates each time using the trick before it finally got 7.8. Took about 150 disconnects from the net, but worth it in the end.

Just want it to say I got it to work on my Japanese IS12T on AU-KDDI network.
Took me a bit of time, several trials, and 3 updates until I got to the last one, but I definitely love it.
Still, it'd be nice if Microsoft brought several other of the improvents that are completely unrelated with HW, such as the emoticons, from WP8. Guess I'll have to wait for my 2year contract to end and then update to WP8. Hope that by then it will have been launched in Japan, 'cause still no signs of it anywhere. We are definitely 2nd class citizens now as far as Microsoft stuff goes.

anybody updated their lg c900 from att?
please reply to post......going crazy here, i keep getting that my phone is up to date 7.10(7720).....

This actually worked, but because you have to do three updates, it took me several hours to complete all three updates. Now working like a charm!
I didn't have to put the phone into Airplane-mode, disconnecting the data connection and wifi was enough. Just follow this guide exactly to the words, and it will all work out fine for you aswell (eventually).

Confirming the Dutch HTC Titan (unbranded): First I received the old update 8779, after that, I received nothing (it said no new updates), then I received a new update, with the camera button thingy, and after that I had to try a few more times (it kept saying no new updates) I finally received 7.8 :D

All, I have been trying to update my unlocked HTC Mozart on O2 UK for the last 2 days, trying the various methods even timing the disconnect with a stopwatch without any success, has anyone else on O2 UK been able to update?

I can't believe this actually worked!
I unplugged my internet after 5 sceonds checking for update and I found them.
Now running Windows Phone 7.8 on my Nokia Lumia 800 (Three UK). 

mate!! tries it 5 times since yesterday....doesnt work after giving the error message that it cant fid updates now!....uuuuuuuuuuuuum, can someone PLEASE put up a video tutorial for those of us dying to get the update! maybe were doing it wrong....PREEEETTY PLEEEEASE...ANYONE!! 

Seriously guys having lumia phone updated to 7.8
does your marketplace showing Bluetooth share and ringtone maker in Nokia collection?
I tried from link on the pages posted but can't download.
I have lumia 710 india

Hey guys, here's a tip I picked up on in my experience of forcing the update: You pretty much have to get lucky. Zune seems to get finicky, it seems to connect so fast it tells you you're up to date, or it doesn't establish a connection before you dissconect and you get an error.
Just keep trying till you get it, change the timing a little, etc. It only took one try to get the preliminary update (No camera button required) update, yet it took me about 20 to get the actual 7.8 update. Just keep trying and hope you get lucky.

I been trying to do the Cable Trick with no luck, I was able to do the cable trick for mango when it first came out. I think T-Mo USA hasn't updated the server with the wp 7.8 and that is why we haven't been able to Update.

No!! disconnect the Ethernet cable from the modem or disconnect the Wi-fi if u are using a laptop

Running 7.8 on unlocked Lumia 800 in Sweden (got a contract w 3). Used the forced trick and it works fine when you get your timing right!

WOW!!!! the trick worked like a charm..tried 5 times, my third try was a success....its really true that the TIMING is third update is downloading while i type..YAAY!!!!!!
I am from chennai, India and I own a Lumia 710...

Greetings from Macedonia.
Kudos for the hack. After 10 unsuccessful attempts I finally managed to get the update! The thing that worked for me was:
1) turn airplane mode on
2) wait 5 seconds and switch wireless adapter  off.
Hope you find this useful.

Thank you so much. This helped me a lot and by following this only i have updated my Samsung Omnia W I3850 with Windows Phone 7.8 !!!

still no luck today with focus att US, ive been searching for a rogers retail rom, but even on xda i only find links that lead to spam viruses and junk lol

I have no clue how this works, but this did work for my lumia 900 AT&T....Awesome this method is :)
Nothing great about the update, but the resizeable icons are a real handy thing :)
Hoping for more useful updates in the future such as these :)

after 5 times tring it works to 8779, another 5 times to 8858. can't express how genius u r~!
8858 might be the last update for lumia 900, oh~ sad suddenly 

its not microsoft, its att, i just did some research and found out att has been rejecting updates for older wp7 devices for quite some time. regardless of what they say the reasons are for, i read over quite a few, its probly cause they want new contracts and a chance to kick a few more people off that unlimited data(if they were lucky enough to grandfather in). at any rate im using the wph method on my focus since im pretty sure att wont push for the focus and it seems to be working pretty well so far.       if you want to go the same route

TMobile HD7 owners:  I updated mine using XDA Cab Method and works really great!
HTC and T-Mobile repeatedly said they do not have any plans to update.  So Screw Them.
Since this is the last update to WP7 I do not care. Cab method must be done in two steps as described in the XDA thread otherwise there may be some issues with settings sections.
Check the Cab method. My HD7 is carrier unlocked by T-Mobile (branded T-mobile)

just finished, and everythings beautiful and working, ATT focus 1.3 now on 7.8 thanks to jaxbot over at wph. for anyone skeptical about its ease its pretty much automatic and it works.

I was only able to get one update loaded to my Focus on ATT. It is now at 8107. Can someone post the different firmware versions and what they mean? I believe I just got the disappearing keyboard fix, right? Thelast update eventually times out and then the phone says update was unsuccessful. How do you even tell what step you are on with the tool. The info goes by so fast?

 I tried it and I did it. To the third step (8858) I needed trying a lot of times, 6 or 8 times more or less.
 Great Help, Thanks.
 I'm from Spain with a HTC Titan, free of operators

After Trying 100 times i finally got my lumia 900 to update and when the update was done it was still on what do i do it keeps asking we to restore my phone...........

Okay guys, here's the trick, open zune, connect your phone and go to settings, start the default update check and note the number of seconds it takes to do so, after it is done checking, it will probably show "your phone is up to date." now what you need to do is start update check once again and disconnect your internet about 2 seconds before the average noted time, this will increase the probability of hitting the right time.
                                                                                                                                  other way to go is that if you are getting your phone up to date, then you are disconnecting later than required and if you are getting cannot check, than you are disconnecting earlier. 
                                        after a few tries it worked for me, on lumia 710, it installed 4 updates, the fourth one was nokia update for windows phone, i'm not sure what it does though..

Working flawlessly on my HTC radar. Well it did take 3 hours of my time but finally came through. I did 3 updates all using this trick to finally update to win 7.8. I checked for how many seconds it took to check for update then subtracted a few seconds to pull out the lan cable. Internet is a bit slow here in Pakistan so it was usually taking 15 seconds on average to check so I pulled out the cable around 10 seconds to get it working.

It finally worked! You have to disconnect about 2-3 seconds after you check for update. You must count “1 telhas zebbi – 2 telhas zebbi” and NOT “Mississipi” in order for this to work. And finally, rest assured Nokia and WP…This will be the last phone I will buy from you as the update doesn’t have an Arabic keyboard. And I will not buy a new WP for that.

It finally worked! You have to disconnect about 2-3 seconds after you check for update. You must count “1 telhas zebbi – 2 telhas zebbi” and NOT “Mississipi” in order for this to work. And finally, rest assured Nokia and WP…This will be the last phone I will buy from you as the update doesn’t have an Arabic keyboard. And I will not buy a new WP for that.

Thanks, my lumia 800 is now updating to wp7.8
I had to download two minor updates before the 7.8 update came through.

Thankfully I didn't need to force it like I did with Tango, my HTC Titan international carrier unlocked import just got the 7.8 update.

Just updated my wifes HTC Radar (International Unlocked). Had to use the trick discribed in this article though. Total updates installed were 3, of which the last one was the 7.8 update. Sweet!

What has 80072FA8 error or just no update found!
On this time I tried a long time update with disconnect trick. But... no updates.
NOW... from FIRST time update was found!

yeah... first of all good things happen to UK. So we will use UK proxy.
Go to Settings - mobile network , then edit apn. In "APN, Username, Password" I typed my provider settings. In "Proxy server/URL" type and in "Proxy port" type 8080. Here Done.
Next step: in computer STILL connected internet, in phone wifi is disconnected.
And last step: in Zune click update. Waiting about ~2 minutes, because proxy is very slow.

HTC Radar, unlocked, tried this trick for about half an hour, got all 3 updates. Thanks for sharing :)

I'm still unable to get the update for my Lumia 900 on AT&T. I was getting an error, but no longer am after uninstalling my Anti-virus/firewall. Now Zune is just saying my phone is already up to date (8779) and this trick isn't working.

No, I tried 1000 times, this method doesn't work on AT&T Titan 2.
I have updated it using seveneighter, everything works ok except some of the settings for example lock+wallpaper, about, etc... do not open.

If I do this, and then the update comes for my HTC Radar 4G for T-Mobile later with Zune, what will happen??? 

What is this sh......why i am getting error that "make sure your computer is connected to internet" after step 3?

Well.....I FINALLY got my Lumia 900 using Straight Talk to update after 3 days of trying (or is it 2 days? I forget). 
Updating as we speak.

As a recently disgruntled AT&T  HTC Titan II owner getting tired of HTC refusing to pust updates I used the Seveneighter app to do the update, works great.

Worked fine for me. Got it first time round, then as it wasn't upto the final build had to do three times. Only took an hour altogether. Lumia 710 - unlocked in UK.

We have found a  way to install Windows Phone 8 OS on to single core phones by our university researches. We implemented this on Lumia 710 and 800 series. But we have to disable some feature on WP8 which provides good sync. between threads and processes on real WP8 phones. However, we made it. We are testing the phones for 4 days, and we never been crashed. 
We can never use dual core advantages but, by switching between processes so fast provides us a dual-core-like environment. (This slows down our application nearly %10 because of context switchings between processes, but cheats OS to think it is processing on a dual core processes.) Nevertheless, we can use the OS fully functional with applications and everything.
We will update you how to do that, pray for us not to things go bad.

i did the update thing forced it and it came on ma phone sayin the update is available then i did it and nthing seems to change i check on the about area in settings and it came software version 7.5 after it said update successfull

Question for any savvy people out there:
I've got an AT&T Focus Flash that I've got running here in Canada on Rogers. I used the Samsung wireless manager app to make it run on Rogers. However, do I still have to wait for AT&T to enable the update? Rogers does not carry the Focus Flash. Will I have to reset the settings to connect to AT&T's network, or can I just leave it connected to Rogers and hope the update comes?

I have a Focus Flash as well. I can't answer your question because I don't know. But, I do know that I have tried force updating my phone several times and it doesn't work. I don't think our phone is popular enough to get the update. I know the Lumia 710 won't be getting the update but that might also be because it is a T-Moblie phone. Anyways, I have yet to get the update and I'm assuming two things: we won't be getting the update or it's because our phone isn't well known enough to get the update.

im soooo tired of trying everything, trying to get zune to pick up the update!!! disconnecting is really not letting the update go thru....keep saying is up to date, 2210. 
i dont know what to do anymore...i downloaded sevenneigher, but dont know what to do with it? no instructions or the exe. icon!!

FWIW - the easiest way to get the update is to fire up the Windows Phone app on your PC or Mac. Hit the "Check for Updates" button in the program with your Lumia plugged in. The WinPhone app will download the update pretty fast onto your PC and then update/install the Lumia. 

I did this on a Friday night and the update/install was done in less than an hour.
Hope this helps someone out!

I'm just getting error code 80072FA8 whenever I press update on Zune. Its really frustrating as i can browse websites as well download contents, but Zune keeps on telling that "Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later"
While starting up of Zune, it displays "Can't connect to internet through your phone". Are they both relaated somehow? 

What has 80072FA8 error or just no update found!
On this time I tried a long time update with disconnect trick. But... no updates.
NOW... from FIRST time update was found!

yeah... first of all good things happen to UK. So we will use UK proxy.
Go to Settings - mobile network , then edit apn. In "APN, Username, Password" I typed my provider settings. In "Proxy server/URL" type and in "Proxy port" type 8080. Here Done.
Next step: in computer STILL connected internet, in phone wifi is disconnected.
And last step: in Zune click update. Waiting about ~2 minutes, because proxy is very slow.

It's no clear still? :) 
Zune check updates over phone internet. We know, that Microsoft gives updates just for some region firstly. Basic regions are UK, Germany, Spain, France... (I'm from Lithuania) I read, that someone got update without tricks in UK. So, I find working proxy from UK. Then I edited APN in phone, that he using to cellular data internet over proxy. And last ... Zune check for updates over phone internet (now he thinks, that phone is in UK). And... update is available. :)
Hm... I checked and is possible add proxy over wifi:
Go to wifi settings --- long press on your wifi network --- enable Proxy --- add IP and Port.

Well today I kept my wi-fi on phone enabled. And tried to forced update, like 10,000th time and yep, an update was available. But in installing it gave another error, aaargh. So, after again working like a maniac for 6-7 hours, I'm able to find an update. Hopefully, this time it works!!

Worked for my Lumia 800 on t-mobile in the UK. Needed to update 3 times, the last one was the new start screen.

Works perfectly with my Nokia Lumia 610! On my experience, I had to update it thrice.
I disconnected each at around 15 seconds and it worked.

It wont work for me. I have a Lumia 900, and it just keeps telling me it cant check for updates at this time when I try this trick

It was telling me the same thing. Then, I found I was disconnecting too fast. I had to count to 3-4 and finally, it was beginning to work. So, if you're getting that message, that's what that means. You're disconnecting from the 'net too soon.

UK Users!

I collated some info from the comments here and elsewhere after following the above instructions with no success.
This worked for me:
Plug in. Load zune. Phone. Settings. Update. Status: no update available.
Airplane mode. Update. Pull ethernet cable after 5 seconds. Status: update available.
Reconnect ethernet cable. Update.
Rinse and repeat until you reach 7.10.8858.136.

this thred is more about lumia getting the updates with no issues at all.
i got lg quantum c900 from att usa,,east coast.....
i still getting the internet disconnection issues, still either shows me that my cell is up to date or it no internet..
im soooo tired of this disconnecting crap already, why doesnt microsoft just release the update.....!!
i  dont know how to use the sevennighter software thing either...
if anybody have anything that can help me, please reply to this comment on the right!!! thanks.

Hallelujah..!!! I just updated my Lumia 800 (Indian bought and unlocked) to WP7.8. This method works perfectly with a few minor adjustments that i had to do after nothing seemed to work. Finally after reading all the comments and a few experiments later (and the 100s of times i tried this method unsuccessful before) I managed to successfully upgrade. The key here i feel is determining how fast your net connection is.
1. After you connect your device to Zune you need to determine exactly how long it takes to get a response from the servers
2. See how long it takes to get the following response "Your phone is up to date".
3. Once you get done with timing how long it takes (i used a stopwatch to be precise as thats how desperate I was) you need to play around with disconnecting your internet connection a tad before that number. It turned out that I had to wait 5.5 seconds before i disconnected as I got the "your phone is up to date" message in around 6 seconds.
4. Keep trying (trust me it works as I initially thought that my device was not lucky enough for the update) and you will have to repeat the same steps till you work up to the 8858 update.
Hope this helps. Cheers!!