Windows Phone 7.8

Finally got Windows Phone 7.8? We'll help get you started

The Windows Phone 7.8 update is here. Well, it will be once you're able to update your hardware should you not go down the manual route. We've all be eagerly awaiting the notification that there's a new build available, but what if you overlook a new feature or miss new functionality through excitement (with or without comforting alcohol), or simply not being aware that such magic exists? We'll quickly run you through on how to get started with the 7.8 update.

Microsoft has already detailed what's included in the latest released, but we'll quickly run through what feature controls the arms, and how you can move the legs to not reproduce the famous QWOP jog. Now, where to begin? Here's what we'll be covering in this quick walkthrough:

  • Resizing Live Tiles on the start screen
  • Unlocking the added accent colours
  • Setting up the lockscreen to load rotating Bing wallpapers

That's it? There's not a whole lot to the update, I'm afraid. Unfortunately if you'd want to take advantage of new hardware and future enhancements, Windows Phone 8 is a definite upgrade. But for those who actually use a smartphone as a mobile calling device, the 7.8 update will prolong the life of the handset until an attached contract ends or funds are available for an upgrade.

Check out our quick visual run through of the update too:


Resizing Live Tiles on the start screen

Windows Phone 7.8 Tiles

Resizing Live Tiles is a new concept to those who are on Windows Phone 7, especially if you're not into reading up on what's new in version 8. So how does one resize said tiles to either reveal more information or shrink real estate down to a manageable level? It's as easy as moving tiles around, simply press and hold on any tile and live app shortcuts that support multiple sizes will have an arrow present in the corner, like so:

Live Tile Resizing

Hit the corresponding arrow to either shrink or enlarge that individual tile. It'll then blow up the screen or integrate into an available space between other tiles. Job done. You're now up-to-date with tile management. Moving on.


Unlocking the added accent colours

Windows Phone 7.8 Accents

Setting up and configuring accents is a basic customisable setting, and is one most Windows Phone owners are more than accustomed with. Choosing different themes for the smartphone refreshes the look of the UI and any apps that make use of the system theme. This helps reflect the mood of the owner, or to spice up the experience.

Windows Phone 7.8 bumps the number of available colours to 20, further expanding the choice on how the phone looks when in use. This new collection of accents matches what's currently available in Windows Phone 8. To make a change, head on over to Settings > Theme.


Setting up the lockscreen to load rotating Bing wallpapers

Windows Phone 7.8 Lock Screen

The lockscreen is an important part of the Windows Phone experience since it's what first greets the user when either switching on or waking up a device. Information displayed here on Windows Phone 7 is limited to the time, date, any calendar appointments and a handful of icons to represent missed content (SMS, calls, email, etc.)

The issue with the wallpaper behind this content is that it's static. One has to change the image displayed manually by heading into settings or by adding an image from the Photos hub. Windows Phone 8 expands on this functionality by allowing apps to tap into lockscreen support and alter content and images automatically. This isn't featured in the 7.8 update, but we do get the next best thing - Bing wallpapers.

These wallpapers rotate automatically and offer a unique experience to manually configuring what's displayed. To set up the Bing wallpapers, head into Settings > Lock+ Wallpaper and you'll be in the right place for personalising your Windows Phone further.

So there you have it, folks. A simple walkthrough on what's new in Windows Phone 7.8, just in case you missed anything through our previous coverage.


Reader comments

Finally got Windows Phone 7.8? We'll help get you started


I do not like the new build of 7.8. The beta build was better. The new boot screen is too plain. There is no progress bar like 7.5. So I don't know if my phone is stuck or just loading. The arrow to apps screen is on the bottom now. They should have added a option to disable it. Its so awkward down there. Text doesnt resize on small tiles, so apps that use live text is useless now. Couple of apps are broken on 7.8, like the weather channel. Alert sounds dont go through my headphones anymore when plugged in.


The arrow app is an indicator that you've reached the end of your start screen and there is more to discover to the right. Same use as before, just a different location. I think it's a good visual.

Small tiles are far too small to have legible text so I don't see how this is an issue.

If an app is broken that's the developer's fault, not 7.8.

I am no proper tech head but no a bit anyone who can get my handset (hd7) updated with 7.8 i will give a new crisp £20 note to i have not got a pc with w8 or anything on it i dont know what to do i live in Staffordshire any help or anything els appreciated or reply to this.

Finally got it installed in HTC radar.
Unlike lumia, this installs in Radar in 5 steps (for me, though)
1st time 8107 -> 8773 (3 updates)
there after 4 individual times (I was required to use cable trick)... and Voila...finally 8858 ...WP7.8
Mine is an unlocked HTC Radar from India.

"Thanks for the question. HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade."
Complete disappointment!!!!!

Just use the manual CAB install method. It's easy and it worked flawlessly on my Titan. I updated it to both 8107 way back when and now up to the latest 7.8 install.

Something not mentioned was you can now send voice notes through SMS. Start a new message, click the attach button, and  your options should now be "photo or video" and "voice note". Maybe that option was there before and I just never noticed it. Haha.

Just put the seveneighter on my US Tmo HD7. was quick, fast, and easy. The Regular icons are HUGE now. Not much has changed I just like the look of a newer phone. Waiting for something similar to the 920 for Tmo before I upgrade.

Finally got it to work on my L900 via "force update" method, or should I say- via Mr. Daniel Rubino method? Thank you very much! Just wondering: was this method a "by accident discovery", or there is some "science" behind?

hey guys, i need some help here. i tried to update my hd7 using windows phone hacker tool. i have selected the language packs. when i click on 'continue', the tool says 'downloading updates' but stucks at 0% for over an hour. any help?

Are you using the 7-8'er? Mine took around 5 mins to install, but then again I didnt use WP Hacker tool.

FYI, you can use the automatic updater Seven-Eighter to get your Att Titan 2 up to the 7.8 update. My Titan 2 is on contract, normal locked phone. This gave me the official update from Microsoft. Its legit, not a custom rom, the real deal. Even Zune recognizes it once its installed. HTC is not putting out the update on att anytime soon. This was the easiest way to get it without hacking your phone.

Updated finally to 7.8. I thought Microsoft will give something more to old WP users, but just new live titles and bing wallpaper? That sucks.

Hello everyone, Just wanted to tell that I used the SevenEighter by the WPHacker and it worked great!! My Lumia 610 is running on Win 7.8 now. :)

I've started to think that some carriers have opted out of providing the 7.8 update for good reason. I have the Verizon Trophy which I manually updated with the easy update tool previously posted. It may be that this phone is not capable of powering the latest WP7 update effectively. The new UI is nice however immediately I noticed that it has almost gone into slow motion. It seems everything moves 20% slower than it used to. For example when I recieve a text message now, the  phone vibrates, pause, screen turns on, and about-2 long seconds later the banners shows up. All the UI animations are in slow motion. 
Is anyone else experiencing a similair problem? I'm even more anxious now for my WP8 upgrade this summer. 

Bluetooth Share and Ringtone maker app are not showing in marketplace. And when I found them through QR code it shows your software needs to be update or not for your region but I've updated today to 7.8....

Updated both Samsung Flash phones - the one still is dinging (!!!ARGH!!!) and the other works for the most part. I've had it go into a crash loop twice over the weekend (battery pull broke the vicious cycle) and this morning it was slow and laggy. Rebooted it and it was fine now. This is not a good thing.
I want Windows Phone 8. :grrr:

Just used the tool and it worked perfectly with my HTC Titan.  :)
刚刚用了这个工具,HTC Titan完美升级。  :)

Does my Samsung Focus S will receive this update?. I'm still waiting the update :(
Ohh, By the way If I force the update, I would update my Samsung. Hope you say yes!   :)

The Only complaints I have in WP 7.8 is Bing Search.. NO Music Search and NO more saving images directly in BING SEARCH. WHY!!!!!!!!!!??