New firmware suggests Lumia 620 heading to Canada’s TELUS and Koodo Mobile

Good news for those looking to pick up the Nokia Lumia 620 (we swear, our review is coming up soon) as the phone is evidently not only heading to Rogers but also TELUS and Koodo Mobile.

The evidence for the 3.8” 1GHz dual-core CPU device reportedly lies on Nokia’s Navifirm servers where firmware for the device is labeled with the carrier’s names on board (we were unable to verify). Last we checked, we’ve never seen a firmware with carrier branding not come to market, so this is a pretty good sign.

Of course what firmware doesn’t tell us is pricing or availability, so both of those things are still up in the air, though presumably it will be released around the same time as Rogers in March for around $300.

The little Lumia 620 is packs quite a few features on board including a ClearBlack display, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage (expandable via microSD), NFC and front/rear facing cameras with Windows Phone 8 Portico. Think of it as a casual Windows Phone for those who want an entry level smart device without spending a lot (or who just prefer compact).

Hopefully we’ll hear more about the Lumia 620 getting carrier pickups over the next few weeks. There is still no indication of a US carrier—major, regional or MVNO—picking up this brightly colored device just yet.

See our unboxing and hands on video with the Lumia 620 above.

Via: Mobile Syrup; Thanks, Jigar S, for the tip!


Reader comments

New firmware suggests Lumia 620 heading to Canada’s TELUS and Koodo Mobile


Me too, but at this point I am happy to get anything.  I'll likely pick this up to replace my LG Optimus 7 as an interim phone while I wait for something better.  For the price it would be not a big deal if the 41MP Lumia comes to TELUS as well later on.

This might be why with some carriers, they have discontinued the Lumia 710. That's what a rep told me last friday when I went to a Rogers store. I was surprised. So I guess they're preparing the way for the Lumia 620! Good job Nokia! Windows Phone could really grab huge portions of the low end market because Android phones lag and are really ugly IMO

Does Rogers availability warrant a 1700Mhz band usable with T-Mo US 3G...Srry if that is a completely false speculation as I am quite clueless on spectrum matter of things ;). Tnks, gents!

So are black and cyan the only colors with matte finishes? The green is awesome but I hate glossy fingerprint magnets. Of course, I already have a 920 anyway...


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