That's right, we stole it - so what?

Fine. You caught us. The Windows Mobile Marketplace aped Android's oh-so-unique idea of putting its logo on a shopping bag. We're guilty. And while we're confessing, here are a few more things we did to our open-source cousins:

  • We stole your ball.
  • We broke your crayons.
  • We took your lunch money.
  • We tied your shoelaces together.
  • We pulled your hair.

But don't let that cute little green robot fool you. After the break are a few things we believe might have been pilfered by Andy the Android, if that is his real name.

Up top ...

Well, well. What do we have here? You see it? We couldn't help but notice that the HTC Dream (aka the G1) running Android happens to employ a certain auditory expression device that Windows Mobile has been using long before Android was switched on, and way before the iPhone was some janky beta device. Yeah, we're talking about the front earpiece speaker. Way to go, guys. How original. Shouldn't you be beaming your Android thoughts directly into our brains or something? Sheesh.

Down below ...

Let's shift our gaze south, to the infamous "chin." What's that there? A "Home" button. Sounds familiar, doesn't it. Tell us, Mr. Robot Phone. If you're that good at direction with your fancy Google Maps and whatnot, how come you need a button to tell people where to go? We'd better not see a flag flying on your face anytime soon. And a "back" button. Geez. We did that years ago.

And speaking of that chin ...

We can think of a couple people who might be interested in a little trademark infringement.


Reader comments

That's right, we stole it - so what?


Easy, easy!! Don't make my Android find you on his map and beam you up! :-)

Pretty funny. But I still love my G1 :-)

At least microsoft should have stolen stability. I like how the treo pro froze during the last podcast

Firstly, the name "Marketplace" (for applications) has been used by Microsoft since the WinXP days.

Secondly, Microsoft has been using "bag imagery" since then as well.

So theres no stealing of IP going on here at all.

The sad thing is THAT is all the real contribution Microsoft has made to the software industry and humanity for the past 14 years....its pretty poor when a company is still flogging their last big innovation (Windows 2000) with just new numbers and a prettier look! Makes me sick.