Nokia patents another Windows Phone design, looks vaguely familiar

Nokia US Design Patent

A new patent has been found for a Nokia Windows Phone. What's more is that the design looks familiar. In fact, we've seen this particular design before in a render. Filed back in December 2011, concept images of the device were leaked prior to that in August, which was before the Lumia 800 - Nokia's first Windows Phone was even announced.

A previous patent that came to fruition was the Nokia Phi, which patent turned out to be the Lumia 920, but we'll now be looking forward to see what Nokia brings to the tablet next. Here's the concept image to compare the design and above patent against one another:

Nokia Windows Phone Concept

They look pretty much identical, right? The curvatures, as well as the speaker and other features appear to line up perfectly, further proving that they are indeed the same design. It'll be interesting to see whether this device will be a high-end or budget offering for consumers, we'll hopefully have more information when Mobile World Congress kicks off later this month.

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Nokia patents another Windows Phone design, looks vaguely familiar


I'm not sure why, but I'd agree. For some reason it does look Verizony to me... is this a psycholigical thing?

Looks way bigger than the X2, more like the SG2 or the NOTE. If you think this size you could also see a substantially larger camera sensor built into this one. Not exactly 41Mpix, but 20 should fit nicely.

Think of Sensor/Pixel sizes instead of pixel count. You don't need 20 million small pixels.. 12 million bigger pixels will peform better than 20 mil. smaller ones.
The question of oversampling.. yes, that might make a difference.

I concur! Megapixels are usually used for marketing nowadays... Most consumers think "More megapixels = better", but that isn't nessecarily true in some cases. Larger sensors usually produce photos with better image quality. However, the PureView's megapixel count actually does matter because of the ability to oversample...

They will have made changes since this design, all new wp8 phones are required to have the charger port on the botton IIRC.

Your Right bro
This is not a Recent Device design patent.
the all latest WP8s have USB port at bottom of the phone and this phone has above it.
clearly a spiced up leak...

I like this design as it stands out from other rectangles.
Also btw I think "tablet" was possible supposed to be "table" in your second to last paragraph.

Maybe Rich knows something that he can't tell anyone about yet, and that was just a Fruedian slip...

Am I the only one who has trouble holding the lumia 900 sometimes? Even my matte device slips from my hand sometimes.
Something like this might have something to grip on with that half-moon cutout on the sides, extending from the screen.

I've got a speck case and it may be a bit pricey but the plastic sticks to your fingers way better than the matte phone surface.

I like the design. Looks thiner on the top and thiker at the borom. Makes it for an easier Phone to handle.

Just found a strong reason proving this design could be real .
U might know that Nokia launched two new feature phones back in december. Nokia 206 had its design similar to Lumia800/900/920 and along with it asha 205 was also launched with totally new and cool looks. But looking at these renders, everyone can see that asha205 has same design. So it could be possible they made asha 205 inspired from this coming lumia. Maybe Lumia 720! :-]
anyway, it looks awesome.....

That is one ugly phone. The design needs reworking to be at the level os the other Nokia Phones. Worse only those early designs of the Eos (I'm talking about the phone, not the Volkswagen)

Its to simple, I am not sure what material it will be made of, but they need like a metal frame that is lights unique colors would work, or mix metal wit graphite