New tool helps make installing the Windows Phone 7.8 update slightly easier

Update: Files have been updated to make the app more stable and reliable and indeed it does work better now. (5PM ET)

Windows Phone Hacker has released a new “wrapper” tool called 'Seven-Eighter' that reportedly makes manually installing the 7.8 update less cumbersome than downloading all the files yourself. The app comes in x86 and x64 and is a simple executable that you run on your PC (you’ll need to give it permission in Windows 8).

In theory, it’s the same method we detailed in our CAB file post yesterday---you specify the languages on your device and then it fetches the files for you, all through a progress-bar UI.

Since Windows Phone OS updates are cumulative but iterative in the process, you’ll have to go up through Tango before proceeding to 7.8 meaning there will be a few cycles of updates.

Testing it out

We gave the app a spin on our Windows 8 machine and ran into a few problems. We tried to do the update on our T-Mobile HTC Radar and had the app throw an “exception” during the process. In addition, it did not appear to have all of the language packs that were installed on our device, which would also cause a problem (having to manually check each language as opposed to ‘select all’ was also tedious).

We next tried on our Sprint HTC Arrive and had the same exception thrown. Granted, the app stayed “working” with the installing Tango screen in a permanent progression but for all intents and purposes, it had crashed.

Click click click click click

Interestingly, not selecting any languages does seem to get the process started but we don't recommend that. At least on HTC Arrive, we're unable to even access our About screen anymore, telling us something went awry with the update (spoiler alert: incorrect language packs).

Looking over on comments on Windows Phone Hacker, we can see mixed results from users—some are having success after a few attempts, some required that the right languages were supported while some are reporting failure. In other words, your mileage may vary.

Language, Languages, Languages

The key to doing these manual upgrades is choosing the right language packs. Doing that is easy but it’s very crucial to the process.

  1. Settings –> Keyboard
  2. Make note of all of the languages installed
  3. Download the 7.8 language packs that are on your device

Some phones only come with a handful of languages installed, while others (including those in the US) come with every single language pack on board. If the latter, you must download all the CABs with those languages for the update.

If you don’t do this, it’s not the end of the world. You may have some Live Tiles that look odd (People Hub) and you won’t be able to get further updates, including device specific firmware should it become available later on. You can always reinstall the OS with the proper language packs to correct the mistake, so long as you are even aware of it.

Our advice

You should first try the Wi-Fi force update method. That will give you the official OS and firmware update for your phone, assuming that there is one. For some of you, your device will never get this update making this method null and void. For the rest, this is the ideal method.

Next you can try 'Seven-Eighter' by Windows Phone Hacker as detailed here. It’s a little bit easier than doing it yourself, though as we discussed your success rate seems to be about 50/50.

Finally, you can always just do the manual CAB update for the OS. Assuming you pick the right language packs, this instance will always work.

Read more on 'Seven-Eighter', including download link, at Windows Phone Hacker.


Reader comments

New tool helps make installing the Windows Phone 7.8 update slightly easier



I have updated with the 'Seven-Eighter'  and it work but now my volume is limit to 13/30 Lumia 800 have alot of missed calls

Upgrade went without a hitch for me too, but now there's a lag when I click the home screen tiles.
Noticeable, and very irritating 

Worked well, on Swedish Lumia 900 - not a hickup. Also prompted Zune to give me further Nokia updates. Very pleased.

I tried with my HTC Radar 4g and it worked as a charm (seventy eighter tool). Phone rebooted multiple times, and at the end got a confirmation message that succeeded. All perfect!!

Used this on my focus S and htc surround worked flawlessly on both and was so easy....I selected all languages because they were all on my phones and just let it go...at one point looks like it is done but it is not so wait for the computer to tell you congrats you are updated....took about 20 mins on each phone.....very easy..no more waiting .

I just uptated my htc surround using this tool but it seems that it only added the new theme colors but the screen looks pretty much looks the.same I didn't get the new look:•(.

I used seven-eighter yesterday on my AT&T Titan II and went flawless!  No errors, nothing.  Just kept updating and restarting the phone and when all was done (about 20 minutes) I had 7.8.   I am not under contract to AT&T but the phone is also not unlocked.  I would highly recommend the seven-eighter and send my many thanks to Windows Phone Hacker.  7.8 makes great use of the Titan II's big screen.  Wifi wouldn't work until I manually restarted the phone.

started seven-eighter update on my Lumia 710 from T-mobile on 2013-02-07, now it has been few days, my phone its working OK.


it did not encounter any major issues,  except when adding new applications; sometimes it give a error message saying i can't update, etc with "error code 805a0193".  the error occurs only on some applications, but not any essential stuff, so i did not pay to much attention to the matter, i guess the app is firmware dependent or something.... 


below is my experience updating the nokia lumia 710 from t-mobile

1st time started seven-eighter

update on 8773.98
successful... still going...
update on 8779.8
successful... still going...
update on 8783.12

(error it says some app thing/data changed so much, its not valid anymore, then update just got stuck at .. string[], etc... ; going, going, and still got stuck,   so i EXIT, start update again)

2nd time re-start seven-eighter
update on 8783.12
this time its successful... still going...
update on  8858.136
got the Blue Startup Screen now, update to 7.8 successful

(update complete, lumia 710 wp updated to 7.8 congratulations os version 7.10.8858.136)


Hello! I'm from Montreal, Canada, and I swear I tried every two days to get from Windows Phone Tango (8773) to Seven-Eight (8858) on my Nokia Lumia 710 via Zune software, and it always responded "Your phone has the most recent version (7.10.8773)". My operator said the update was approved but could be loaded only by June.
I tried the disconnect trick correctly, it was easy but no update appeared. Then, being desperate, I backuped my phone using WP7EasyBackup and I tried that "Seven-Eighter" tool, and I'm so happy it worked like a real charm!!! It restarted my phone three times in the process, and the last time, the Windows 8 screen appeared and version was showing 7.10.8858. The only thing left unchanged was the firmware... until I opened Zune back! It said it needed a fourth update,, and after this 8-minutes update, the firmware showed a different version number: 8853. I guess it was the OEM-specific update. YESSIR!! Good luck to you guys!

hello, i recently updated my nokia lumia 610 via seven eighter update tool but i selected only the english language(us) instead of selecting all the languages.now my phone is showing the os as wp 7.5 but the filmware version is updated.the problems im facing are i cannot increase the volume more than 17/30, im not able to use lock + wallpaper option in my phone.is there any ways to downgrade my os and fix this problem??

Yes. If you have a T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G, select all the language options in the seven-eighter tool and update. It worked for me.

A bit problem here.

I used this to update my HTC Titan. It worked but not properly because i have lost the time digits on my home screen. I don't have that many themes like people say they do.
Tried restoring my phone and update again, same.

yes it is helpful to update lumia devices and others as well. but it has also flaws in it.
i have updated my lumia 900 successfully but after updating my device Lock+Wallpaper is not working in  "Settings". i tap the tab but it goes blank and comes back after 2 to 3 to its original seconds view as it is in Settings. Themes colors are also not sufficient as it is told by the microsoft developers. if you have any solution to this problem, please let me know.
i will be waiting..

Worked perfectly on my AT&T LG Quantum. Selected English (US), English (UK), French, German, Italian and Spanish language packs. No issues at all during the process, and now have 7.8 fully installed. 

Finally got my Samsung Focus ATT to update past .89. I kept getting a small [Error] box and my phone would say unsuccessful. What worked? A saw someone say do not select any languages. (Don't worry,, your languages will still be there.) I had to do about 3-4 more updates and each update, I didn't select any languages. Then, BAM 7.8.

WORKED!!! Just updated my borther's Lumia 710 (T-Mobile USA) to 7.8. YOU MUST BE SURE TO CHECK ALL THE APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE PACKAGES FOR THE TOOL TO WORK. Follow what the article says: Go into settings >> keyboard and check off all the languages listed. If there's a language that does not coincide with the tool, don't worry about it--check the ones that you can--itt should update fine. Woooooooooooo!!!!

WORKED!!! Just updated my borther's Lumia 710 (T-Mobile USA) to 7.8. YOU MUST BE SURE TO CHECK ALL THE APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE PACKAGES FOR THE TOOL TO WORK. Follow what the article says: Go into settings >> keyboard and check off all the languages listed. If there's a language that does not coincide with the tool, don't worry about it--check the ones that you can--itt should update fine. Woooooooooooo!!!!

First Update done after about 20 minutes! And Seven-Eighter somehow didn't crash between updates - even on my seriously underpowered and pathetic PC.

This worked the first time for me! I was trying the manual way, but kept getting really weird errors. Happy this worked! :)

For those who were working with an AT&T Sansung Focus S, I am getting the error message 
"Error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {77CB935D-D0CC-4249-8643-...} failed 
due to the following error: 80040154."
Did anyone have this issue and find a way past it? Thanks!

The latest update 7.10.8860... is now available so I tried the Seven Eighter on my HTC Arrive instead of the CAB sender method.  All seems to be running fine so far with no install issues.

Updated 1st gen Focus from 7720 to 8862 with zero problems. Amazing how many updates it took. Thank you AT&T. Not.

when my phone is update suddenly i forgot it and remove the data cable which is atteched with a laptop and as result my phone is not start now....
so please give me suggesion what i do now ???

I can confirm that the seven-eighter tool DOES work for the T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G.
I did notice that my HTC Radar did have way more languages under the keyboard settings that the update tool had to offer. I did end up selecting all of the languages since they were all languages in the phone.
The total time to update took around 45 minutes and around 12 restarts. Seven-eighter tool did not crash or spit out any errors. Installed while on a Windows 7 pc. 

last night i updated my phone using this software nd i have a little doubt.....my os version is updated to 8862 ..but my firmware number is still 8779.12180.......i think for my phone nokia lumia 710 ..nokia havnt releasd new update for hardware....bcoz even navifrm plus is showing last update as 8779.12180......is it d update problm or i have made a mistake during update.....???
Please reply bcoz my bluetooth share app is showing"not supported update your os "

I called att and they blamed microsoft.  Microsoft says the update is released and blames att.  Shame on Microsoft for not pushing the updates themselves like dreaded apple.  Long story short I have a lumia 900 I bought the first day of release.  I read a ton about this update and decided there is a risk but I also decided I didnt want the lumia 900 without the update.  Afterall I am a tech and don't like att telling me no.
I installed the software and followed the instructions and had no issues other than not being completely sure the proccess had ended.  I have been tinkering with it for hours with only very good results.  If I HAD to complain about something I would say its a little less fluid.  I have to be super critical to even mention it.  I am very happy I ran the update and would recommend it to my friends.  I have the insurance so if it did brick my phone I could get another one for a small fee.  Go for it treat yourself dont cheat yourself.  Life is short enjoy.
camera, active tiles, calling,  messanging,  email, people hub, video,  surfing web, wireless,  4g connectivity, volume, xbox hub,  installed apps, office,  sky drive, zune app,  every app that was there before install were still there, are all things I checked and worked with no issues.
hope this helps good luck all.

I know this is late, but I was able to successfully use the Seven-Eighter to update my HTC Trophy.  Granted I had to do it twice, but it worked.  I did notice that before I did the update, 7.5 started to act if'ie, dunno if it was due to the phone or the software.  I just wanted to know if anyone else was having the same issues.  Mainly, rebooting on it's own and apps not working sometimes.

Hi thought I would add some info regarding using Seven-Eighter & HTC Titan 4G - Telstra exclusive Titan II variant phone that still does not look like its going to be updated to 7.8.  I searched for some info regarding this phone & the Seven-Eighter tool so ill let you know how i did it.
1 - Backup you phone using Wp7EasyBackup tool (have to Bing or Google it as I cannot put links in) - FOLLOW THE STEPS DESCRIBED
2. Copy your phone backup made in Windows user folder (for example mine is c:\Users\Glenn\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update folder) to somewhere secure - if you screw it up delete what is in Windows Phone Update & copy your backup back into the original folder & use Zune under update to restore backup (also can use this backup to go back and go through official channels if it does get released).
3. Use Seven-Eighter tool as descibed - but only select the two English language variants - do not select all as it does not work with this phone and if you select none it does not work again.
4. Let it do its thing and bingo Windows Phone 7.8 rocking on your Telstra Titan 4G.
Anyhow good luck and thanks to Jaxbot for an awesome tool - I should of done this months ago.

it was just installing and my battery died, and now there is only the image of the computer and the cable to phone (same as above) and i cannot cancel the update or do anything!!! taking away the battery does not help or charging it.. please help!!! how do i get my phone normal again?? rebooting the severeighter gives an error, it says another update is going on.. zune does not recognise my phone please help.. its a lumia 710 (unlocked orange in spain)
thanks :O

Thanks, i just update my samsung focus i917 to window 7.8 without any problem.now the mobile has a great look.
thanks again

Just searched on the forums, found this and one file from HTC's website to update my HTC Titan; worked flawlessly.