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Deal Alert: Lumia 620 available tomorow for just £119 at O2 UK

UK mobile operator O2 has announced on Twitter that the Lumia 620 will be on sale tomorrow, for one day only to celebrate Valentine's Day. The company asked its Facebook audience which mobile device they'd love the most and the Windows Phone received the most "likes". Should you be looking at getting the handset on O2 (for yourself or a loved one), it'll be priced at £119 tomorrow without a contract. 

This provides a superb opportunity for those looking to take out a new plan, as well as consumers already with O2 and still locked in a contract. It's a cheap option to upgrade and purchase a Windows Phone 8 device to enjoy the new experience. It's also interesting to see a Windows Phone selected by consumers as the mobile phone they'd like to see put on offer.

£119 for a latest Windows Phone 8 smartphone is an incredibly low price. O2 is the UK premier partner for Windows Phone and stocks a number of units from the major OEM partners. The Lumia 620 is no slouch either. Sporting a 1GHz dual-core CPU, 8GB storage with SD support, 3.8" display (800x480), 5MP camera (with FFC), and a 1300mAh battery. Not bad at all.

Be sure to check out the Lumia 620 over at the O2 online store. What's more is you'll also be eligible for a free shell too, with the selection of five colours to choose from: green, blue, white and O2 exclusives yellow and orange. Read the full terms and conditions for the shell offer. With £30 off, we strongly recommend checking out this offer.

Source: Twitter (O2)


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Deal Alert: Lumia 620 available tomorow for just £119 at O2 UK


Too bad we can never get a deal like this in the U.S.. unless they want to lock you down with pen and paper...

Agree.  If we had that deal right now in the US I would instantly buy it for my wife.  Heck I'd probably pick up a few more for my brothers and parents.  Then I could finally put that Family Rooms feature to use...

Are they locked? Any way to unlock? Interested in this but I'm from Finland . My sister lives in the UK so delivery is a non-issue

Thats amazingly cheap. You could even just buy one to use like an iPod with music and apps without using the phone.

My first post here :) ok i just bought this phone and yes its locked to O2 but i've found on the net a service manual and although i'm not 100% sure and never tried it yet it seems it can be unlocked with key presses..... the section header says :
Option 2 : Hardware Key Combination
Use this option if the phone is locked and the consumer does not know the code 
Note : No warning about data loss
Do not advertise this feature to consumers!

It's from the network shop, so it'll be locked to the network. You can pay £15 to unlock it in a year, so if you have O2 reception, just take out a 12 month SIM only.

Saw this earlier somewhere else. So cheap, damn! I got a Lumia 920 with a charging plate for £320, but this would have been way better.

Amazing deal, until you realise it's on o2. Shite network, shite support, shite pricing, shite data limits. The only networks worth being on are three and t-mobile (NOT Orange or EE tariffs) as they're the only networks that offer truely unlimited data.

Based on what Matt? (I don't wanna slag another scouse fan, but come on :) )
O2's network is better than all the others in London.
O2 are (or were) the only UK carrier to give iPhone users visual voicemail.
I didn't think their packages were hugely different to the others.
Ironically you say the 3 network, which I believe hands off GSM to O2 (if I recall correctly)
Go ask people what they feel about Three's customer support, way way worse I gather than O2.
(Also, if you want O2 but cheaper, there is Giff Gaff)

No Three network uses Orange now to piggy back off for GSM. Also Three has way better tariffs for data,texts and minutes than O2 for half the price. Way better and wider 3G coverage and speeds. O2 always going down with outages wheras Three never has many issues.Yes the customer service maybe in India but I have NEVER had any issues with them. if you are calm and patient they are fine. Visual voicemail?? Who cares for that?? Three on pay as you go has for #15 top up per month 300 minutes,unlimted texts and TRULY unlimited data which I can say is true as I have been with them over 6 months. Connections never an issues and they also offer call waiting etc on pre pay unlike O2. And O2 has the worst ever voice call quality

Tesco, who are also a virtual provider that uses the O2 network, are currently doing better deals than Giff Gaff and you don't have to put up with the online only support from Giff Gaff.