Deal alert: Earthworm Jim HD and Assassin's Creed free right now (Update - it's over)

Earthworm Jim

Update: Sorry guys, you snooze you lose. Looks like this might have been a limited time thing since a lot of users are reporting they're no longer free. We tested it out and sure enough, they cost money again. 

What’s better than an Xbox Live game on your Windows Phone? A free Xbox Live game for your Windows Phone.  And today we’ve got two games from Gameloft for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 users – Earthworm Jim HD and Assassin’s Creed. Grab them after the break.

While we weren’t too impressed when we first played Earthworm Jim, it’s hard to fault a game when it is free, so grab it. Same goes for Assassin’s Creed when we first checked it out.

But hey, we won’t complain when the games are free. No word on how long these two games are on the house, nab them while you can.

You can download Earthworm Jim for free right here in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR Earthworm Jim

And for those who want to get their crusade on - download Assassin’s Creed in the Windows Phone right here, QR code below, or swipe two the left two times in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR Assassins Creed

And if you're reading this Paul, I just had to use your old image as the lead - it's too good!

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Note: It appears both games are showing up at $4.99 using the QR codes from your Windows Phone.  However, if you click on the links and access the games through the online Store, they are free. 


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Deal alert: Earthworm Jim HD and Assassin's Creed free right now (Update - it's over)


Also, FYI, the download link for Earthworm Jim through the WPCentral app doesn't show the game as being free. I uses the MS Store app instead to get it.

How about helping us help you. How did you access the Store? Through our app? The direct link? What market are you in - US, UK, Europe, India, etc? It's showing up as free for me when I go through both our app and the browser. Could be a regional thing then. 

Same here on my Lumia 800 in Australia also. Tried QR code, links and from the phone at the store. :-)

Store seems to be distributed over several servers, and sometimes changes take a while to propagate to all regions. Same happens with new releases not immediately being visible everywhere.

You could try "buying" it. Maybe you get it for free like when you reinstall an app you already own? Of course, at your own risk, but you should be able to decline at the payment confirmation prompt.

Same for me; It is not for free :/ Tried Link in the article, QR and the download option in the WP Central App.

I'm on a unbranded EU Lumia 920 though

A rollout at what? That seems odd that a price change for an app store takes "time". Never seen that in my life.

Cool. I'm always happy when Xbox Games go free.

Now if only EA would get Trivial Pursuit into WP8 and for free...that would be really cool indeed...(yeah, I know, I just got 2 free games and I'm already asking for more. That's consumism for you. Deal with it :P )

Already used to have Assassin's Creed and got all the achievements from it, but just got Earthworm Jim for free, and got both games for my girlfriend's phone. Excellent deal, thanks for the heads up guys!

Going through my phone didn't show as free but went on the WP store on my laptop and they were listed as free. Got them there and it sent them to my phone directly. Downloading now.

If you follow the link from a computer it will work. For some reason the phone store is not updated. I did it from a computer and it started downloading on my phone.

Didnt show up as free when I searched the store so I tried using the QR code and it changed to being free.

Do it from your computer and sent to the phone, then they show free.  Does not work from phone.

How do i download from a computer ?
I just want it in my phone before this deal goes off, help me anyone, fast!!

Go here from your pc and click on the picture, then click get app.  The store will contact your phone and begin downloading it.  Do this for both games.  If don't install this route, MS will email you a link you click on in your phone that will get them installed.  Good luck.
Assassin's Creed:  http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/search?q=assassin%27s%20creed%20-%20al...
Earthworm Jim:  http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/earthworm-jim-hd/128459e9-4e...

Anyone else as pessimistic as me in thinking this is a precursor to a "we will no longer be developing for the WP platform" announcement? It feels almost like what happened with Zombies, Run!

I get an Item unavailable Error. "This item isn't available anymore" when I press Install. And searching the games through the phone yields no result for some reason.
T-Mobile U.S. HTC 8X :(

I got the same message "This item isn't available anymore", I then used the WP Store web page and managed to get it to my device that way. L920 Telstra Australia

Showing free for me but I don't have WiFi available right now. As long as I press install and it says pending, I can download it later for free even if the price goes back up right?

Must be rollout issues, I'm still having issues via device (qr and marketplace on Rogers Focus in Ontario) the website links above, the wpcentral app links and just searching the web store manually. 
I'll try back later...

Wpcentral links and searching app store showed 4.99 for each game. Triggered download via laptop on marketplace website and now good to go, thanks! Ativ S Canada

I scanned Earthworm Jim and it worked.. but when I scan Assassin's Creed, I get "There is a problem completing your request. Try again later. Error code: 805a0194"
T-Mobile U.S. HTC 8X

Why would I download a game that hasn't been updated since 2010???  Not going waste storage on my 920.  Also, it won't have HD graphics since it hasn't been updated so it'll look like crap on my 920.

I admit it needs some fixes as I notice on level 5 its impossible to get past the 1st section. The xbla/psn version is in need of fixes as well but I doubt there willing to pay to push an update

Downloading both games now, thanks for the heads up WPC. The links in your app are not working though, had to phsicaly go to the store.

When I click on Download App, I see the title 'which app?'. Below that are two lines with each reading 'Error retrieving title'. Anyone else seeing this? Also, the apps are not showing as free.

I have also seen this in the wpcentral app...maybe time to give Jay some feedback and see if he knows what's going in

Tagged the download initiation for those games. I can't download it for now as it required wifi access to download apps bigger than 50MB. I'll start the download later at office's wifi and see what's the outcome. I hope I can make it in time :|

It doesn't matter when you download it. If you've bought it, even for free, then it's yours to download whenever.

I've been trying to download these apps for an hour now, and every time, after it's already downloaded partially, it tells me "Cannot connect to store. Retry?" or something along those lines.

If anyone else in the US is not seeing it free(I'm US, at&t, Lumia 920), turn off phone and back on. It then showed up free for me. Just downloaded the both of them.

If it helps, I couldn't download it free from the store directly or from within the WPCentral app. After reboot I just went to the store and it worked fine.

Whats hapens if you download the game when it is free then uninstaled and after time you want to download it again but the deal is over do you pay the money or you get it for free as a game that you already own

Woah cool! Mehdoh's free today, what's with all the awesome apps being free today. I'm not complaining though!

Not working for me through the app (links are broken), or the marketplace. Still says $4.99 for Assassins Creed. I'm in the US and using a Lumia 920.

This is why I love WPCentral. I would never know these deals otherwise.
By the way. I downloaded both games for free on my Rogers 920 with no issues.

Worked fine for me, searched in the marketplace for them and they downloaded with no problems
Telstra branded Lumia 920 in Australia

See it listed as free online through wpcentral.com and yet listed as 4.99 once I try to download. Restarted, stood on my head, jumped five times and still didn't work.

I also wasn't able to get it via the in-phone marketplace, but went to windowsphone.com on my PC and it comes up free, logged in and had it automatically start downloading on the phone

Had to log in using my laptop to the windows phone store. On there they are free. Thanks for the tip WPC.

Man, I love wpcentral. I wouldn't have most of the games I have if it wasn't for these deal alerts.

WiFi on my hd7 is broken. I clicked install and it goes to pending and attention required on both apps because they are too large to download over cellular. Is it in my purchase history now so I won't have to buy it when I get a new phone?

From India. Both of them free through the QR codes. Downloading now. Thanks for the update. I don't know what I would have done without WPcentral. Great job folks!

assassin's creed for free..best day ever! XD
thanks WPCentral for the info..even managed to get SMB2-SE while it was available through Nokia..all because of you..you rock! \m/ :D
edit: both games aren't good..earthworm jim is awful..assassin's creed badly needs good controls..they keypad is pathetic..and even when i select 8-direction pad..it still shows 360° pad.. -_-

great! thanks for the info :) locked both to my  account, did not install though.  i have not even managed to finish mirror's edge from last promo offer, but someday i'm gonna play these.

Cant install it, i get a message saying i don't have enough free space! Even though i have uninstalled enough stuff to install the game 5x over..

"Note: It appears both games are showing up at $4.99 using the QR codes from your Windows Phone.  However, if you click on the links and access the games through the online Store, they are free. " Still not true for this user. No matter which way I try, it still wants to charge me. I give up. L920, ATT, New England, USA.

not free for me in Canada.  Is the deal dead?  From reading the posts, it looked like hit or miss.

I couldn't get AC because error 805a0183. Arg. Gameloft and Microsoft, you trolled me. I could get Earthworm though.

Last night when I read this article, I followed the links from the article and both games were free.
However, when I did a search in the Market app instead, the games would show up with price tags.
But by following the above links, I got both for free.

Deal isn't showing up for me.  Oh well.  Free games are always nice but I didn't have any real desire to play either of these anyway.

Not working for me regardless of how i try - directly on the store, via the WPC app, via the PC or any links. Gutted tbh as i really wanted Assassins Creed

Not free. What a joke. Apps offered as free but not seems all too common. Microsoft needs to get their shit together.

I live in Norway.
No free games here.
We are being screwed by the following:
Screwed by Gameloft because:
No free games, as promised.
In addition to that, many of gamelofts games sucks. Poor bastards who paid for them, i grieve for you and your money.
Screwed by Microsoft because:
Much of what is free on the two other major platforms is either unavailable or rather costly on WP7/8.
There is relatively few good games and apps available for wp8, and in some cases it will be hard to replace microsofts standard apps, like the pdf reader.
At work, i sometimes receive pdf documents by email, and way too often this cannot be opened on my phone.
I do not know why it is so, but seriously. I got a brand new Lumia 920, a phone which costs a lot of money, and it cannot read pdf.
Ie 10 does not function properly. Suggestions does not work properly, i can type in the whole wpcentral.com address and press enter before any suggestions is made. This was not the case on ie9 on wp7.
Updates to wp8 are slow to arrive. So the phone crashes now and then.
By Wpc because:
False information in this article.
Wpc app for WP does not function properly.
I will also point out the potential problems of adding your credit card to the store account.
The store will be open for purchases, also if you are to lose your phone.
This is bad. There is also the potential problem of hackers.
Look at sony!

Dude relax, we know not everything is perfect with microsoft ecosystem (yet) but don't tell me that apple or google is better on offering apps for free. If by free you mean tons of ads or for a simple live wallpaper the developer needs tons of permisions about you and your phone.If you dont care about permisions then yes, there are more free apps.
I beleive you were comlpaining with your previous device, iphone, android you name it.

I really don't think WP8 has the following needed to attract hackers.  Nevermind it is a closed OS as opposed to Android.  For the time being I think I'm safe from hackers.  As for losing my phone?  I can track it anywhere in the world, and retain the ablility to ring it, lock it, or wipe it.  I am actually very unworried about losing this thing.  As for pdfs?  PDF reader app. 

No longer free. It was apparently a lightning promotion. I got them yesterday for free but when I checked the Store today they are showing the normal 4.99€ prices again.

Total clusterpluck. Took 2 days to download EWJ. AC was never shown as free for my L920 on ATT. FYI the links with the article never worked either.

I'm ATT NorCal, too. You really do have to keep trying. I got mine on Tuesday at around 6pm. My husband kept trying and didn't his set until after 8pm.

It seems they were free for a very brief time. I managed to snag them last night shortly after WPcentral announced it, but when I checked on a friend's phone this afternoon they were already back to their regular prices.
And both these games suck, I wouldn't pay more than $1 for them. I think I enjoyed Contract Killer and Gun Bros more.

Never showed as free for me. :(. Now the app Store Deals says Assasin's Creed expired. It also happens to say that Battleship and Feed me Oil were free last Friday...

Good game IMO. Got them both free. I actually like Earthworm Jim better as it is easier to control. Virtual joysticks generally suck though.

I was checking every hour it it never appeared free for me. I checked with both my phone and my computer all to no avail.