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Firmware update to fix WiFi issues on the loose for the Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Surface RT tablets. The update addresses "limited Wi-Fi connection issues and contains driver updates to improve performance with Windows as well as the volume and power buttons".

If you don't receive an update notification, you can manually check for the updates by:

  • Swiping in from the right edge of the screen to open Settings.
  • Tap on the Settings link.
  • Tap Change PC Settings and swipe down to the Windows Update option.
  • Tap "Check for Updates"

When the Surface detects the updates just tap on the install option to begin the update process. You may see additional minor updates to Microsoft Office 2013 and the Windows Defender along with the February 12, 2013 Firmware update.  

After you install the Firmware update, you'll need to check for additional updates.  We found 7 additional security updates as well as updates for Windows RT and Flash Player for IE10.  The entire process only takes a few minutes to complete.

If you've had WiFi issues with your Surface RT, let us know if this update does the trick.

Source: Microsoft Answers


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Firmware update to fix WiFi issues on the loose for the Microsoft Surface RT


It only fixes some Wifi Limited Connectivity issues.  A fix for more is coming in March (according to the Reddit AMA).

Surface RT releases at Siba (retailer?) in Sweden tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting some hands-on. Although I want an x86 based tablet, it will be nice to get a feel for the device.

This has to do with broken contacts on your cover. I've had the same issue, contacted surface support and received a new cover immediately. It's been fine ever since.

I hope that fixes the bug, when I can't enter the pin to unlock the device without attaching the touch cover. Pretty often the on-screen keyboard just wouldn't show up untill I attached the cover and flipped it backwards.
Nice to see that the volume control seems to work normally now.

I had this issue and for me the cover wasn't attaching/detatching properly so when I took the cover off and wanted to enter my pass the Surface thought the keyboard was still attached. I've had both tablet and keyboard replaced so I can't tell you the exact fix...

Does this fix he issue with not being able to download updates (System or Store) at times? I have this issue and usually have to re-boot to get things working again for a short time. Started happening after the last system update.

Anyone else having issues with their apps (any app) crashing, thus redirecting RT to desktop mode? For the record, I have not updated the firmware to the latest, and it does not appear to be isolated to a single app, but any app I select.

I've had that issue but only since making a few of the tweaks from XDA. 4th row of tiles, whitelist, and some other stuff.

Now that you mention it, I did tweak regedit so that the tiles slide in everytime I hit the capacitive button. Did you have to remove the tweaks for the apps to start working properly again?

Never had WiFi issues but was hoping this would fix the lack of performance when connected to 5Ghz, but it doesn't.

i had thought the previous update fixed this issue or at least that is what i read, but the problem still happened where my wifi would go to limited randomly it seemed. 
Hopefully this is fixed for good. 

You should mention these are general fixes for Windows RT.  They are not specific to MS Surface RT.  My Asus RT tablet got them as well.

I've had no issues with Wi-Fi, but I do have an issue of needing to attach my keyboard to unlock the device because the virtual keyboard sometimes fail to appear.

I have the opposite issue, I want to use the keyboard and have to un-attach it then reattach it for it to work.

IDE like a blootooth update.not sure if its my serfs e or new win 8 phone. But I have both connected to one Bluetooth. Sometimes there is a glitch were I no longer have sound. Shutting off my surface normally fixes it and resetting my phone and Bluetooth device tends to fix it. Go figure. Lol

Well, i can confirm that the volume-reducing-itself-all-the-way-to-0-with-a-single-press-of-the-volume-down-button bug hasnt been fixed. :(

Hope the same fix is coming to WP8 as currently I still can't connect to the corporate secured network.   

Hey George, have you not updated the preview version of Office on your Surface? There was a slew of updates for Office 2013 as well.

Last night I connected my RT to tv to play snes8x, but the games run at half speed when connected to TV. I wonder if something is wrong with video drivers.