Juicing it up with 30 Days of Juicing

30 Days of Juicing

_30_Days_of_Juicing is a Windows Phone fitness app that guides you through a thirty day program that gradually incorporates high-nutrient ingredients into your diet into juice drinks. The idea being that if you slowly start adding vegetables in with fruits, you will develop an appetite for vegetables.

Even if you don't begin craving vegetables, _30_Days_of_Juicing (yes, the dashes are in the title) offers a wide range of nutritious juice drinks. It falls a little short on tracking the 30 day program but it's a nice reference app to help establish good nutrition during fitness month and beyond.

The app has two options from the main page, read the about screen and launch the program.  Each day has a juice recipe and it looks like around Day Six, vegetables start showing up in the mix.

30 Days of Juicing

_30_Days_of_Juicing has potential but needs a little work. While the recipes include the ingredients they lack any preparation directions. Granted most can guess that you throw everything in a blender like the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer (just like the one Georgia uses) but you never know.

You do have thirty days worth of juice drinks but the app won't remember your progress. So when you're on day twelve, you have to scroll through the first eleven days. If you start the program mid-month and lose track of which day you're on, it could cause problems.

As is, I'm not sure how well _30_Days_of_Juicing is as a nutritional program app but it seems to be a nice reference app if you're looking for a juice drink recipe.

_30_Days_of_Juicing is a free, ad supported app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Juicing it up with 30 Days of Juicing


Wow, I didn't think you'd actually do it when I mentioned it in the other article. We only have imaginary apps here. You should leave.

Advertising apps like this will almost certainly make people run back to IOS or Android! Its like looking at a poorly designed webpage! I think it would have been better to list all the ingredients first or make a grocery list link! Show different types of juicers or something! Make the app more interesting!

I have a juicer that I bought after watching a documentary about it ("Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"), and it's pretty cool. Turns out to be a bit of a hassle to use. Everyone I know who has owned a juicer always says the same thing-- "Oh yeah, I used my juicer for about a week and then I just got sick of using it." Also, buying enough produce to use it on a daily basis for anything besides basic apple or orange juice can become expensive. But if you're willing to put in the effort and money, damn the juice is GOOD!

I did the same thing after that movie. Expensive diet (he was wealthy) and cleaning the juicer after the fact is a pain.

I'm doing a second Round of the program bow. First one was for 15 days. It just works. Cleaning my Beeville and reassembly takes about 5to 10 mins tops. And yeah... Eating healthy is more expensive now but less expensive in the long run

No question that the veggies and fruits needed for juicing on a daily basis is ridiculously expensive, especially when you factor in that a large percentage by volume of the stuff you purchase will end up spewed out of the juicer as waste. However, as a solution for anyone who is too heavy or unhealthy to lose weight by exercise, juicing cost is really a non factor, meaning juicing in such cases is really less expensive than constant doctor visits or lifetime supplies of heart/diabetes/blood pressure meds.

I saw that documentary a couple weeks ago. Eating healthy is expensive, the government subsidizes junk food instead of healthy food, no surprise that health issues are on the rise but families are forced into it.

It's amazing how something that is inconvenient becomes easy with the right motivation. Cancer and the resulting chemo and radiation treatments did it for me. Total lifestyle change. Juicing has been an important part of that change. I juice every single day and have since July. From start to finish, that is pulling stuff out of the fridge, setting up the juicer, juicing (I have a centrifugal, not masticating), breaking it down, cleaning everything and drinking the juice takes 20 minutes. Ya, it's not throwing some stuff in the microwave for 5 minutes, but 20 minutes is pretty doable. That's just part of my overall diet and exercise regimen that has me back feeling the best I have maybe ever and the strongest I have been in years. It's great waking up alert, feeling alert throughout the day, and then getting a restful 8 hours at night. Didn't used to be like that by a longshot.
Eating healthy is expensive so you have to make some sacrifices. I abused the hell out of my body when I was young. Burned the candle at both ends and had loads of stress. I'm lucky in that a got a real wake up call and was able to do something about it. I've had a bunch of other friends all have heart attacks, bypass surgery's, etc (in their late 40's, early 50's). It's a bitch getting older :-) Anyway, I've just decided that I want to live out the rest of my years (and hopefully that's another 40+) in a healthy way. Going to the hospital sucks.
The bulk isn't really "waste". It's all the fiber which your body doesn't digest anyway. There is some liquid trapped in the leftover bulk, but overall, my juicer leaves it pretty dry. All those nutrients go right into your system without your body expending time and resource to extract it from all that "bulk". Obviously some fiber is good for your intestinal tract and keeping thing moving along.
Lets put it this way...My last checkup showed my cholesteral levels in great shape with my triglycerides at 40. I was also pre-diabetic and  my glucose values are now sub-90. You don't want to eat/drink yourself into a Type II diabetes situation. Those value are attributed to my overall changes, but juicing has been a part of that.

I have the same juicer that Joe Cross used in that documentary. It's fairly easy to clean.

I did a 10 day juice and can't even imagine 30 days.

My wife uses this on her Surface, not really to follow for the 30 day program but to use as a recipe book for various juices. We just picked up a Hurom Slow Juicer, pretty impressive machine.

If you like mint, you can grow it in a vase/planter. If you really like it, grow it in your backyard or garden but be warned - it spreads like a weed. In which case your backyard will always smell minty fresh LOL