Qualcomm details ‘Quick Charge’ feature, already present in modern Windows Phones

Talk about odd timing. Today Qualcomm gave information about their Quick Charge 1.0 system, a method by which modern smartphones can re-charge up to 40% faster than predecessors.

Qualcomm also provided a list of 70 supported devices and yes, the HTC 8S, 8X, Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumia 820, 822, 920 and 920T (China) are all also on board. It’s a neat and subtle feature that’s all part of the new Snapdragon chipset, requiring no new hardware—basically if you own one of these phones, you already have it and have been using it.

At least they didn't tell us our smartphones are made out of people.

If you’re wondering why devices like the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, Lumia 810, 620 or other Windows Phone may not be on that list, there could be two reasons: Either Qualcomm omitted them from the presser, only wanting to highlight some phones or the feature was omitted.

Like most SoC (System on Chip), the Snapdragon has features that can be enabled or disabled according to the OEM's request. The reason for not turning them on is simply cost:  every item you “turn on” requires more money. In order to keep costs down, some lower-end or mid-range phones may omit certain features e.g. gyroscope or compass.

Evidently Qualcomm "obtained this technology through the acquisition of Summit Microelectronics in June of last year". Regardless, why bring up Quick Charge *1.0* now, just weeks before Mobile World Congress? Hopefully we just drew you a connection.

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Qualcomm details ‘Quick Charge’ feature, already present in modern Windows Phones


Go to Amazon and pick up a 1.8- 2A charger.  I prefer the BB Playbook Charger!  That thing charges my phone super quick. 

No it shouldn't mess it up.  Cranking the Voltage would though.  As long as the Voltage remains at 5V the Current at 2A should be fine.

I have a third party charger for my hd7 that I use at work. When charging, the touch screen acts strangely (detects touch near where I touch but not on) and triggers tellme sometimes. Is it damaging my phone/battery?

iPhone maybe (never owned one so can't say for sure), but most newer android phones that have the Qualcomm processor use the same technology.

PC Ports aren't really meant to charge phones though. They are mostly for Data transfer and the current is smaller. If you want to charge through your PC get a strictly for charging Micro-USB cable. That should trick the port into charge only mode providing faster charging. However I suggest buying a 1.8-2A charger.

That wasn't his point. He was comparing the charge time between his WP, and his iPhone on his computer. His point is that his iPhone charges faster.

My NL920 takes FOREVER to charge using the usb port, I feel like it's faster using my wireless pad.
I used to have a 4s and I feel like that had a much quicker charge, albeit a less capacious battery.

Ohhh, i switched to a proper charger. The usb charger provided by Nokia is less powerful then the mains charger version. U can get it on amazon for £5

It will do. Using usb ports only provides a trickle charge for the battery whereas the charging pad or using the mains give a full charge.

USB ports vary in how much charge they send down the wire too (Depends on the hub), but they are always slower than the AC charger for sure.

It depends on what's on the other end of the USB cable. New Nokia chargers can supply up to 1,3A while a PC USB port may supply as little as 0,5A.

I was referring to the 1.3A Nokia charger using the microusb port. Charging from a USB port on a PC is almost worthless

I already noticed it. Good to know there is a confirmation. Still my 8x drains its first 20% of the battery way too fast. Then slows down. Yet Verizon's superior technology is the reason why we don't get the update for Verizon users.

My htc 8x is also draining really fast the first 20%. But the more apps you use that are using push and live tiles etc. the quicker your battery will drain. at first my phone could last 2 day's on a single charge, now it can last for a little bit longer then 24 hours. But i have more apps now so i know why it does that.

Not feeling my Lumia 920 charging particularly fast. I mean, if this is "40% faster", I dare not imagine how long a "normal charge" would take...

I would imagine that this only applies when using the mains charger and perhaps wireless. Most usb ports can only supply 500ma

Honest question: How does it cost money to turn a feature on that's already present on the chip? The cost to implement the feature should already be incorporated into the manufacture process. Is this more along the lines of cellular provides charging twice for the same data usage? Basically an artificall price structrure.

Its the same way HBO costs more. You have cable already, but certain features cost extra to enable.

It's like licensing features in software. Same principal. They can say this list of baseline features costs X amount per chip, but you can pay Y more for each of these additional optional features.

So it's an artificial pricing structure. If the options are already built into the prodcut in the first place, there is no cost savings to not enable them. Cable charges extra for HBO because it's a service I didn't have before they provided it. If the chip I just bought has everything needed to use bluetooth (just random example) for $20, but you turned BT off and charged me $25 just to turn on BT, then it's artificially creating the price structure. If you make the chip without BT for $20, but can add it for $5, that would be a proper pricing structure and validate the increase in cost.

My Lumia 920 definitely charges faster than my previous WP, focus and focus flash. Drains quicker though!

My Lumia 920 takes 4,5 hours from 0 to 100%, without being used, which I find a little too long.

It all makes sense now. Think Ying/Yang, or Criss/Cross (D.DIvitto).  The battery charges quicker, therefore the battery discharges quicker.  The battery problem has been figured out.  No need to thank me.

My Lumia 920 charges fully in about 2 hours with a 5V / 1amp charger, thinking of getting one with a higher amp :)