The idle rich: Vertu decided Windows Phone 8 was "too complex", opted for Android

"This is hard, let's give up"

Luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu recently unveiled the Ti, a $10,000+ Android phone that dazzles the eyes with its sapphire crystal, titanium, and leather frippery. Before Android, the former Nokia subsidiary was working on a luxury Windows Phone 8 device, but found “the complexity of building for Windows Phone” was just too much to handle. The company failed to explain just what they meant by that, so we leave you to ponder that for yourself.

Vertu was once a secretive division of Nokia, who discovered that there are people in this world who will drop loads of money on a device with mid-range specs, as long as it looks expensive. They spent the first four years of existence operating in isolation, developing smartphones running Symbian. Nokia decided it was not practical to manufacture devices using such materials as sapphire crystals, which take up to 2 weeks to grow in a lab, and so the division was sold off to a private equity firm.

With Symbian now a thing of the past, Vertu has turned to other operating systems, choosing to focus on Android "for the foreseeable future."

While most of us would not choose to spend $10,000 on a flashy, mid-range smartphone when we could get a top-of-the-line hero phone for literally one million times less, we're still happy that Vertu is in the phone business, as opposed to say the medical industry.

It would be heartbreaking to hear they gave up on trying to cure cancer because it was just too complex.

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The idle rich: Vertu decided Windows Phone 8 was "too complex", opted for Android


I think one would buy this for the same reason they'd buy a Maybach; as a gift. It kinda even looks like a car to me.

Its more for the sheikhs and such in the Arab countries that have more money than they know what do with. Its all about the status symbol, regardless of what the phone actually is. Heck they were feature phones for many years even with the advent of smartphones. These are the guys that spend $10k a night at the burj al arab (7 star hotel).

What in that hotel would cost $10k a night? Oh I got it! 7 star=7virgins. The number 7. Those dirty old dogs!

I think you can get cheaper rooms now (not completely sure), but years ago I heard $10k; its $50 to go across the bridge to look at the place. As to your point, what in this phone could cost $10k (ignore the obvious crystals and precious metals)? It all goes back to the status symbol. If you're staying there, you can afford it and are at the level of the other ridiculously rich people there.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be at their level if I was filthy rich- gotta have a maybach, vertu phone, Ferrari, yacht, massion, etc... Maybe I don't need those things, for that matter will never have use for them. Maybe this is why God made me born poor, a server for the rich instead of a receiver. Its obvious God created this world as, only the strong survive.

I have always wondered what kind of fool would buy one of their handsets. The dilemma was too complex for my mind to solve

As a gift! That's what sells these things. Somebody buys this for someone as $10,000+ symbol for, "I'm your sugar daddy."

I would have thought anyone with this much cash to throw around would have servents to make calls for them.

Lmfao! your humor never dissapoints!
But like you said, higher end phones cost so much less, and can do so much more. Who in their righted mind would buy these things?

I always felt like this about really fancy resturants they give you really basic and unfufilling food and charge you ridiculous amounts of money. Same with this phone 

"complexity of building" = they didn't want to be locked down to some minimum spec so they could wrap 2 year old tech inside of platinum and rubies.

Pretty much what I was thinking...Microsoft dictates the spec of the phone and for the longest time required things like a physical camera button (unless thats only removed as a req for wp7.8), while android you can do anything with, which allows for lower end/lazy handset makers to spit out stuff to the masses that just  don't care.

You know what would be great? If you just do some research that takes about 2 minutes before ranting uselessly. The Vertu Ti comes with a dual core Snapdragon S4 CPU with 2GB RAM and an 8MP AF camera. It also has 64GB internal memory. 

Nokia made the right move to get rid of Vertu.  The whole concept is ridiculous, and that phone looks hideous.  I guess it matches perfectly with Android = hideous, ridiculous and pointless.

Assuming you have $10,000 to waste I'm sure it's a LOT easier to get than a Surface Pro.  Unlike this phone, there is a real demand for the Surface Pro.

It's not just os itself, but rather the design requirements by MS. Vertu doesn't have the flexibility with Windows Phone.

Because it's how they do business:
1. purchasing a lot of cheap knock-off smartphone from China,
2. making shinny cases designed by fashion designers,
3. smashing the original cases of those cheap knock-off smartphones to retrieve the internal components,
4. reinstalling the internal components into the new cases,
5. selling them for several thousand dollars to rich people.
And that's why they say that Windows Phone 8 is too "complex" - they fail to find any cheap knock-off Windows Phone from alibaba.com while Android knock-offs are everywhere.

You have to be an idiot if you but  $ 10,000,- phone from someone who admits making a quality phone is too complex.
Because you dont get the Windows Phone license without meeting Microsoft's quality standard. Other then that making a Windows Phone isnt any more complex then making an Android phone. So it has to be the quality ensurance test that they fail to meet.
So they're stuck making Android phones because there is no standard on Android. Why someone would want to purchase a phone from such a company, let alone spend 10,000 on it is beyond me.

When you'll have enough money to buy islands just for teh lulz you'll understand why somebody would buy this. Since you don't, and neither do I, I guess we'll never know.

And what quality standard are you talking about? :s

Such a ridiculous argument, that one. People don't just throw money at something because "its expensive". Instead, it is more about the status. You don't just buy a Ferrari because it is $300,000; you buy it because it says something about you. The vertu is neither a status symbol nor a good looking device. It is just overpriced crap. You'd have to be stuck in a delusional field to buy that thing.
And yeah, quality control - something you know Android doesn't have?

Dude I own a L920 myself but let's cut the fanboyism. What quality control are you talking about? You mean WhatsApp that uses background audio as a hack to keep WiFi on and sucks the battery dry? You mean the official Twitter app for WP8 that's a piece of turd?
And apparently people DO buy Vertu phones. Why else do you think they're still making them?

The quality (or lack thereof) of individual optional apps has nothing to do with the quality of the hardward/OS.  Do you think there aren't crappy apps on other platforms?  Vertu didn't say they went with Android because of the quality of the twitter app.  They said they picked Android because making a WP (i.e. hardware) was "too complex."

So you have never seen it in person yet you already made a statement of how ugly the phone looks? Must be why some people don't take religions seriously.

Even if I had that much money to throw around, I wouldn't buy an Android phone, especially for that much. Now, if I were a moron who didn't know how to even do good with the money, then yeah

why people hate on different OS, each OS has its goods and bads, no OS is perfect. WP8 is far, far from it, and at this stage still way behind of Android.

Way behind?  There's one thing that Android has over WP8: Google Now.  That is still not enough for me to jump ship.  The Android UX is still WAY behind Windows Phone's.

What I find amusing about Vertu is how they go out of their way to obfuscate what few hardware specs they reveal. The thing is running a screen just barely larger than the iPhone 4's but at a resolution of 800x480. The only thing they say about the CPU is that it's a 1.7GHz dual-core, which likely means it's the outdated Snapdragon S3. It's running Android 4.0 which is sad for what's supposed to be a brand new phone.
It does use sapphire glass which, funny enough, isn't nearly as hard as Gorilla Glass and thus not as scratch resistant. But at least you can tell everyone it's sapphire.
And that's the point of this phone. The specs are irrelevant because few people take advantage of everything their phone can do anyway. But it's a status symbol that offers excusivity. This isn't merely an iPhone with a severely overpriced case. This is a phone that you can be positive almost no one on this planet owns. And these guys are willing to customize the phone to your desires. Then there's the consierge service as a constant reminder of how important and special the owner is.
Of course it's severely overpriced, that's to ensure that the plebians aren't going to walk into a shop and just pick one up. It's the same reason Louis Vuitton started raising prices, too many of the wrong people were walking around with their product. Yes, it's quite pathetic.

LOL Were they not the responsible for the Nokia 8800? Those were very beautiful phones and I was very close to buy one...but then I looked at the specs. And I didn't, obviously.

That phone looks really cool, but I wouldn't give 10,000 dollars for a phone. I find 700€ for a Lumia 920 already way too much, let alone 10.000. Even if it run iSlave.

That kind of price would be worth it on a device with prototype technology such as graphene sheets or carbon nanotube batteries, not bling.

I really probably think its because MS told them to fuck off with their over priced crap phones, why would MS licence WP to have them put on these butt fuck ugly devices. Im sure if they would have came up with a good design for the phone and met widows hardware specs MS would have given them the ok.