Never miss public transport links with Next Bus UK Live! for Windows Phone

Next Bus UK Live!

Keeping track of where public transport (mainly buses) currently are on routes can prove to be a troublesome task, especially if you're in an unknown location and aren't fully aware of local transport. This is where Windows Phone and travel apps come into play. We've covered a number of solutions previously, most catering for TFL (Transport for London), but we're now taking another look at Next Bus UK Live!

As the name suggests, it's an app for bus routes across the UK. Next Bus UK Live! has been available on the Windows Phone Store for some time (we last covered it in 2011), but the developer has recently published a rather large update, which we feel is definitely worthy of some time in the spotlight. The unique highlight of Next Bus UK Live! is the use of Live Tiles that detail bus times directly on the start screen.

Featuring over 370,000 bus stops (in England, Scotland and Wales), users can find the nearest stops around their current location, as well as pin desired stops to the start screen for more convenient access. The ability to search through the catalogue is present with options to go for place names, postcodes, street names and actual stop codes.

Buses can be tracked and favourites saved. If you're a frequent traveller, this is one app you'll need in your arsenal of apps. It's highly rated on the Windows Phone Store, and we'd definitely recommend checking it out. So what's new in the latest release (version 2)?

  • Full searchable maps of every bus route in Great Britain
  • A redesign of the user interface
  • London bus disruption information
  • London bus live tracking
  • Search stops by stop code (as noted above)
  • A number of new settings to customise the app

You can download Next Bus Live! for £1.49 from the Windows Phone Store (free trial available).

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Reader comments

Never miss public transport links with Next Bus UK Live! for Windows Phone


So it covers England, Scotland and Wales which you say is Great Britain I'm wondering if that does or doesn't include Northern Ireland

Hi guys, im the developer, and have been looking at introducing NI bus times as well. Its just being able to access the information. So if that is available, it will happen soon.

Just had a play with the trial for five minutes and bought it. Very good app for where I live (NW England). No more legging it into a cloud of diesal as the evil driver pulls away.

Although you cannot have more than two Live stop tiles at any one time (I may change this) you can pin anothe shortcut tile to the start instead.

So what tiles do you recommend I pin as LIVE then? I'm wondering if the Service 4 one at my local bus station would be a good choice as Service 4 is my main route to adventure. And I almost religiously use it.

Just seen the bus routes feature. Nicely integrated!

Hi, I guess pin the two you use the most. I didnt want to have more live tiles incase it affect battery life and put too much load on my server. I need to see how things pan out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Hello afgzee,
Apart from the price difference, please tell me why buses due is better, as far as I know, Next Bus UK Live has all features it has, but many more useful and worthy features to justify the extra price.
Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you have not used this updated app and tried out all the new features?