Nokia Lumia 620 Review - Affordability never looked so good

Nokia’s Lumia 620 could be Palm Centro of 2013

The Nokia Lumia 620, a modestly priced entry-level Windows Phones, represents one of the best value devices we’ve encountered yet on the platform. The 620 replaces the Lumia 610, a device that went on sale last year and now runs Windows Phone 7.8. But in our opinion, the value impact of the 620 is leaps and bounds higher than its predecessor.

Make no mistake, this is an entry-level device that is not meant to rival the 800/900 series of Lumia Windows Phones. But also know this: it is one cool device and we’re having a hard time putting it down.

Bold, eye catching phone with fantastic features and excellent quality all for less than $300.

 May be too small for some. Needs to be on more carriers.

Nokia has a winner on hand with the Lumia 620. It has some high-end features in a compact, exciting and nimble body. Although it's an entry-level phone, it raises the bar for quality and could give Nokia a much needed boost. An excellent choice for teens, adults who want no fuss but quality or enthusiasts who want a 'weekend phone'.


The Body

The Lumia 620 clearly borrows heavily from its bigger brother, the Lumia 820. Both have “shell” cases that wrap around the back and sides of the device, allowing one to pop it off to swap out the 1300mAh battery, microSIM or add a microSD (up to 64GB).

Weighing in at just 127 g (4.5 oz) it is significantly lighter than the Lumia 920 which is at a hefty 185 g (6.5 oz).  That’s not to say it’s especially thin because it’s not—in fact it’s just as thick as the 920 just smaller. But it’s a comfortable, ergonomic design that doesn’t feel cheap.

Due to the Lumia 620 only having a 3.8” display, it is easily one of the tiniest phones we’ve used recently. That’s not a bad thing, mind you. Not everyone needs to or wants to stare at their phone for extended durations and some just want a phone that makes calls and good some “smart things”. It should also be pointed out that the original Lumia 800 also had a 3.8” display and that phone had quite a few fans as well.

Speaking of fans, the Lumia 620 has won numerous accolades from Windows Phone admirers due to its bold, colorful design. Coming in two toned colors (what Nokia calls "Dual Shot" where two colors are layered on top of each other) it is supposed to create "depth effects" and "textures."

Marketing language aside it is certainly eye catching. With colors ranging from white, matte black, blue, yellow, red and the popular lime green/yellow, the aesthetic matches the Windows Phone OS perfectly. We’ve heard some dismiss the more bright colors as making the phone look “toy like” but for those users, opting for the more traditional black will solve that critique. Personally, we love the lime green/yellow and are sticking with it—it’s just fun looking.

No word if Nokia will sell the shells separately, allowing you to changes colors at will but hopefully they will.

Overall, the smooth, cool-to-the-touch plastic shell, pocketable size and quality materials (such as the ceramic buttons) make the Lumia 620 a fine little device—at least on the outside.


The Display

In 2013, it’s hard to get excited about an 800x480 TFT LCD display--having said that as far as entry level displays go the Lumia 620 is a tremendous improvement over the washed out Lumia 610. If we had to make a direct comparison, it’s like Nokia took the display from last year’s Lumia 710 and tossed that into the 620. And yes, we mean that because it also includes Nokia’s famed ClearBlack polarizing display technology, which filters out certain wavelengths of light to give deeper, richer colors with a low-reflectivity.  It works.

Sure the Lumia 620 lacks PureMotion aka the 60 Hz refresh rate found in the Lumia 920 and Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but for less than $300 you’re getting a sharp screen with rich, vibrant colors. The colors are not oversaturated like those found in AMOLED displays and at 3.8” you are still getting a modest 245PPI.

The Lumia 620 also omits the Super Sensitive Touch technology from the Lumia 920, which means you’ll need to pull your gloves off to use the touchscreen on a cold day. But it does include Nokia’s “Sunlight readability” option whereby the display ramps up way past “max”, giving users a temporary reprieve from the harsh light on their display. That is a very useful feature and it’s great to see it included here.

As far as screen sensitivity goes, it’s certainly usable but you do feel it requiring a little more effort than the more high-end devices. It’s not bad but you can feel slight performance degradation here but that’s more a nit than complaint.

In short, it’s obvious that last year’s mid-range technology is now this year’s entry-level and it’s kind of awesome. For a “cheap phone” the Lumia 620 does not compromise on the display and in fact, offers more than what its competitors can offer due to the patented Nokia technology on board.


The Hardware

Powered by a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, the Lumia 620 is certainly on the low end when it comes to horsepower.  Whereas most Windows Phone 8 devices opt for the more powerful 1.5GHz dual-core variant, Nokia has presumably shaved some cost off of the device here with a speed reduction. Does it matter? In practical terms, no.  It’s certainly noticeable when you put it side-by-side with a 1.5GHz machine but when it comes to using it in isolation the little green phone feels just fine.

Let’s be clear though: it is slower but it never approaches the point of frustration. Does it handle racing games like Asphalt 5 without stutter? Absolutely.  And really that’s all you need to know, you can use the Lumia 620 without pulling your hair out. All apps and games installed and we saw no limitations.

Speaking of, the 620 sports 512MB of RAM unlike the earlier 610, which only had 256MB. That latter spec prevented the device from running certain games and even Skype. With 512MB of RAM, any software barriers have vanished. Once again, not much to say here as the phone was able to run every app we threw at it. Case closed.

The phone also sports Microsoft’s tap + send feature, meaning yes this “low end” phone even has NFC on board. Though near-field communication is still nascent, who wouldn’t want to have such hardware built in, especially when Apple couldn’t be bothered with it in the iPhone 5?

Battery wise, the Lumia 620 sports a modest 1300mAh battery which yes, is on the small size. The good news is with a 3.8” display and the efficient Windows Phone 8, it will last you easily a day and a half of modest usage or a full day with more heavy usage.  It’s also replaceable so you can always pick up a spare.

Real world tests it edges out most phones of its class. (Rumor also has it that Nokia has some optimizing new firmware that improves performance and battery life in the pipeline). Nokia claims 3G talk time is around 9.9 hours and while our numbers fell below that it was not too far off either.


Sound and Speaker

If we had to give a solid impression of the rear speaker it’d be better than expected. The speaker, located on the lower right on the back of the device, is a little tinny but it makes up for it in clarity, specifically volume and speaker phone. Did we mention how much it cranks? Because this is one of the loudest phones we’ve ever used. It does start to distort at about 24 (out of 30) but yeah, it’s shockingly good for, once again, an entry level device.

We should also mention that the Lumia 620 does feature Dolby Headphones, audio leveling and Nokia’s 7-channel equalizer with 19 presets (including a custom). While these are merely software tweaks for music, it’s the exact same feature set as found on the Nokia flagship Lumia 920.

For phone calls audio clarity was good—not great but not terrible either. Once again, we’re dealing with a device that is less than a Lumia 820 or 920 but being Nokia, even their cost-effective phones still sound quite solid. Same thing here and we found it superior to our Samsung ATIV S.

Otherwise the Lumia 620 sports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, accelerometer, compass but sadly no gyroscope. That latter omission though is not really a big deal as you’ll be hard pressed to notice it missing.


The Camera

Sporting an f/2.4 28MM 5MP rear shooter absent any Carl Zeiss branding the Lumia 620’s camera is certainly nothing amazing. But for daylight shots it’s actually very good—sharp with great color balance and accuracy. In fact it’s probably one of the best 5MP shooters we’ve used, which goes to show you how much these things have evolved over the last few years.

Low light is another story. Things get grainy fast and since this obviously lacks the Lumia 920’s PureView technology, we can’t expect too much. It’ll do in a pinch though and once again, considering this phone’s range the rear camera is above our expectations.

Video is also impressive. It does of course lack the smoothness of the Lumia 920 but once again for accuracy and sharpness, it’s very good outdoors on a sunny day. Inside it of course lacks quite a bit, but Nokia has exceeded our expectations for a sub $300 phone.

The camera has the same setup as Nokia’s other Windows Phone 8 devices, meaning limited selection:

  • Scenes: Auto, Close-up, Night, Night Portrait, Sports, Backlight
  • ISO: Auto, 100-800
  • Exposure Value: -2 through + 2
  • White Balance: Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent, Incandescent
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3
  • Focus Assist Light: On, off

The inclusion of a focus assist light, which acts like a pre-flash allowing the camera to provide enough light to judge appropriate focus, something that Nokia is evidently using on all their modern phones and it’s a nice touch, something that that their competitors do not offer.

Luckily, if you want extra features, you can download and use Nokia’s Cinemagraph (animated GIFs), Panorama and SmartShoot Lenses to augment the camera.

Lumia 620 Camera SampleLumia 620 Camera Sample

Lumia 620 Camera SampleLumia 620 Camera Sample

The front facing camera is less impressive being only 640 x 480 pixels but once again, the fact that this phone even has a front facing camera is impressive (HTC’s similar 8S lacks one, for instance). It does the trick though and performs within our expectations.

Finally, the audio recording was superb. Believe it or not this device does sport Nokia’s High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC), which basically means the microphones are really good and can capture a wider, more accurate range of sound than their competitors. Though the Lumia 920 has that feature we’re pleasantly surprised to find it on the 620.


The Phone

We’ve already commented a bit on the quality as a phone, but here we’ll go into more detail.

As a phone the Lumia 620 is kind of awesome. The reason we say that is due to its compact size, it fits very nicely in our hand and as a result, feels natural when using it. It was only within the last few years that “giant” smartphones became the norm and one forgets how nice it can be to have such a nimble device.

Audio quality, as previously mentioned, is quite good. We found the sound for phone calls to be reasonably clear and on par with other Nokia phones though less “rich” sounding.

Although the phone lacks “flip to silence”, leaked firmware suggests Nokia is bringing that feature back sooner than later, enhancing the phone experience. Other than that though, it’s your standard Windows Phone software with no advanced call-blocking features as found on Samsung’s offerings.


The Conclusion

The Nokia Lumia 620 is one impressive device. On paper, the specs don’t impress the techo-glitterati but in real life, it should.

For one, Nokia has brought an exceptionally well made Lumia experience to the masses for less than $300 off contract. On top of that, it has also brought with it some unique and borderline high-end features that Nokia’s competitors lack:

  • HAAC microphone for exceptional audio recording
  • Solid 5MP camera with a suitable front-facing one
  • NFC
  • ClearBlack display
  • Sunlight Readability mode
  • Focus Assist Lamp for the camera
  • Ceramic buttons
  • Multi-color “dual shot” covers for pizzazz
  • One of the loudest rear speakers we’ve used
  • Expandable storage (64GB microSD)
  • Dolby Headphones, audio leveling and 7-channel equalizer

Look over that list again. Those are some impressive features for an entry-level device in 2013 on top of it running the latest version of Windows Phone 8 (10211).

We’ll just flat out say it: we love the Lumia 620.

Sure we use our Lumia 920 as our daily driver (it’s the camera, really) but the 620 is right there next to it mostly because it contrasts so nicely. We understand not everyone wants a lime-green phone with bold colors, but take a look at the 620 in matte black and ask yourself would you not want such a tiny weekend phone?

And that’s the odd thing here: smartphones have gone from a two-year cycle to yearly to nearly every six months. Now we’re at the point that some of us are considering a secondary phone due their novelty and low price. Nokia has in effect raised the bar while at the same time lowering the barrier of entry.

Our only regret? No US carrier has announced this little gem. Sure, the 8xx series is nice but in a lot of ways it’s too middle-of-the-ground, whereas the 620 runs in the other direction.  T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon…are you listening?

That brings us to our sub-headline, calling the Lumia 620 the Palm Centro of 2013. The Palm Centro was the last Garnet device from Palm before they ascended to webOS and then crashed and burned with HP. [Flashback: Read Dieter Bohn’s review of the Centro from 2007]. It was a remarkable little phone that we personally bought on first sight due to its compactness, low price and feature package. Plus it was adorable.

We more distinctly remember how we signed up no less than ten friends on Sprint’s plan with the Centro being their first smartphone. They all loved it and it gave Palm a temporary rebound in the market as the phone was quickly picked up by numerous carriers, showing we weren’t an anomaly.

The Lumia 620 could be that phone for Nokia. It’s stylish, affordable, compact and powerful. It’s the perfect phone for teenagers, adults who aren’t into smartphones or tech geeks who just want a fun solid device for certain days. Nokia could sell millions of these devices, boosting their bottom line and more importantly, wetting people’s appetites for something more from the company next time around.

We could imagine this phone being given away for free on contract or exceed in the more lucrative pre-paid market that Android dominates right now. The difference here is that the 620 is not a compromise when compared to those craptacular low-end Androids—it’s just a solid, eye catching Windows Phone.

Will carriers respond to the Lumia 620? We’re starting to see significant pick up and even the media is giving the device high praise. A lot will depend whether Nokia can leverage the device into people’s hands, but we think they may have a mini-hit with the Lumia 620 if they can succeed.


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Nokia Lumia 620 Review - Affordability never looked so good


A Nice phone my sister (a smartphone newbie) owns a l610 and really likes it like Dan said its a really low end phone and the 620 feels so much better it feels like a high end phone that came out 2 or3 years and not like a low end phone from today.

Unless there is a CDMA version, MetroPCS and Cricket will not be able to carry it. However, some MVNO should be able to pick it up!

Good review, delighted to see such positive press for this device. I'm sorely tempted to pick one up as an interim device until my contract is up, but even at £150 I just can't afford it right now. 
My main hope is that people catch on to the buzz the device is getting and actually start buying it. As all the reviews have said, this is a perfect device for a first time smartphone buyer, or for those non-tech obscessed among us. 
Really do find it mind blowing that this hasn't been picked up by any major American carriers. Of all the WP8 devices at the moment I could see this doing crazy business over there. 

hardware-wise i agree, but i miss the nokia apps i used to have on my lumia 900 and a smaller phone would be nice...

try 820 or wait for 720 its huge hardware downgrade from 8x to 620 and i agree on nokia apps anyway its your choice :)

If rumors turn out to be true, the 720 should have the same soc and ram of the 620 with a bigger screen (4.3") and better cameras (2mpx front facing camera and 6 mpx main camera)

Tmobile Flame could be this.. Nah, I am sure they have decided that the market needs some bland, stripped down thing instead.

T-Mobile flame is rumored to be a 4GB device, likely a 5XX series phone.
It doesn't look like it is the 620.

More than likely a 7xx series, due to the 710 name recognition. I don't know why Nokia didn't do this with the 810 but oh well.

Actually there are strong rumors, some having said they're confirmed to actually exist, that Nokia will be coming out soon with Lumia 720 (4.3") and Lumia 520 (4.0").

I love this phone.. I purchased it on Amazon to use as an MP3 player for work.. my ipod touch decided to die, and this phone was the perfect fit..  stil have my 920 for everything else..

I wish if Nokia makes some MP3 players, that would be super cool!! I wanna get rid of my iPod as I hate Apple but I can't live without an MP3 player!

IMO If Nokia drops the ball on the 620 they do not deserve to stay in business. This is the phone they need to get much needed tracktion fast. With the momentum going their way doing the 620 right will give them so much more market share but so far we've not seen any real movement and the phone is left to fight on it's own..

Expansys has it unlocked in the US. I am getting one in a week just to have have one for music. I have an L920, but I want this little pocket player for fun.

I've said this before: Nokia can repeat with this Lumia 620 what they had with 3310. If they promoted the phone and also focused on the exchangeable covers, they could sell millions of these to children and teenagers. But they have to promote it like that and stop putting images of the 920 next to the 3310 as if it was its grandson (which is only true resistance-wise).

I am very sceptical on that 1300 mah battery...
Price vs. features wise, best WP to date wihtout a doubt.

Nice! I test drove a 2013 Accord EX-L late last year at my local auto show. Great car, I get jealous every time I see one on the road.

If I were Nokia, I would skip the carriers and just sell it unlocked at retail stores for less than $300. It would be a great iPod Touch competitor. Insert any GSM card, and it becomes a phone - something the iPod Touch can't do.

This. Considering that you can get a nexus 4 for 299.99, I think that the price should be around $250.00

There is a seller (on Amazon) that is selling them, new, for $329.99 with free shipping; only in Black though.  If Amazon sells these for Prime members, I will definitely consider getting this for a couple of family members.

This needs to be a prepaid phone.  More people are going that route and if they have a phone like this available I may consider going that route too!

It's $329 prepaid everywhere in Australia... that's pretty cheap compared to mid to high-end phones that are $600-800

Love this phone.  I find it really odd that I really want this phone despite already having the kingpin (920) and even the 810.  I think Nokia really got it right with the 620... I can't explain why I want it but I really do.  I WOULD buy one but it doesn't support AWS, but I think it will be my mom's next phone.  She can't figure out her samsung to save her life.  

Me too, have a 920 and an IP5 but want the 620. This would make an ideal business phone. It won't be a big hit in the USA unless it makes it into the prepaid market. Honestly though, I think Samsung kinda has that market wrapped up with subpar Galaxies.

especially when Apple couldn’t be bothered with it in the iPhone 5?
They also omitted flash from their camera in 2009 with the release of 3gs
Who would want flash in this mordern age huh?

This is actually pretty good specs and is on par with many gen1 WP7 devices. It only drops the ball with 8GB internal storage, but as it's a low-end device that probably won't matter to the target market.

8GB of internal storage is ample for most people and you always have the option of adding the SD card in there.

Yeah, microSD is great for photos & music, but it's not enough for apps and other data that can't be moved to microSD, like offline maps and a few other things I believe. 8 GB is fine for budget users, but woeful for everyone else. I want a high-end phone with microSD, but they don't exist. Technically there's the Ativ, but I don't want a giant plastic phone.

Great review.
Was wondering, what is that app on the top row of the green review unit on the left of explorer?

This is not surprising as can be seen on Expansys-US.com. The unlocked Nokia Lumia 620s have been the top selling smartphones for 2 weeks now and the product is Not officially released in the US - see top sellers here:
Unless Nokia management is myopic, this is a phone that SHOULD be flooding the US market.

I bought one as my development unit. Turns out it's the best phone I ever use as my personal phone as well.
For development, it's cheap enough for me to feel it's okay to keep downloading my application onto it, debugging with it, plug in and out all the time, crashing the application with it.
For personal use, the size, the build, the feeling that while you're using it, breaking it or slipping it to the floor is never a concern. Totally peace of mind to carry it every where.
Perfect Windows Phone. Period.

Daniel Rubino the Lumia 620 is not the successor to the Lumia 610. This is from an Q%A with the 620 product managers from MyNokiaBlog

Is it intended to be a successor of the Lumia 610 or merely a new product?
Anssi: 620 is a new product within our Windows phone 8 range

I'm guessing the Lumia 510 is indeed the folloow up to the 610 because of the larger screen. They made some changes and the 620 is a new product line. Which isn't that surprising. As a long time nokia fan i can say they are known to stray from their own guidelines very often

Thanks for the review. Hoping this comes to NZ, and that Nokia trainers can educate the store staff.

On another note, these longer articles really need some more revision before going out. Getting a bit hard to read in some areas ...

Thanks for this review :)
I think comparing the 620 with WP7 devices (like my Omnia 7) would be really interesting, in terms of performance, sound and pictures quality... As far as I can see, the only deal breaker (for me) is the screen, as I'm fond or the ultra deep blacks of amoled screens and really need a gorilla's one (or alike). But if it proves better than my current phone, well, I could be interested... And I guess I'm not the only one :)

Why is there so much space between the touch buttons and the border of the phone? I think it is ugly that the buttons aren't in the middle of the space...

To prevent accidental button presses. I believe this was a big complaint on the 800 models. Have a 920 which is similar and I'd say it's ideal.

How wierd wouldn't it be if Lumia 620 takes of and becomes the most successful device ever made...and its made for WP7!?

Picked a 620 up today for my daughter in Harvey Norman (Australia) for $276 AU. Awesome little phone, this has got to be a hit.

Nokia is certainly on right track concerning design. A Very nice looking phone :) I especially like the lime green one.

Actually, affordability already looked good. Remember htc 8s? It looks awesome. This one doesn't look bad either, just saying:)

I've been using my HTC HD2 as my main (only) device since December 09 running various builds of WM6.5, Android, WP7 and WP7.5, but as most of the hardware buttons have died recently, I figured it was about time to grab a new phone so I got one of these while available for £120 on O2. (PAYG, but I just lobbed my contract SIM in it)
Absolute bargain and the best £120 I've spent in donkeys. As much as I'd love a 920 or whatever follows in its footsteps for the photography aspects, I'm loving this wee 620 so far.
On a related note, the O2 £120 offer was supposed to be for 24 hours. I got mine at 9am, but when I went back for another look at 4pm it was already sold out, so it seems to have been (relatively) popular.

I got two, for my parents, but the second was after they'd run of stock, didn't tell me at the time though of course, just got a text later that evening saying sorry...
The one that did go through arrived next day but it isn't charging. :(
Turns on when connected to the power adaptor but just cycles between the O2 bubble screen and the Windows Phone charging logo.

That's unfortunate :(
I hope you can have that replaced without hassle when they have stock again. Mine has been grand so far. Once my 7 days from initial purchase has passed I'll send off for either the free yellow or lime back cover.
Good luck having yours sorted out!

Fantastic review, I think Nokia needs to fix their supply issues very quickly, this has a chance to be windows phone 8's bread and butter phone, low end androids don't come with features or colors afaik, that is the competition and it is ripe to be picked

Put it on pre paid in the US. 149.99 and have it on virgin mobile boost mobile and At&t prepaid. It would be perfect. Have all the different colors and swappable back plates. It would sell so much.

This, exactly!  Virgin Mobile is flooded with Android - it's disgusting.  I know someone on VM, with a simple prepaid phone, and I would gladly buy them a new phone on VM IF it were a WP. 

Joe and Residing, please join me in writing Virgin Mobile to add a windows phone to their offerings.  You will get the generic canned response but hopefully someone at VM will take note if lots of requests come through.
I really like windows phones but I won't go back to signing 2 year contracts just to have one. Performance wise I see little to no difference with prepaid.  Plus the cost saving can be significant.

Do have a yellow 920, but want that green 620 also... shit, why are you doing this to me Nokia...
May even buy one to my mother...

which is good xperia u or lumia 620..can we connect pendrive to lumia 620 i havn,t used touch screen handsets so is windows good option for me or i go to android

Why go to Android. THis phone would blow out any phone out of the water in its price range in features, technology, stability. And no you cannot connect a pendrive(OTG) in windows phone

Have been used giant devices like HTC titan and Lumia 920, now I want smaller but powerful one... I wish there's flagship Lumia with size of 800... Its perfect size for being a phone, not a mini-tablet.

It's a great phone. It feels like a small upgrade from the Omnia 7, but a worthwhile one.
Two complaints: It's too easy to cover up the speaker hole and mute/muffle all the sounds; and it picks up too much dust. I expect the later is normal for Polycarb phones but all my other phones have been metal so I've not had this issue before.
Nonetheless brilliant, and I'm sure a drill can fix the speaker issue.

Add aws and cdma and bring it to the US. Sell it through ms stores, all carriers as prepaid (ones that do prepaid anyway), as well as WalMart and everywhere else it could get exposure. People need to see it in person. The market for a phone like this seems to base their selection on what they see (in person this one should be a no brainer).

You know you've got a hit on your hands when Engadget actually loves this device despite their love fest for all that is Apple. 

Just got 620 last week, and totallyyyy amazing and mind-blowing. My friends and family get jealous to see the lime-green dual shot color. But, one thing really disappointed me, is that with the 8GB internal memory, (whereas apps cannot be installed to microSD) I should limit my installed apps to the most necessary ones. After all, I can tap and play music on my Nokia Play 360 with NFC, that's what I really need. :))

Perhaps Daniel or someone else can help me. What exactly am I missing here? What minimum specs does the camera app BLINK require that the 620 doesn't meet, as apparently, "This app uses features that your phone doesn't have". I hadn't expected that as 1GHz dual core and 512MB RAM seem more than sufficient, but apparently not

Can someone please help me understand, that if I buy this 620 from Expansys will I get 3G/4G speeds on TMobile, AT&T and Straight Talk.? I am not getting this info in any reviews or from Nokoa site.

I'm using the Lumia 620 on SimpleMobile (Tmobile MVNO) right now and loving it, I also tested it on my StraightTalk (ATT MVNO) and getting H/H+ in metro NJ area.  On TMO service it does drop to Edge in some areas because of the refarming  that is going on the 1900 spectrum, but on ATT it is solid 3g (H) /3.5g(H+) service only limited to congestion on the MVNO service end.  Hope this helps.  Has any one else had the same experience?
Daniel and all, I found that the 620 does have sensitive touch available, I am able to use it with simple clothe gloves (the cheap one size fits all kind) but when I double layered them it didn't work.  I have to press really hard to get a reaction from my iPhone 4s, so that was a nice surprise to me.  It's a great phone, pleasantly surprised by it and loving it!  

Thanks a lot for confirming. I am on T-Mobile and plan to move to Straight Talk in couple of months (on AT&T SIM). Can't wait to get my hands on this. Now question is which color should I go with. Tired of having black, gray or silver colored phones for long time.

I finally received my phone from exPansys and it is just awesome. It is certainly smaller from my HTC HD7. Sometime Screen feels little sticky to the hands but that will go away once I apply the screen protectory. It is smooth and little bit slippery in hands and may be because I have always used HD7 with a  Gel case. I love this phone a lot.
I confirm that in Dallas I am getting 3G speeds on T-Mobile. Phone also shows H+ icon once in a while. I have noticed that in the farther suburbs (like Flower Mound) I saw network name as "Home Service" instead of T-Mobile. Not sure why but I was still getting 3G. I did not see it is giving me "E" Edge or GPRS icons or speeds.

This looks like the perfect phone for one's older parents or grandparents, looking to buy something a bit 'more' than their feature phone/flip phone/Razr.   An added bonus is, if they have failing eyesight, you can set it up for them so as to make the most needed tiles, like phone, photos and  messaging into large wide tiles.
The downside is the lack of 3G/HSPA+ on T-mobile USA.

Anyone having issues with unresponsive power button? Mine does not work until I use the camera button to get the thing to the unlock screen, then it works again.

To those who is trying to get a 620, check the multi touch before leaving the store. Some units would not register multi touch correctly when unplugged. It will only register multi touch correctly when the usb cable is plugged in. 

Its a great phone to be sure!!! Glad your getting good 3g service in the Dallas area! Enjoy it and hope it continues to perform well for all of us!!!

Does anyone with a Nokia Lumia 620 have issues with their speaker pulsating at volumes between 1-10. There is small unhelpful thread on Nokia's support site but thats all. Wondering if anyone here has heard of or experienced anything similar.

i would like to know about its battery back up...i use two hrs of browsing, 2 hrs of listenin to music, and around 3 hrs of calling and yeah around 10 snaps a day.will t last a day (atleast for 20 hrs) .Also how gud s the watsapp (heard t delivers late and at times crashes) on L620 (I use t all day). Does t have lag, heard t hangs .