Memorylage for Windows Phone 8, a Picture Hub alternative with a collage twist


Memorylage is a popular Windows 8 app that is due to hit the Windows Phone Store in the next few days. We were given an advance copy of the Windows Phone 8 app to run through the wringer and found it to be an interesting photo app.

Memorylage is a photo viewer, much like the native Pictures Hub on our Windows Phone.  The app presents our photos in a collage fashion (hence the "lage" suffix) along with a few tools to build custom collages as well.  Memorylage comes across as a very nice alternative (maybe supplement is a better choice of words) to the native Pictures Hub.

Memorylage Main Screens

Memorylage's main pages offer you access to your camera roll and albums as well as an option to view your photos by date taken. Swiping to the right you'll find a Photo Booth feature that allows you take a series of photos and create a collage from them. Swiping one more time will send you to a page to access the settings, view the "about" information, contact the developer and rate the app.

Settings allow you to use any collages you create in Memorylage as lockscreen wallpapers.

Memorylage album views

Album views are in more of a collage style than uniform rows of square thumbnails. At the bottom of the album view is a select button where you can create a lockscreen collage of select images or just create a collage to save/share. You'll have the option to add a caption to the collage and save it either for web/email use or high-res for printing.  When you save a collage as a lockscreen wallpaper, you'll have the option to darken the bottom of the image to allow notifications to be displayed better.

Memorylage collage screens

Individual images lack the full range of options that you'll find in the Pictures Hub but you can share them via email, messaging or social apps such as Twitter, glƏƏk! as well as sending them to third party photo editors such as Thumba.

Memorylage is a nice looking Windows Phone 8 app that offers an alternative to the native Pictures Hub. The collage album view is refreshing. I would have liked to have seen the ability to create and use your own collages as backgrounds for the main pages.  Not sure if that is possible but it would add to an already nice photo album app.

There will be a trial version that is ad supported for Memorylage with the full version will run you $1.99. Look for it in the Windows Phone Store in the next day or so.  In the meantime, you can check out the Windows 8 version of Memorylage here in the Windows Store.


Reader comments

Memorylage for Windows Phone 8, a Picture Hub alternative with a collage twist


Looks good. I'll definitely check it out on my Surface and then my Lumia when the WP version comes out. I like supporting devs who come out with quality apps for our platform.

Great to hear that. As a small developer, it is hard to survive when everyone expects things free, and anything over $0.99 is "premium."

I often wish that I had spelled the app "Memoryllage", as people always mis-pronounce it when reading it (just watch the video).  The 'lage' part of the name sounds like the end of 'collage.'  It's a soft G.
As for picking that name, it is extremely difficult picking a good name that isn't taken.  One of the previous names was Photolage, but that ended up being taken by a website.

Hey, I'm the developer of the app.
It should be submitted to the store within the next day or two, and will take about 3-5 days for certification.  The latest version already has the ability to set the background image to a photo from your collection, which was one of the suggestions in the review.  It also doesn't have some of the features of the Photos hub, since Windows Phone doesn't allow apps to do certain things such as deleting a picture, or viewing your favorite photos..
If you want to be alerted when the app is available, check out the page on preapps.com.

Hi! I just wanted to congratulate you on the awesome app. I find it very entertaining in Windows 8. Quick question... Will the app be WP8 exclusive?. ;)

Thanks!  I'm glad you like the Win8 version, and can't wait until everyone can try the WP8 version, as I think it is even better.  Unfortunately, it will be most likely stay a WP8 exclusive, as it would take a fair amount of work to get it running on WP7.  It uses a lot of the new WP8 features under the hood.

Yeah. I kind of figured. It was just wishful thinking. Either way, as a photography lover, I want to congratulate you because obviously this app has a lot of thought out into it and that's what we need in the Windows ecosystem. ;)

I use the Window 8 all the time and I personally know that Jeff is dedicated to making the highest quality apps. Can't wait to get my hands on this!