Microsoft busy with Skype-Lync integration and a Lync app

Skype-Lync Integration

Microsoft is due to demonstrate integration between Skype and Lync next week at its Lync Conference held in San Diego.

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. A business version of Skype, if you will, that connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience.

The integration will give Skype and Lync users that ability to contact each other, launch IM text sessions and communicate via audio calls. The integration should be delivered to customers in June with video conferencing integration coming later.

Additionally, Microsoft is planning to release Windows Phone 8 and iOS applications next month for Lync 2013. The apps will allow users to do voice-over-IO and video-over-IP communications. With over five million voice Lync seats sold, the new Lync app and integration with Skype may give Windows Phone a push in the business end of the market.

Source: PCWorld


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Microsoft busy with Skype-Lync integration and a Lync app


That sounds pretty good, too bad at this point, I do not get a notification on the Skype app to let me know I have a text message

Don't know if this will help you but at first I had notifications on Skype that later mysteriously disappeared. Then I uninstalled Skype and downloaded it again and voila, notifications worked again.

Why does Andriod and IOS work with loads of notifications and WP doesn't? COME ON MS! I have facebook, twitter, whatsapp and WPCentral with notifications anything else doesn't work so had to disable it as a background app - flipping stupid. 

Isnt this a broader problem with WP? The FB-tile on my Lumia 920 almost never updates now, it updated instantly when it was new. On my newly updated Omnia7 it updates really quick (I have been using both phones side by side a few weeks now). My experience the last two years is that after updates or factory resets the tiles and notifications works like they should, but over time things just stop or slow down, its like the system just clogs up.

Lync is behind the firewall whereas Skype is on the outside. Additionally, Lync has seamless integration with other MS business products. Skype is a consumer service for people that don't need the same level of security as enterprises.

FYI... that's not entirely true. Lync has "edge" components that put it outside the firewall for corporate use without a VPN connection. :)

Well I too thought it was behind the firewall since I was unable to login. Is there some permission that needs to be enabled to allow my access like was required for me to use Exch 2K10?

Skype is vastly inferior to Lync. Lync is what you'd get if you fixed Skype and merged it with WLM's interface.
Anyway, I'm actually thinking of getting a personal Office 365 account just to use Lync instead of Skype.

I am almost sure that a personal Office 365 account does not include Lync, the Business version of the subscription surely will.

Too bad that skype integration on the wp8 OS is so bad.  Loss opportunity for MS every single day. 

they need to rid themselves of a stand alone app and get skype working in the OS properly.  Messages and group chatting go to messaging hub, calls and video calls go through  normal calling process, contacts link up in people hub, notifications coming in on time like regular text, calls too. 
The stand alone "integration" was a poor stopgap for MS and Skype and it is a joke it ddidn't work properly.  Notifications and calls do not come through properly and consistently.  It is quite side that a company like MS can not integrate skype after all this time and $$ spent. 
Im not saying it is easy, but they need a fire lit on them to get things moving.  This is one advantage over their competitors taht they have and they are clearly dropping the ball.

Exactly, iOS has iChat and facetime.  A polished skype could be every bit as good and better since it would be cross platform.
It's a mess on WP and lacking in features.  

What you describe is exactly how Skype works on my phone.  My freakin' discontinued, abandoned, and never-really-supported WebOS phone!  It's pretty sad that Microsoft hasn't been willing or able to implement this in WP yet.

I will be happy with Skype when the Skype interface looks and behaves like Lyncs. It's nce to know that 2 years after the aquisition, they are only beginning to get it right. Sigh....

Let's hope they prioritize Skype/Lync integration for Windows Phone as much as they will undoubtedly do for Apple iOS.  Up until now, MSFT is clearly giving more focus and talents to iOS support than their own Windows Phone platform.  
Microsoft- please let logic and your own pride prevail!

Umm, I think you have that backwards. Lync is fantastic. I hope Skype doesn't ruin it in the transition.

If you think Lync is bad, I'm guessing your admin has jacked up your setup OR you've never used Cisco Jabber, lol.

I am just glad they mentioned windows phone at all along with ios, definitely glad android comes in April after wp8, the more cross platform they make it the better for everyone, no longer will we be tied to a device with specific capabilities, inclusive of some and excluding most. For enterprise, that makes perfect sense and gives them a lot of flexibility in using Lync.

Lync is pretty solid at work...Skype is terrible. Would rather MSFT had paid Apple $7B to license a good product like Face Time. What a damn waste of money Skype has been so far for them...

Ms owns Skype so its both of there problems but I get it they put them selves where there's money no money in wp8

I'm starting to agree...there is just little to no focus from MSFT on phones or tablets. Limited apps, poor quality key apps (Skype and Xbox Music & Video), and fragmentation that is arguably worse than Android now - and I specifically point to RT here.

Finally, with tablets they launch a subpar effort (Surface with RT) and attempt to charge iPad level prices....out of touch with reality

How about getting the Facebook and Skype apps in order before trying to announce any crap! Contract ends on 28th April, thats their final date to get those 2 apps in order otherwise its a new xperia Z for me and bad reputation for Windows Phone.

How about a whole bunch of things in order e.g live tiles stopping working, notifications hub, the suckage that is Xbox music on wp8, the still lack of first class official apps, Skype....the list goes on. I've used WP since the focus v1 was released but starting to be a tad frustrating tbh.

Yup...agree 100% and I've been a devoted fan for some time. I thought WP8 would be a leap forward, but it is a lackluster effort at best.

I am very close to jumping ship to Android or iOS (if Apple decides to release a quality piece of hardware...lol)

Please do. Software development takes time. This is not one single person working on everything. there are so many departments included - so many people trying to fix the stuff on their end - trying to understand how skype works - trying to integrate it - testing it - seeing how everything work together with the other development.
how long did it take for ios or android to be like it is nowadays? years!

MSFT isn't exactly new to the smartphone or OS game...their pace with WP8 is appalling and shows a clear lack of dedication to the platform. I hope things change as I like the UI and Nokia...however I am not confident.

Sorry for a stupid question, but is Lync only for enterprise/business? It doesn't work outside of that right?

I use Lync Enterprise but with Office 365 so all in the cloud. I can communicate with other Lync users and with some IM platforms already but we have a lot more control over who we federate with. You can also use the Lync web conferencing tools to host meetings but the attendees will normally have to download some sort of client. I actually like this but need a few things to improve and they are in the next 365 wave update.

Lync Voice/Video is whats been missing from my WP since 7 so although Skype is of interest I really just need Lync working on my phone. I am guessing the Office 365 updates and this work may finally make this happen.

Maybe they should fix wp8 Skype app. Doesn't usually ring or give me notifications. Although it did work one day...