Verizon details additional HTC 8X firmware update, adds messaging improvements

Good news for those on Verizon who have anxiously awaited that ‘Portico’ OS update as not only do you get those new features, but evidently Big Red has given you some many unique fixes too.

The new features and improvements come with the radio/firmware portion of the update, which is an additional layer that brings some carrier-side requested fixes. 

The new firmware has the following changes:

Firmware: 1532.20.20011.605; Radio:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile have been improved for performance.
  • Increased flexibility to manage browser history.
  • Added capability to select an MP3 file as a ring tone.
  • Incremental security feature allowing user to restrict calls to a limited list of numbers.
  • Messaging enhancements to allow user to edit an MMS while forwarding.
  • User can auto-retry with connectivity, multi-select recipients for a message and ignore
  • calls with SMS reply.

That later one, multi-select recipients for a message should go a long way to addressing a complaint that many folks had regarding Windows Phone on Verizon. We haven’t seen the change ourselves but presumably under the messaging options, grouping of messages may be fixed with this update (or at least improved).

Other additional features including selecting MP3 as a ringtone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile fixes and restricting phone calls are also welcomed, though it remains to be see how those are instantiated.

That leads us to you sounding off in comments on your thoughts of the new update.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, Robert C., for the heads up!



Reader comments

Verizon details additional HTC 8X firmware update, adds messaging improvements


Group text is fully operational on my Verizon 8X. Just go to Messaging, start a new message, click the + sign (like usual) and when you get to the People screen click the little circle with check marks at the bottom (select) - you can select any number of users and even send the message across different accounts.

You can send test messages to a group of people all day long, BUT, the replies will not be to the group. They come back to you as individual text messages. 

I'm just glad to see the words Windowsphone and Verizon being used in the same sentence in a positive manner. Just think of where we were 8 months ago!!

My 8x is being weird today. Bing won't change to newpic in horizontal view. And I didnteven get an notification that I had an update.

It's about time the 8X is getting the Portico update. My personal phone (Lumia 920) is way ahead of the curve.

Got Portico on the unlocked 8X since early December. My unlocked Lumia 920 just got it last week...

its like " hey guys - who want to hang out" - for some reason it still does not work for other integrated services like facebook

No love for the 822, hopefuly Nokia is giving us more than just these fixes, hoping for custom notification sounds and more tile color options.

I prefer bug fixes. After that, any added features and improvements, moderately that is. Otherwise its like putting all eggs in one basket at one time. Once full, can't put anymore. The fun therefore ends. No more updates to look forward to. Look at Apple and Android. They got no where else to go. Can you believe it, Android and the new comers are all adding touches of metro to their UI. Example, HTC One. Like I said, they got nowhere else to go. WP has lots of potential. I

he will not stop - according to xda posts he is really sad that he cant annoy everyone with his stupid ringtones

This does nothing to remedy group chat and I think they are just referring to when you hit the + on a new text and bring up contact list (which I never do anyway, way quicker to just type beginning of name) you can bring up check boxes to select multiples. All my people are in a "group" anyway which still only receives their responses individually. Oh well, still a few decent improvements in portico, I'll have to check in my car for the Bluetooth change since on my trophy I could see artist info on dash display but since getting the 8x it only shows BT AUDIO and no info. Edit: still no artist info in car on the display, they must be using a different stack than on wp7 (trophy). One thing I do notice is when switching off/on Bluetooth or WiFi is the toggle switch doesn't bounce back and forth like it did before and there's a short locked in/grey out over the switch while it fully activates which is small but I definitely notice.

Anyone know how the "MP3 file as ringtone" thing works? Can't find the option in the ringtone settings, nor in the Music Hub... Do I have to manually copy the file to the Ringtone folder on my phone?

I hadn't ever tried it before, but just did for the first time. for anyone having problems, for some reason you have to directly copy from the computer, you can't copy from another folder on your phone. I just copied to the desktop, then copied back and it worked

I have added mp3 ringtones using the desktop software. It finds useable mp3's , you select them and syns to the phone. Always works.

There's an app call easyring and music. Getting music or tones anywhere, even YouTube. It will convert YouTube music to mp3 and you can use to create ringtone. You can also download music from files saved on SkyDrive. Its so easy!!!!!! Don't need to mess with drag drop bla bla bla!

"That later one, multi-select recipients for a message should go a long way to addressing a complaint that many folks had regarding Windows Phone on Verizon. We haven’t seen the change ourselves but presumably under the messaging options, grouping of messages may be fixed with this update (or at least improved)."

Unless you're pretty confident that group MMS was actually fixed, it seems presumptuous to say what it does or doesn't address. Based on the pdf it seems what they probably did was just give you the ability to check off people's names to send multiple people the same text, as opposed to having to manually input each recipient as it's done currently.

" it seems presumptuous..."

Yeah, it was presumptuous which is why I say "presumably" and then toss it off to comments since we haven't seen it ourselves. But thanks for ummm...clarifying my clarified point, lol.

No kidding. "Goes a long way"?? No, it did nothing for us. We could already send a message out to multiple recipients (I've been doing it since I got this phone, by typing the first few letters of each persons name and using auto complete... I couldn't care less about multi select check boxes in a people lust).

Replies to my text still come back individually and mean I can't gave a conversation with a group of coworkers it friends. Both of whom assume I could be able to participate.

Verizon is crippling communication and I for one would love am explanation. On other platforms there are alternatives like Facebook messenger. Unfortunately this doesn't notify about new messages to a group conversation. I do not blame Microsoft, they did include a great group messaging feature. But Verizon deletes it out of their system updates.

I'm filung a complaint with the BBB. It may not get far, but I hope it gets further than the tech journalism industry's inability to understand the problem and investigate (let alone describe and report on) the issue.

I don't see an option to select an MP3 as ringtone. Its still the same 'Custom' like it always was where the mp3 file has to be in your ringtones folder.

Also my messaging options are the same as always. They look just like the screenshot. No group text. I re-checked for updates just to be sure. None of the new features are here.

There's alot of features many want right away and I assume MS knows this. To slap all that in a young OS like wp8, God knows what's gonna happen. Lets wait and what happens with "project blue" shall we. Maybe it'll rattle some people's hard bones.

Not seeing this anywhere, even tried on a one second track just to make sure size wasn't an issue and not seeing anywhere how to quickly add as ringtone besides old way as stated above.

Sadly it does not seem to fix the bluetooth issues with my Alpine head unit, still can't control music playback from the HU.  This is the only outsanding issue I have iwth the phone.

Interesting that they are adding mp3 ringtones.  I have a verizon 8x and I just copied a few mp3 files to the ringtones folder from the computer and they play just fine.

Does anyone know if it fixed the problem with the audio driver that caused audio to crackle if you hadn't restarted in a while?

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I want this update, but I have to wait for WiFi:(. I wish this update would of included separate tile color, more Facebook integration options like viewing different pages and groups. Honestly with one big update, I think windows could be in competition with IOS and android OS. but this isn't the one.

Just opened the Me tile and noticed that in the Notifications it shows me the full tweet in line instead of having to jump down one more screen. Is this new?

I had an issue with my red 8x on Verizon with a lot of static from the headphone jack...swapping for a new one did not fix it, this update did! I literally teared up when I plugged in headphones today...I've been waiting for this day. still no group messaging though...:(

Update caused my 8x to continually freeze then reboot.  I decided to do a hard restart and it would only make it to the blue screen and then reboot.  I went to Verizon and they're sending a new one my way.

I am new to windws phone - HTC 8X on Verizon.  While I see you can assign different ringtones by contact for calls, it does not appear you can assign different notification sounds for messaging.  I would like to be able to be able to assign different notfication sounds by contact.  Is this something could be done?  Will the firmware update detailed in this thread help at all with my questin.  Assitance from anyone on this would be greatly appreciated.  thak you.

Does anyone know what was done with Bluetooth? My GPS still chops off the end of directions, starts playing music, whether I want it too or not, as soon as the connection is made, and will only speak directions to me if I have blue tooth audio selected on my sound system. I don't see any fixes here at all.

already updated my Verizon HTC 8x. Still has issues sending SMS when using other network. When replying or sending a message with country code, the message wont sent. Phone is suppose to be unlocked. I should have bought the 8x of AT&T

I updated it last night and I can see all but 2 of the listed new features:

  • Added capability to select an MP3 file as a ring tone.

Is this supposed to work by just adding an MP3 <= 1MB in the RingTones folder?

  • Incremental security feature allowing user to restrict calls to a limited list of numbers.

I couldn't find this feature at all. Would really like to enable this to forward all spam phone calls to my voicemail.

Just checked. Nope. They didn't bother fixing that. Btw this is ANY WP8 device on Verizon. I talked to Windows Phone Support about it a few months ago and they said they'd forward the issue along. Apparently someone dropped the ball. Awesome.

So disappointed with this phone. I wanted Windows Phone 8 to succeed, but it is going to have to succeed without me.
My HTC Windows 8X (Verizon) has been horrible.
I pre-ordered it, so I got it right at release. During this time, per Verizon’s recommendations, I’ve had to replace the SIM card twice (due to the dreaded “SIM card is missing or invalid” error) because the phone would just lose connectivity for hours, without any discernible reason.
But, the death knell was the software update on 2/20/2013. After that, the Bluetooth hands-free became totally DOA. It connects to my car (2013 Audi), but doesn’t hold the connection long enough to make a call or anything. I tried it in my colleague’s car, too, and the same thing. I then tried her iPhone 5 in mine, and it worked like a charm.

I decided to take the nuclear option and do a factory reset over the weekend, and then reinstall all the aps. So, finally in luck. My phone connected and worked with Bluetooth in the AM. My colleague took time out of her day today to put my coporate email accounts back on the phone today.
And then, wouldn't you believe--on the way home, it was back to its new normal dysfunctional behavior. No Bluetooth. I guess it downloaded the update again.
If you can’t get the basics right (like being able to connect to the network or Bluetooth) does it really matter if you do or don’t have many good apps or positive network effects from a large installed user base? 
I've wasted--and my colleague has wasted--hours on this phone. For what? I'm getting an iPhone 5.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.