Nokia Music does the Harlem Shake as we shake our head

Nokia Music UK Harlem Shake

Unless you’ve been backpacking in Patagonia the past two weeks, you’ve probably seen a ‘Harlem Shake’ video or two (or three or four or five). But, when does a meme jump the shark? Probably once you get the people at the Today Show to absolutely murder the meme. That doesn’t seem to have stopped the UK folks at Nokia Music from doing their own version of the hip thrusting craze.

It’s always fun to see how hip companies are when they can party with the zeitgeist, no matter how fleeting a current fad may be.  

I promise this is the first and last time you’ll ever hear or see the Harlem Shake on Windows Phone Central. Daniel would probably cry if I send him another link to the one of 40,000 plus videos of the Harlem Shake on the YouTube. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it...

Thanks for the tip Ryan!


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Nokia Music does the Harlem Shake as we shake our head


It's about time for WPCentral to make one too! Check it out http://bit.ly/WaWVcl
I do advise using chrome to check out that wpcentral harlem shake page. It crashes firefox and there's no sound in IE10.

Please let this die soon. Its only funny for so long. I ain't got time for that. I got bronchitis. You just got rickrolled. I can go on..

Just look up Harlem Shake on YouTube. You'll see literally thousands of videos from Americans, like you and I, doing the Harlem Shake.

Nokia Music UK's humour is great! I love the storm trooper...I just hope they're not being paid 50K for that...this is the new Gangnam.

Believe it or not, I never heard or seen anything about this ever in my life. I guess I live in a closet. I'm afraid to come out after seeing that video.

The concept of the video, actually came from America. Some viral fad that a bunch of different colleges, businesses, etc are doing. Wish it would stop already. Guess it has spread across the pond now..smh

I have never seen nor heard of the "Harlem Shake", I'm kind of looking forward to watching this video when I get back from my backpacking trip in Patagonia.

Hey! I am on my way back from Patagonia as well. What a co-incidence!
I have no idea what Harlem Shake is. I come to WPC to read about WP (.) ...as in period.

Wow the lyrics translate "with the terrorists" in Spanish. Nokia UK should probably think before picking a song like this, it could be viewed badly.

Guess I should take my backpack off. Never heard of this crap. From the picture, I can't even bring myself to watch the video.

It starts off slow, then everyone starts to go into some kind of spasmatic seizure. This just oozes what the world has come to when things like this become so popular.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for having a good time, but these videos are just dumb.

What would we do without YouTube.

Come on now its only people having fun, it makes me happy to see these things, people coming together to do something fun. I love the Harlem shake videos its just a fun and creative thing for people to do. Loved the post it guy on this video

Out of all the creative content posted on YouTube daily, it's this stupid "Harlem Shake" that everyone goes crazy about. I never thought I'd want Gangnam Style back.

Harlem is mad. No one is doing the Harlem Shake. They feel like they been disrespected. (I just saw a video of people that live in Harlem pissed off!) Ask ASOP Rocky what he thinks.

But in the end it looks fun.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. The guy in the beginning, dressed all in black with the black helmet. . . That's me, don't tell anyone mate.

Embarrassed me is all it did. Focus on making our Nokia phones better!! 99 percent of the videos aren't even Harlem shake

I remember doing the Harlem shake like 10 years ago! The way its done now is all effed up! Smh! Check out some old lil bow wow music videos or rap videos from the early 2000's, thats how you do it. Not the atrocious wiggling they are doing now! Lol

That isn't the harlem shake.  But if you wanted to know know why the STROBE light was created, this video.