Look to the stars with Oreo Skies for Lumia Windows Phones

Oreos Skies

Nokia has launched Oreo Skies (think Oreo cookies) for Lumia Windows Phones. The app enables consumers to gaze to the stars (or the sun if you're using it during the day) and explore a map of stars and constellations. Messages can be sent to friends via Facebook, and the whole idea is really a social app for the massive network (it's also available via the website as an app, but asks users to download on their Lumia smartphones).

Simply touch a star and you're then able to send a message to anyone on your Facebook friends list. Should you post the most messages during a lunar cycle, you get to "own the moon" and send a message for the entire Oreo Skies network to see (something like "Windows Phone Central is da bomb!" would suffice).

Should you witness a shooting star on-screen, be sure to tap it to unlock hidden messages and special offers. While it's mainly a novelty app, it's a nice touch on providing Lumia Windows Phone owners a way of spreading the word to friends about anything. You'll be required to wave your Windows Phone in a figure-8 pattern for a few days until it calibrates and connect to Facebook.

Fear not if Facebook authentication does not work out first time round, fear not as we've received reports that there are issues in connecting to your social account.

You can download Oreo Skies from the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Erick H.,for the tip!

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Look to the stars with Oreo Skies for Lumia Windows Phones


If Microsoft put at least 10% of effort Nokia does, we would have Windows Phone 10 right now with thousands of new features.

MY sister had the same issue. At this point your BEST bet is to wait until after MWC, because Nokia will likely announce a flagship Verizon device, at least I'd think that to be what happens. However, my sister went with the 822 (I have the AT&T 920 myself), because the body of the 8X wasn't that impressive to her (I agreed), and you got the Nokia apps and microSD support.

I would like to wait but we are fed up with AT&T and would like to switch now. Plus I'm going with a $100 or less device. Just wish my wife would do the same (she is an isheep) and get a Windows Phone. How do you like your sister's 822?

I was wondering the same so i did a quick search for "sky map" in the store and there are quite a few that look interesting, I'm going to try a couple out.
(maybe there is an article in this - hint, hint)

Skymap Free is quite useful.
I was going to download this, but no ways am I going to sign into Facebook from my phone.

Accessing FB from the phone is fine if you are using an app. I would never access FB using the built-in FB functionality, because that gives FB access to your entire contact list. LAME--should be a pick and choose type of setup.

Why on earth do they insist on a Facebook sign in? Surely they could have made that optional.