Movielator is now Pick My Movie with a refreshed look

Pick My Movie

Movielator is a Windows Phone app that was designed to help you decide on finding a movie to watch. It was a decent movie finder of an app but needed a little fine tuning. Enter Pick My Movie.

The developer tweaked the appearance, interface, made a few under the hood adjustments and gave the app a more straight forward title. Pick My Movie breaks down the movie genre a little more and has more of a Metro or Modern UI appearance.  It's a nice renovation and not a bad app for when you just can't decide on what movie you should watch.

Pick My Movie

Pick My Movie has a Enter screen where you can enter the app or rate the app. Once you enter the app you face a series of tiles that represent various movie genre (westerns, action, horror, etc.) plus tiles that sort movie titles by date range and a tile to generate movie titles at random.

Once you choose a tile, eighteen movie titles are generated from that genre or time frame. Just tap on the movies' box cover to pull up a detail description of the movie.

All in all, the rebranding and redesign of Movielator looks good. Pick My Movie does focus more on "out of theater" titles that you'll likely find on Netflix, Amazon or your local movie rental store than current box office titles. That's not necessarily a bad thing because there are times everyone needs a little help finding a title for movie night at the house.

Pick My Movie is a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Movielator is now Pick My Movie with a refreshed look


The UI is terrible. There's no search, and there's no indication of what service the movie may be on. Can I Stream It? is better even though it doesn't always work.

Fair point. I thought it was a "find a movie I want to watch" not a "find a movie that may interest me."

I'm surpised that you didn't made a word about my app, which I've tipped you 2 weeks ago.
For those interested, my app can do the same (and much more), but with movies from YOUR collection. You can download it here (it's free !).

Very nice app. Easy to use UI, I like the imdb sync and its a good way to keep track of what I own. The only thing it doesn't do is tell me of something is available on Netflix or other streaming (something this app and the one I mentioned say they can do). Other than that great, only suggestion I have would be the ability to export as excel or something (although the dropbox file may work, haven't looked yet).

Medality, your app is clearly the better looking one. However it seems to be just a way to collect all the movies you've seen. Unlike 'Pick my movie' that allows you to pick a new movie to see. Your app would be more useful if it gave suggestions for movies to watch based on all the movies you've put in your collection.

Medality's app does give suggestions based on your own collection.  You can search by genre, duration, year and such for suggestions.  A search by actor would really be awesome though.
I think both apps are useful.  One searches everything, the other your own collection.  Personally I just need to search my own collection, many of which I haven't watched yet.

Where does it give suggestions? I can only seem to search the videos that I've watched/added. Dont get me wrong that could be a nice thing to register but I know what I watched so it seems rather pointless. If I want to link films to actors to other films they did then the IMDB app does a better job (also provides suggestions). I have a similar app for series (TVSHOW) but that seems more useful as it tells you what episode you're at and when a new episode is out.

I guess by suggestions, I meant search results.  I like to keep track of when I watched a movie within my collection so that I can eventually watch everything.  I like doing a random movie night and with a "date last watched" field, that would help make sure I am not watching the same movies over and over before I watch some long forgotten ones. I currently just keep track of that in a spreadsheet. 
I have the IMDB app too but like having all the data in one place. I don't really want to know what films a particular actor played in, I would want to know which movies I HAVE that the actor played in.  That's good to know in case I wanted to do a Jack Nickolson marathon for example.

Your Videobrary app is awesome!  Way back in the Windows 3.1 days I created an Access database similar to what your app does. No longer have that file, just a spreadsheet now with titles, media type, and date of last viewed along with a couple other pieces of info.
I don't need an app that searches media delivery sites.  One that uses my own collection is what I needed and this one fits that bill.
Just a couple suggestions...I do have a bunch of titles on VHS but you don't show that as a media type option. Could you add that?  Also, I have close to 1000 titles.  It would be awesome to be able to import them from a spreadsheet into the app instead of having to do each one individualy.  A date last viewed filed would also be great.
The alternative title option comes in handy since I like to sort titles with a "The" in the name with a (MovieTitle, The) format instead of (The MovieTitle).
Thanks for the app.

Thanks for everyone's comments :).
I know it does not really do the same thing, but it could have been presented alongside Pick My Movie. After all, it's about movies, right ? :P
As for new features and improvements, I don't work full time on this (I've also got a job !), so they may come in the future (adding VHS doesn't seem too difficult :)), but I can't promise anything. As for the Dropbox file, it's there to synchronize your collection on multiple phones (say, with your girlfriend's one), and to use with a possibly future Windows 8 app. It's also useful when you're switching from WP7 to WP8 ;)
Also, you don't have to rename titles that start with "The", as I ignore that when sorting the list (since v1.1).