Microsoft updates BLINK, fixes issues with Nokia Lumia 620


Microsoft has released an update to BLINK, but the app remains on version 1.1 so what's new? It's a hot fix for the Lumia 620, which experienced issues when attempting to run the app after the previous update.

We've confirmed that BLINK now works on the Lumia 620 (the issue appears to have been tied to the 620's 512MB of RAM as opposed to the 1GB found on other WP8 devices).

If you've forgotten what was included in the 1.1 update, here's the changelog:

  • Fixed edit bug for certain phones
  • Fixed crashing issue for certain Lumia 820s
  • Added tap to select

You can download BLINK from the Windows Phone Store.



Reader comments

Microsoft updates BLINK, fixes issues with Nokia Lumia 620


I don't see how that would follow. What makes a WP8 app for WP8 is the code and API access it has, not the RAM requirement.  Fact is, if this app requires access to features that WP7 doesn't offer, no, it can't and TBH, that seems to be the case.

Aaaah really want to download this cause it seems better than smartshoot imo. But damn that resolution scaling!

This is a great app, love it, nice to see Microsoft updating its apps, but wonder when they will, if ever update their Facebook app with some worthwile changes?

I have not experienced any BLINK problems on my 620.  Having young kids, it would be nice if BLINK allows more than one stream of photos to be taken. 

So it was an issue. I couldn't see any good reason for it not letting me install, citing my device lacked features the app required. Time to have a play

Just noticed BLINK states it doesn't work on a HTC 8S, but it DOES!!  And I've used it successfully several times!