Skype for Windows 8 updated, finally brings file support

Skype Update for Windows 8

Nothing puts a smile on our faces like an update and today’s winner is Skype… for Windows 8. Yeah we’d like to see a little more effort from the Skype team with the Windows Phone version, but it’s great to see Windows 8 get some love too. What’s new you ask? Read on and find out.

Skype for Windows 8 gets bumped to and brings with it some welcomed features. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering, but it’s bringing parity to the features Skype users have been accustomed to for some time. Like

  • The ability to send and receive files
  • Performance improvements
  • General fixes

Performance improvements and general fixes are things you won’t really notice consciously while using the app, but finally being able to send and receive files is great. If you’re running Skype on an RT device like the Surface RT, the inability to do that probably drove you mad. No more!

You can download or update Skype for Windows 8 by grabbing it in the Windows Store. And if you’re curious what file I sent to Daniel in our Skype chat above you can see that here.

Thanks for the tip theefman!


Reader comments

Skype for Windows 8 updated, finally brings file support


I have to agree. Didn't believe it myself until I went from a Focus w/7.8 to an 8X yesterday. What a world of difference!

Hoping we can at least get a WP 7.x with IM in the background at the very least, or just an update to the OS to make messaging go through Skype formally. I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be difficult on the back because Skype's IM moved from Skype to the WLM backend.

This is great for now... but it still needs:
- Instant Picture/Video sharing
- Screen sharing
- The clean emoticans from WP8/Windows 8/Outlook.com to keep consistancy
- Automatic Contact linking and auto-integration with Microsoft Account connected services (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Then it'll be a valid replacement for WLM.  But for now, still sticking with WLM.   I'm hoping they'll do something drastic and integrate these before cutting service to WLM off... but I highly doubt it knowing that they wait until it's too late usually.  :(

Just link your Skype account to your Microsoft account > bosh. All you have to do then is merge any that weren't automatically merged (if their names are very different, for example) and you're good to go.

When I read the headline, I thought it was news about windows phone. :( I caught 'windows' and '8' and started jumping in joy. Oh well!

Ok so....not saying I don't like these posts. I am a windows phone user but is it me or is this site really a "windows central" site more than a windows phone site? Just saying....

imore covers iphones ipads ipods, android central covers android phones and tablets, crackberry covers phones and playbooks, webos covered smartphones and tablets, wpcentral covers windows phones windows RT Tablets, Windows 8 pro hybrids, and other ms products they're not windows phones only bro.

The fact that it's taking so long pissed me off to the point where I downloaded the windows 7 version. Still beats the windows 8 version by a long shot.

Have they added Voice mail yet?  
I had to uninstall it, and install the desktop version because the windows 8 version did not support voice mail

Several more updates to Android and iPhone presumably before we WP8 users get the functionality they had in 2012?  

this is a huge reason I am, unless something crazy comes out at MWC,  going to be switching to either an iPhone or maybe Galaxy Note.  When Microsoft does not even put its platform/devices first, that isjust fustrating.  Currently use a HTC Arrive(Sprint).
Anyone know how battery life using skype(running in background) compares in say a 920 vs iPhone5, vs say a galaxy note 2 or GalaxyS3?

Noticed my 9year old is now able to use Skype, she,was blocked due to age policies last time we tried the app, this is very good!

The reason I still use the desktop app is because, for some reason, Windows 8 doesn't recognize my laptop's camera as a legitimate camera for RT apps, while the desktop version uses it fine.