Nokia pushes out update for App Highlights

App Highlights

Nokia has pushed out an update for its App Highlights Windows Phone app, located in the Nokia Collection. App Highlights enables consumers to check out latest apps, games, deals and sort through multiple categories to find those gems that are easy to miss. Think of it as a worthy extension to the Windows Phone Store.

We've not noticed anything new in the latest release (though being at v2.1.1.29 we can only imagine it to contain minor improvements and / or bug fixes), so if you've come across something we've overlooked, be sure to let us know in the comments.

You can download App Highlights from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, afgzee for the tip!

QR: App Highlights


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Nokia pushes out update for App Highlights


I can't believe it! My 920 beat a pro photographers camera last night in capturing an image of a tree at the park.. Amazing!!

Its all about the photographer, not the camera. Amazing photos of trees that would likely beat yours have been done with far older and worse cameras. It you that won not your camera

Please tell me it's because you're on T-Mobile or Verizon, otherwise you should really start thinking about your life decisions.lol

Why the frick would you buy an 8X over the 920 when you are on Rogers? Did you get it because of the slim design and beats audio?

It seems like it too bad he,doesn't know we have Dolby he's comment = epic fail why buy 8x over 920 da fuq -_-

I bought the 8X off contract out right in a phone shop I've the Nokia mainly because of the slim design, I was tempted by the 820 that had a similar price...I knew the benefits of the Nokia (like exclusive apps & Wireless Charging) but I dunno...I still love the 8X, we'll get the apps eventually 6months for an app isn't that bad; I just wish HTC would release HTC Watch on it =(

Don't listen to that guy.lol HTC has not only not done anything for their customers, they've essentially taken a huge step backwards!(HTC Watch anyone?Panorama or burst shot mode in the camera settings?) Samsung's Ativ S can't even be found by Samsung. It's terrible but Nokia is the only WP OEM doing not just enough but more than enough with their products. And the camera!

Omg! I remember when I was available for upgrade and I was between the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900, and I got the Titan II. But I really wanted HTC watch or something like that on my Lumia. I got a 920 and I still can't watch movies (Netflix doesn't count).

Its not nothing to bust your nut over be happy that u got a phone. Nokia exclusives are just basic apps us be able to get with an iPhone or android... Windows is my favorite u.i. But the apps blow

I have had every platform bro. There are equal to better music apps then Nokia music. I don't even like Nokia music. But I'm not gonna argue. I'm sorry you got butthurt because some one has an opinion but i don't listen to whining

I was giving an example... I'm just saying if you like apps, get a Nokia. Like if you have a non-Nokia and use lenses a lot, then you have like nothing, because Nokia makes all the good ones.

*Ahem* What about city lens? Ive yet to see any apps that work like that for other platforms, and the ones that come close, suck.

I really like the App Highlights app...I've discovered apps that would take a Trencher to find in the Marketplace! Appflow is OK, but I like this app better.

Ah Ha! Live Tile... That could be it. I'll have to check it out... BTW, as the owner of a 920 & an T-II, I have to say that while my 920 is better and the NOKIA apps do help that be so, HTC has its good points. The 8X is awesome in the hand, just like my T-II feels better than my 920. Of course, the camera, lenses, apps, and the seriously underrated screen of the 920 Rocks better than any phone out there.

When did you get it? Because it isn't getting 7.8, and even the 610 and 510 are. Nokia doesn't know what they are doing to their 7.5 customers...

False. I'm on a Lumia 710 running 7.8.
TBH, I got it just in November, bad choice perhaps, but a bit smart considering there won't be any WP8 in Argentina at least until the end of the year (aaaaand we got yearly contracts in here)

Actually, that isnt Nokia's fault. There is an update, last i knew, for the 710, but T-Mobile said that they are passing up the 710 update for their devices here in the US. Now whether TMO doesnt want to spend the money to test the OS (seems like carriers HAVE to do that before issuing updates (unless your Apple)) compared to what the update brings, or TMO just wants to pass up on it (like ATT did with Tango on a number of phones), who knows. But its not Nokia thats at fault.

Unbelievably there still isn't a single new app under New and Newsworthy since I got the phone at the very end of November! They just never change!
I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing new. Maybe because I'm in Norway and my region is somehow not in the loop.