Nokia updates Pulse Beta and MWC 2013

Nokia MWC 2013

What makes us happy? Updates of course, even if we aren’t 100% sure what’s new or improved. Two apps from Nokia just made a little jump – Pulse Beta for Windows Phone 8 and the Mobile World Conference app from Nokia.

Pulse Beta is a nifty messaging app from Nokia that includes locations and images in messages if you want. It’s a handy app for coordinating a group of people and eventually meeting up at the same location. If you were in a new city with a tour group it could be invaluable for going off to explore then meeting again somewhere. There are versions in the Windows Phone Store for non-Lumia users and an app specific for Windows Phone 7.X users. The version for Windows Phone 8 of course has a little more functionality like turn-by-turn navigation and more inside.

No clue what exactly is new in the update (couldn’t find a changelog), but it’s there for you guys to update if you dig it. Head to the Windows Phone Store to download it, use the QR below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo Nokia Pulse

Now, for all you lucky ducks that are attending Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona you should be using the following app the Nokia MWC 2013 app.

We’ve already covered the app, but it just got an update. Again, we figured we’d just share that with you guys. Daniel and Jay will be in Mobile World Congress all week and Dan’s already attested to how awesome the app is. It’s got augmented reality features, lockscreen support, maps, speakers list, the ability to add events to your calendar, sharing contact info via NFC and more. Sounds like a really kick ass app for anyone using a Nokia Lumia at Mobile World Congress this week.

If you don’t have that yet, grab it here in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR Logo Nokia MWC 2013


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Nokia updates Pulse Beta and MWC 2013


I guess Nokia has just been bumping the version number of the apps and uploading it as an update. Nokia come on it won't kill you to write " minor bug fixes" and a few lines more about the update.

My Nokia Pulse app stop giving out notifications for new messages and I couldn't access the settings anymore (even after reinstalling). I checked on Beta Labs and many others were having the same issue. Now after the update everything works so I'm guessing this was intended to fix those issues. I'm also beginning to consider using Pulse with Lumia/WP users.

before the update MWC said it was "not available for your device" on my lumia 710..
after update i could get it..version no. is still