Samsung ATIV S likely coming to China in March

Samsung ATIV S is one curious case.

It was the first ever Windows Phone 8 device ever shown to the consumers, yet probably the last one to get onto the shelves. Today, even the extremely late-coming Huawei Ascend W1 has probably better availability than ATIV S. According to the latest rumor, the mysterious will land in China on March 8. However, the final retail price is said to be "undecided yet".

Apparently Samsung is trying to pitch the ATIV S against HTC 8X and Lumia 920, and looking for more leverage on pricing.

Personally I'm not sure how many Windows Phone fans are really holding back for ATIV S though. Talking about Windows Phone 8 goodies, we've already got thin & light build (HTC 8X), cheap pricing (Ascend W1), awesome camera (Lumia 920), not to mention a whole series of bells & whistles from various OEMs. There's hardly anything really unique about ATIV S. Yes it's slightly thinner than competitors and there's that Super AMOLED screen which is of dubious reputation, but those are hardly enough to offset its especially late entry.

Windows Phone OEMs have been trying to gain consumer love in China by throwing in exclusive software features. For example, Chinese Lumia phones are loaded with call and SMS filters, and the HTC gang are sporting Data Sense. Hopefully Samsung has a few killer moves up its sleeves too.

Source: WPDang


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Samsung ATIV S likely coming to China in March


I use the Ativ S and I find it the best looking of the range and the best battery life.
Other than that, I agree its nothing special, but I'm glad I held out for it

Glad I got mine off eBay....everyone looks at it and says how nice it looks, n how fluid it is when they use it.

I have the Ativ S and I love it.  I really wanted the Nokia but wanted to stick with Telus in Canada and I'm glad I did.  It's beautiful.  Plus the removable battery ( that lasts FOREVER) and the added storage - i have tons of music and videos so I don't fell the need  to subscribe to a music service.  It's a really nice phone.  Don't let slightly negetive reviews of it make your decision.  Samsung apps are not great but with the addition of Nokia Drive, you don't really need any of the rest.

I love my ATIV S and I wish US could in joy ATIV S too!
Dear Samsung USA could you be more like Samsung Canada and give my US brothers a chance have the ATIV S too!

Because there have been no announcements, rumors, or anything relating to the US to suggest it's coming here, I'm guessing never.  I'm angry at Samsung, who gave us consistent hardware support on Windows Phone 7, but suck it up HARD on WP8.  They finally get a phone out but it's only on Verizon and it's basically a rebranded Focus.They put the ATIV S out in other countries, yet not in the country where the phone was debuted.  Am I missing something?  I hope Microsoft is nerd-raging all over Samsung.

Yeah the 920 is the only high end phone and its for att. Samsung could easily market it for other mobile us companies... but with that being said the 920 is a great phone! :)

Why would I want a smaller display, a smaller battery and no microSD smartphone for? Lumia 920 a nice phone but missing key features that I want with the ATIV S!

With the ATIV S gel case that comes in Black & White, I have the Black Gel works very well and protects the camera lens and looks good. Who uses a $700. Smartphone with out a case?

But it still looks too much like a gs3 on the outside. I also use cases but I fail to see how that's relevant to my post?

I know right? Some people here just want to disagree with somebody.... You're right it does look like a GS3.. But, now that I think about it that's not a bad thing,, as far as sales go, because these sheep might actually buy it because of the familiar design..

This is my 3rd Windows Smartphone:

- Motorola MOTO Q 9c "WM5.0"
- LG IQ GW825 "WM6.5"
- Samsung ATIV S "WP8"

The ATIV S is my best smartphone so far!

I got the 920 on ATT am and really happy with it. However, the ATIV S looks like an excellent phone, and I'm really annoyed it is not offered in the US. I still don't understand why. Had the ATIV S been available here I would have had a really tough decision between that and my 920.....

If only the camera and screen tech and unibody and exclusive apps of the Nokia 920 could be combined with the storage expansion, thin and light build, larger screen and removable battery of the ATIV S....

Likely on March? Who cares about China? In Taiwan ATIV S is already selling starting thie month, and I bought one early this one month, nothing else should I explain except the word "awesome", Taiwan Samsung should begain selling their WP7 devices in WP7 era, because comapring ATIV S with HTC 8X, I don't know why I should still buy HTC WP device.

Doesn't HTC sales are top in Taiwan? You would think HTC 8X would be top WP seller there?

I would pick ATIV S hands down before others too!