WhatsApp team pushes out another update with yet more improvements

WhatsApp has only just been updated to version 2.9.2 and the team has already released another patch. Looking at version 2.9.3, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has had yet more improvements implemented on top of what was added the other day, which saw the app sport lock screen integration, backup functionality and some UI enhancements. So what's new in this release?

Here's what our readers have noticed in version 2.9.3:

  • Excessive app loading time fixed
  • App stability improved (with crashes fixed)
  • Large Live Tile now displays last message received
  • View profile pictures in fullscreen

Noticed anything new that we've missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments, as well as joining in the discussion over on our community forum. You can download WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

WhatsApp team pushes out another update with yet more improvements


Still totaly wortless compared to the app on iOS and Android. Dont know if it is about WP8 still lacking real multitasking but the app is not working good in the backgrund. Still missing lots of messages which makes the app to uncertain for me to use.

That's too bad for  you...it's working great on my 920 now...last update was a bit screwy but this version now really brings it up to par with the other platforms...
Great work Whatsapp!

"Enter" does not show the sent message !!   a lot more buggy than first version.. disappointed.

This is kinda weird, but if I make sure to exit the app (press back) rather than pressing the windows key, the app loads up quickly everytime.  Not sure if this is a Win8 or whatsapp bug? Anyway, if they implemented fast app resuming it shouldn't have this issue.

I have noticed the same thing!! even if i enter the multitasking pane view from whats app itself and go right back into the app again, it does take a while !! WEIRD!!

My understanding is the app needs around 2-3 seconds to dehydrate completely before hydrating back fast. In other words, leaving the app and going back too fast makes it load slower (I know this sounds stupid) whereas if you switch to another app and fo back to the app after a few seconds its faster. If that makes sense.

Just updated, but then again I had whatsapp since my old LG optimus 7 days, when whatsapp first came out. They gave members for free and for a long time, now it's forever tho :)

this applies for any old user (like myself) or those who purchased Whatsapp for iPhone and are still using the same ph number.
Before the update, mine was showing like December 2022 (yes, the year!) and now says lifetime.

Reinstalled app after update. Opened app check setting. Close out of it after navigating for a minute and battery drains like 5% in a few minutes. Figured I let it settle and it kept draining with no use. Uninstalled, battery back to normal.

Battery killer, can't attach own videos still.

Will wait longer for a reasonable battery performance update.

It's because it utilizes the audio streaming API. Download a "stop music" app to kill the process and you're good.

This is ridiculous. I have repeatedly asked them to fix that or at least explain why they developed this way, but no answer.

the battery performance really needs to be fixed this is a majory downfall for the app, this should be top priority, and needs to be released ASAP. Also the ability to add music and video located on the device needs to be added asap.

I don't understand. Windows Phone 7.8 was supposed to bridge the gap between the two operating systems. But it clearly didn't work. You were supposed to "look at a Windows Phone 7 phone and see a Windows Phone 8 phone" but Microsoft has clearly broken their promise. 
So if we were promised Wide Live Tiles on Windows Phone 7.8, that promise only applies to some 10 apps in a marketplace of  120000 apps. Nice.
The same applies to issues with the AccuWeather and Nokia MWC 2013 apps, which can only do a Wide Live Tile on the WP8 version.
But this is even more ridiculous. WhatsApp 2.9.3 was supposed to bring a tile that had the same colour as your accent colour... And this doesn't work on Windows Phone 7.8? How terrible is this? What is wrong?
By saying that we were supposed to get equal Tile Rights to WP8, Microsoft has betrayed us. My dissatisfaction with my phone has only begun.

When I find the full quote I will post it here. It's something like "when you look at a Windows Phone 7 phone you will see a Windows Phone 8 phone".

The "problem" is that you cannot use the iconictile template (which is used by WhatsApp on WP8) for a primary live tile. Your primary life tile (that's the one you pin when you tap+hold the application icon in the application list) only supports the flip template. To get the new tile templates you must pin a secondary tile from within the app. So all WhatsApp must do is create a button on the settings menu to create this new tile (of course they must add some code to update the secondary tile)..
Too bad, Microsoft did not released an SDK update :/

Glad to see them supporting the platform. It's getting there! Now we just need the audio API hook removed and that should help the battery drain and instant heating up of the phone when using it. That's pretty much my only personal gripe now left with it.

This won't happen till they make two different versions - WP7.x and WP8 because to get reliable notifications without investing a lot on their server side, is to use audio api. But in WP8, they don't it. However, they aren't arsed to have that sort of hard work as Jay has put in WPCentral app. 

How would investing in server side help? Genuine question

The Audio streaming API keeps the WiFi connection alive, without it, and with no data package, there would be absolutely no link between phone and internet to "push" anything to it or to "wakeup" an app.

I did this and still no luck, unless it means when messages come? If not then no luck here for now. But then again, I didn't receive a msg yet after the update so we'll see

obviusly isnt perfect yet but it is almost there... you should be glad instead say a lot of things. Lets give they some time and Im pretty sure in time they will fix and improve more this app. In my opinion Im very happy with this latest 2 updates. It is getting close to be a great app.

If this update doesn't disable the audio streaming API use, then the app is still useless for every day use. It continues running, despite being exited from. This goes against everything WP stands for, & I can't support an app that refuses to use the correct API

Are they still using the media API? I really don't want to go through swapping SIM cards again today. WhatsApp is the only reason I keep going back to my iPhone 5. My fiancee lives overseas and this is a big deal to me. 

Yup still using the api and I think they will keep doing this irrespective of uproar of complaints. They are backed by Microsoft/Nokia.

Good to see developers pushing updates for WP.

As for this App...I would install it but that "1st year free (0.99€ /year after)" doesn't cut it for me.

i have no idea. when i installed it back in July it was free. In settings mine said Lifetime meaning i'll never have to pay for it.

I don't know what You All thalking about ,, it's looking pretty Awesome on my Lumia800 ,, and works Great ..taking 1 sec tops to Startup 

u sure its 1 sec for startup on lumia 800?
doesnt seem to be that quick on my lumia 800...might wanna share a video?


Much better.  Just needs some work in the UI.  Wechat, Line and Kik all have better and more attractive interfaces.
Video attachements - we'll have to petition Microsoft to allow that.

How can an app get two updates in three days and i wait for my app 10 days to get certified??? How much must i pay to get this favorizing from microsoft???

I know thats a shame, microsoft is favourising mayor apps in front of all other. And the time i registered on the app hub there was no premium option to buy to be one of them... Thats really not good from them. The last week Or 10 days to be precise i wait for my app to get certified and here whatsapp gets two updates in a week. And my app gets rejected sometimes for things that was already in the app before! And then i must wait again a week or more. Why we all other small developers cant get this treatment?

Im quite sure your app is not as popular as WhatsApp, and any issues will likely not effect as many customers as it would with WhatsApp.

Maybe whatsapp also went through the same process. Maybe they submitted their first update 10 or so days ago and the next update couple days later? That's possible, no? Getting 2 updates in 3 days doesnt really tell us when those updates were submitted, no?

There is no option to submit an update if the app is in an certification process... the only thing you can do with your app is to click and then you can manually publish it If it is succesfully certified. but there is no option to have two updates in a row in a matter of only 2 or 3 days. I have changed only a font in my app in the update before and i must too wait 7 days or more. Priorising other developers is not fair. Ok whatsapp is a bigger app with more impact, thats ok. But if the app had no big bug i see no reason why it was priorised! And for the above commenter i have paid the same amount like the developer of whatssapp to publish my app and i want the same treatment! Or you would not go crazy if some rich men walks beside you in a line where you waiting for something? Microsoft tolds us every time how they need every of us, and even the small developer, now i feel that some developers have more rights than other...

Pretty sure they submitted the first update 7-10 days ago then submitted another a couple days later which then released as the 2 updates we just got.  I highly doubt they submitted the 2nd updated AFTER the first one released.

You can not submit an app update before the certification process of the first update is not done. You can only submit the next update if the app is certified and the update is ready for marketplace, this was two days ago with whatsapp, then if you submit your new update how it come that it is today live?! Not possible without relations.

Another issue, I can't remove myself from a group..

And the most important, they are using the audio hack witch is a battery killer on wp8.. Whatsapp shouldn't be certified with this hack is like a virus for a wp8 phone.

i think in the chat pane if you hold down the group you want to exit it will give you an option to delete it, alternatively if you go into that group's setting you can mute the notifications from a group.
it does suck however that after this long on the platform these guys can't bother to do the app the proper way and avoid the audio hack, huge battery drain for sure

when you reinstall whatsapp, after backup, it'll automaticly restore the messages once reinstalled

I hate it the way wp7.8 users are getting second class treatment for every app :|
If we hadn't shown our enthusiasm for wp7 then wp8 would have not even existed till now

Someone kindly explain what benefit this app actually brings to the smartphone experience.  I'm just not seeing it...particularly since it's apparently not a free service after the first year. 

Free chat to people who live overseas. If you have unlimited texts and MMS, and don't have friends or family overseas, you won't know.

Nice update ;-) Quick as f**k on my Lumia 920 now, yesterday I was a little concerned about the time it was taking to open the program. I have to laugh at the comments about paying 0.99cents a year for this service given that in the UK it costs 35pence to send one MMS nowadays. Also to the individuals constantly whinging, show some respect and consideration for people who create a free service for you to use at your content or else go and use a different service because its getting a little tiring listening to this constant bitching and unnecessary name calling. Respect to the developers :-)

They should be glad and supportive of Whatsapp sine it was actually one of the first of the "major apps" to support WP and is still here today.  Imagine if this whole time we still didnt have Whatsapp...I don't think WP would still be here, and most definitely not, outside the US. 

I find it so stupid of those who "refuse" to use their WP simply because the Emoticons don't  match the actual Whatsapp ones

Despite all this demand for Instagram, I can only imagine the type of complaints they'd come up with when it (IG) finally comes to the platform, yet has a few bugs that can be ironed out in the future.  .


not sure about the emoticons, but I think the single biggest complaint that people have is that this app uses an audio "hack" to keep working, which does drain the battery big time.
I think everyone is appreciative of whatsapp and the dev's, but frustrated that the single biggest issue was not addressed in the update.

I haven't had a SIM card in my 8x for ages. So did they fix how to use the emoticons yet? Before you would have to use the windows phone keyboard emoticons that didn't necessarily match up with the emoji ones used in Whatsapp. Did they fix that yet?

Why is there no 7.8 support and no background picture ? Is it to hard? I have whatsapp since first time and the app is still so bad.. I have the lumia 900 and its takes 4sec..

Did someone else noticed that the app has a nice bug when you rotate the phone with keyboard on screen? (keyboard disappears but the big gap is not filled. You have to restart the app to be able to see anything). I'd love to show it, but I can't take a screenshot...
With every release, they add more bugs than fixes

It's sorted with the new update...if you updated and it's still doing the same..backup, uninstall, restart and install. 

Overall, i felt performance was noticeably better when I reinstalled.

Yes,i take backups before but now after reinstalling the application,its only option of backup again.
there is no option of restore

Don't know if someone mentioned this already but I have whatsapp pinned as the smallest size tile on my home screen, and everytime the message count goes into two digits only the first digit is displayed on the tile.
So for example, if I have 14 messages, it only shows the number 1 on the tile with the smallest size setting. It looks pretty bad so they should fix this. Other apps like Skype are able to show double digit counts on the smallest tile size.

The message box where we type the messages disappears when using with white background..:-( has anybody else felt the same issue.??

and 7.8 users STILL have no double wide tile or the new icon... Nice! When I saw the new update in the marketplace I thought they were updating us. *sigh*... 

A big improvement over 2.9.3. I am surprise how quickly WA managed to get a new release out. But it also shows that they realised that 2.9.2 was completely crap. However there are still some issues with the loading time of the application. In 90% of the cases it launches as quickly as any other app but there are instances when it just idles for long and ends up on the home screen again.
As many others have pointed out, the WP version is nowhere near as good as the Android or Iphone experience.