Lumia 920 available for pre-order at Noovi store in Germany, grey variant rears its head

Lumia 920 Grey

The Lumia 920 is listed for pre-order on the Noovi Store website in Germany. What's more is that the rare grey version is listed alongside cyan, providing superb choice for German consumers who would rather head down the unique route with these uncommon colours.

Both listings state the Windows Phone will be available to ship from week 10, so we'll be looking at an early March release. A number of mobile operators are listed with multiple plans available - consumers can also purchase the smartphone standalone for €649 ($855). We'll attempt to not be too jealous, staring down at our white / black Lumia 920s.

Source: Noovi Store (cyan) (grey); thanks, ThiasJ, for the tip!


Reader comments

Lumia 920 available for pre-order at Noovi store in Germany, grey variant rears its head


I would have thought that the grey version would have been pushed a lot more. It seems ideal for business customer or people who want to project a smarter image. Still glad to see the Germans getting the option.

I think people need to put less emphasis on color and more emphasis on functionality. At fidelity investments I see white and yellow lumias all the time. I think its good people are moving away from black in terms of cell phones.

Colour IS functionality. If it wasn't, we would all be wearing monotone clothes, have monotone cars and live in a very drab world indeed. I love colour variety, we all do.

I mean in the sense that its only good in black or that your only professional if you using a black phone or wearing black I'm for color variety but people are stuck in backwater thinking.

I received a yellow with a bad speakerphone. When I wanted to replace it, they were short on supplies. I ended up getting a red one instead. Still live it cause it matches my red Surface.

Also love the beautiful yellow color on my 920 :)
Combined with the pitch black screen, (when off...) the design is just great. Just a beauty looking at and a real pleasure to use :)
But think that gray also looking good, but just bored with black and gray after years...
And the yellow makes almost everyone I talk to go; "what kind of phone do you have?" :P

Just add the grey cc-1043 case. Very little bulk and you can barely tell there is a case on there. That's what I have.

The more I think about it, the more I regret buying the white one... they had red once available when I bought mine back in november

I went the Henry Ford way and bought mine in black. The grey looks nice. Might get second thoughts when I see it in the wild.

To be honest I wouldn't trade my black L920 for any other colour, but IF I did, it would most certainly be for the grey one. So it's good to see that Germany will also be getting these.

The colour availability doesn't seem to be really THAT common. Over here, for example, you can only buy the Lumias in Black or White. End of story.
And as I've seen around, it seems some other countries also only ask for black and white. Which, if Portugal can be an indicator of anything, is because demand for colourful phones is too low to justify their importation. People seem to prefer to buy sober phones instead of colourful ones. Which is why I'm surprised the grey version isn't more common actually.

I totally understand what you guys are saying but I'm sticking with my black Lumia...I guess I'm not ready yet...

Is there any chance you call the grey sexy because of the girl's nails?
I love cyan, i was very happy to read it will be available in Germany. I don't live there, but god bless the internet. 

Happy that we have the choice to choose the colours we like instead of the black and white iPhone.

I'm really liking the gray color...The color looks so dam nice on that Polycarbonate device..Jeez it's nice!

White and gray. Best colors for the lumia 920. I personally got a white one because it reminds me of a smooth, classy piano. The touch and color are just beautiful.