Memorylage for Windows Phone 8 is now live


Memorylage, a photo viewer for your Windows Phone 8 device, is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

Memorylage presents your photo albums in collage format, has a photo booth feature to create new collages and the ability to create collages from existing photos that can be used as lockscreen wallpapers.


We were able to take Memorylage out for a pre-release test drive and found it to be a nice supplement to our native Pictures Hub.  Memorylage is a popular app over at the Windows 8 Store (you can find it here) and should be well recieved by the Windows Phone 8 crowd.

There is a trial version available to let you try Memorylage before buying. The full version of Memorylage is currently running $1.99 and you can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: :Memorylage


Reader comments

Memorylage for Windows Phone 8 is now live


Hi, I'm the developer of Memorylage.
SkyDrive support will definitely be coming in a future update, and I appreciate the feedback.  I don't like to think of the app as being "rushed" though, just because it isn't available at launch (although, admittedly, I am biased).  It is a fairly major feature to add, and I didn't feel it warranted holding up the app for everyone to wait for it to be done.  Plus, by getting it out sooner, I can get more feedback, so that when the update does come out, the app as a whole will be better.
More features are planned as well, so expect many more updates.

Could you add lock screen wallpaper support. I mean not manual but automatic collage making with random photos from the hub.

That is one of the next features coming up, along with SkyDrive support.  No definite timeline yet as to when it will be out though.

This wont do me much good as I offload my pics after they upload to SkyDrive. I hope the dev adds SkyDrive folders in an update.

When my phone is in portrait mode the speed and smoothness of photo scrolling is great! Much better than in built-it photo hub. But on the contrary, when I turn my phone (lumia 920) in landscape mode I can clearly see sluggishness and tearing of my images during a swipe, so some optimization seems to be needed.
Also application crashed two times during 2 minutes of fullscreen photoscrolling, so stability is an issue.
And one more thing - no option to delete a photo is currently present.

Deleting a photo can be done only through the photo hub! Its an API restriction, none of the 3rd party photo apps can delete a photo in app.

As rajkumr mention, deleting can only be done by the photo hub.  3rd party apps can't, and I definitely tried to find a way.
Thanks for writing about the performance and crashing issues.  I have been trying to replicate the crashing (scrolling for about 5 mintes), but haven't been able to on my 920.  I can see a small amount of flicker if swiping very quickly in horizontal full-screen mode, but it's not very noticeable.  I will still look into it though to see if I can clean it up.
If you are still seeing these issues, could you give a detailed description of what you are doing, and send it to support@agiledatasoftware.com?  If I can replicate the issue myself, then I can fix whatever it is.  I really appreciate the feedback, so thanks again.